Thursday, August 18, 2011


working on putting some thoughts together...
my training is going pretty strong... probably better than ever.... weights a few days per week, more cardio than ever (foot is tight but holding up)... limited yoga due to my busy work schedule and my nutrition is finally in line (a.k.a. not drinking.  not that I over drank but a few drinks usually led to late night quesadilla's). 
i recently referenced "perspective," in either the last entry or the one before... i may have beat myself up a bit... if not obvious in the entry, i certainly did away from the computer.... and still in some ways, I still am. i definitely have days where i wonder if i'm doing the right things... if i've made the right career choices... if my process makes sense and works... ive definitely doubted myself lately. 
i went back and re-read some pages from a book i used to talk about alot and even gave out a few copies as gifts to some other trainers.  read "smile when you work," and "anticipate and expect positive outcomes."  and i had to let that settle for a day because sometimes someone patting me on the back... i avoid.  but this was me, trying to pat myself and regain some energy.  a little self love, if you will.  so i went out and had a really successful day and made some good contacts and had some great conversations with some local businesses and ive been on a roll.
energy in, energy out.... i constantly talk about "never give up," and "go full go," and effortefforteffort, etc.  believe me, its hard to let go of bad habits... and painful memories... they all tell you its an anchor and can sink you... and you/we need to surrender to positivity... and sometimes its hard.  but we have to do it. 
ive found successes in limiting opportunities of failure.  simple example:  youre trying to watch what you eat... dont buy something youll regret eating at the grocery store.  sounds so simple right?  but dont we do it sometimes?  limit the opportunities for excuses.  theyll tease you and taunt you... right?  you want to go running... dont go home and sit on the couch for 45 minutes... you wont want to get up.... stay active and go.  if youre waiting for your boyfriend, stay active and wait, then go :) 
set yourself up for success and that success will breed positivity and great thoughts... and great thoughts turn into more great thoughts... and those thoughts turn into amazing outcomes which create more amazing outcomes... negative thoughts are sludge and slow you down... bog you down and everything sucks.  positivity is nitro and everything is full speed and clean and fresh and perfect.   
if youre on a diet, dont go somewhere where youll want to cheat.  
if youre on around negative people, get away form them.  theyll bring you down.  negativity is contagious.  think about it.  ever find yourself in a great mood... then hang around someone for an hour and think "what the heck happened???"  yep, they sucked the mood right out of you!  I know some of you mood suckers are reading this... dont you dare come around me :)  i'll address you immediately. 
positive in, positive out... smile out, theyll smile back. 
I remember my grandma (who I think may have had some Buddhism going on,) used to tell me to smile.. all the time.  if she saw i was upset, she'd just say smile... even down the stretch.  so when a yoga teacher said "smile when it hurts..."  ... that was interesting... and i text a :) and it sometimes is annoying to people... but sometimes you have to smile to shake off the crap and smile through a storm...
so wherever you are... shake off the crap youre boss gave you... or the absolute nonsense your friends are constantly bringing around... and smile.  and if youre having a great day... pass that great day along!  Dont be greedy :)  take it and give it away.

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