Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No Off-Season

I'm taking a minute to look back on this past year of training.  Thinking about the sessions, the outdoor workouts, the birth of Blue Chip, the people I've worked with and for, the gyms I've been in and all those miles on my car. 

I think it's an amazing foundation and the tone is set.  I love my view right now.  I think this past year kicked ass and proved a point.... and that can be said after nearly every workout "We kicked ass and proved a point."  Right now, Im so excited to get my next apt... because I train some serious badasses :) 

So I'm looking back on this "training quest"... and I'm very happy....
...and now I'm looking forward. 

Last winter, we had some hiccups and we were temporarily "homeless."  This fall/winter, we're settled.  We're "home," and we are going to kick ass all winter long.  The bad weather, the snow, the crappy roads, none of that is going to slow us down this year.  (Yes "bad weather, snow and crappy roads" was a metaphor for where were in late 2010:).   

There is no off-season.  Our training is on fire right now.  Get your 2012 "To-do list," ready!  More importantly, get your 2012 "TO BE," LIST ready!

Make a mental note:  If you know we're working out at 2pm or whenever, 2 hours before that, start getting your thoughts in order.  Get some protein in your system, get some water or gatorade and start getting your mind right.  You have to come in and be prepared for the ride.  Yes, we will defintely have some fun, we'll crack some jokes and defintely have a good time... BUT this is not social hour.  YOU/WE are here to do things that we cant do and dont do anywhere else.  Every single workout.  Every single time.  This is not "Do 1 set and bs for 3 minutes," personal training.  This is "Lets go off!  Every single time, every single set!" type personal training. 

***Womens only class, every Sunday at 11am at Titans Gym in Mentor.  $5 for non-members, free to members.  For those of you who have trained with me before in either the one on one setting or in the summer workouts or even the volleyball workouts... imagine those workouts and turn up the volume to "10."  I promise you, come for one month, stay and talk some nutrition after, stay and lets set up a cardio plan, stay and lets talk goals... within 2 months, you'll be well on your way to reaching some big goals.  Promise.

This Is Blue Chip