Monday, February 11, 2013

Hi! (random updates)

And Welcome! A lot of new faces and people that I haven't seen in a little while are making their way back, so I wanted to take some time to let everyone know whats going and maybe a sneak peak into whats coming up.
First of all, for those new to reading these blogs, know that I often get off topic and talk about random things... then I write "What the heck am I talking about?" and get back on topic. Its all good.
My #1 goal for Blue Chip will always, always, always be to work to create, develop and offer highly effective classes and training at an affordable rate. Whether its one on one personal training, yoga, bootcamps, whatever they may be, I want it to be an experience. I want it be worth your money, worth your time, I want you to get what you came for. Scott's Yoga class is incredible, Alex and Mimi too when they come back, Nick is getting Ready, Set DANCE rolling along, Power Yoga Plus is... I'm continuously amazed every single week with the people that come and just let it all fly with no fears or doubts at all.
The BootCamp ties it all up and takes you to a different place. Ive always said "Yoga is the best training," and that wont change, but the Boot will take it somewhere else, not better/worse, but different results.
Point is, I never want you to leave and say "That class sucked, no clue what we just did."
I'M LOVING MONDAY NIGHTS! Absolutely having a blast with that class from creating the play-lists the days leading up to it, to getting there early and cranking those heaters, setting out the sign in sheet, chilling til you get there, hitting the lights and letting it fly... what a great night, every night. The heat, the intensity, the music, your flow, your effort and intensity, your desire and how you bring it every week... I'm in awe. Truly.
Kinda getting pumped for the summer! I'm 1000% confident that this is the year I'll finally be able to run the class I've been daydreaming about. But I do know, all spring/summer/fall, I'll be waiting for 60's and a slight overcast with a nice breeze... that's in my daydream too.
Ive tinkered with some Boot/Yoga concepts over the past few years, but they basically turned into just an outdoor yoga class and we missed the point. But this year is going to be different. "How?" In the past few years, Ive asked other instructors to run the yoga part because I wasn't confident I could transfer from "Boot-Brain," to "Yoga-Heart," and the class come off smooth. Issue dissolved :)
And I have a funny feeling the cost on these will be around... $0. Why not?
Indoor Boots started last week and they TOOK OFF! Pretty excited to watch this group grow as well as adding new toys and eventually a weight "room," which will probably be up and running by the end of March. When that happens... look out! One goal behind this class, especially when the weights are more involved, is to teach you how to train when you're not with me. A lot of people have gym memberships, but don't really know what to do, so they take a class. Problem with that is, most gym classes are just a "5," and we want "10's!" So with this class, you'll learn how to take yourself to work at a "10."
And we'll be calling the BootCamp, Training Camp from now on. Its not a Boot, at least not what other local group fitness instructors call a boot. Their Boot is standing in one room using 1 or 2 pieces of equipment and... I actually dont know what they do for 90 minutes. But I do know if it can last 90 minutes, yet your feet are pretty much stuck in one place, it cant be a very hard "BootCamp." So this is BlueChip Training Camp, because we TRAIN.
I promise you will see results. No doubt about it.
Schedule wont change much into March. The Training Camp might bump up to 6:15pm but we'll talk about that as a group. I'd like to choose a time that's most convenient for everyone. I know I cant please everyone, but I can try.
Again, thanks for coming in, coming back and getting the most out of the classes you've experienced so far... its going to get even better.

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