Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Letter From Abby

I've always kept the house pretty clean as far as snack foods go.  When the girls are over, I always try to recommend a banana or apple for snack.  Unfortunately, they think deserts are mandatory after every meal.  I get it, they're 7 and 9 and ice cream is awesome!  But I still try to sneak in the healthy options and they usually don't know.   A couple weeks ago, I added some veggies to the morning smoothie and they sniffed that out real quick.
Recently, my dad decided to start a more healthy approach to his nutrition and cleaned house.  No cookies, no chips, no ice cream.  Snacks became strawberries w whipped cream.  I thought that would go over w them real well. but...

then I received an email...

from my 9 year old.

Since you always say that we're not at mommy house, so they're not the same rules at your your house. So why can your rules spread to everyone's houses but not mommy's? Because now the fun treats at Pappaps house aren't there any more because you keep saying NO THIS NO THAT. And it's not fair. We used to be able to have ice cream or candy for dessert now we have strawberry with whip cream or bananas, what kind of dessert is that? And I'm still mad at you about the smoothie, what kind of a chocolate smoothie has vegetables in it ? I'm tired of going to grandma and Pappaps when you can't just grab any snack or have a real dessert for once again . Now I'm getting scared that if I don't look at what I'm grabbing, I might take out a vegetable protein dipped granola bar instead of a chocolate chip dipped granola bar. I know that you want us to eat healthy but can't you just trust that we aren't going to McDonald's for dinner every day and maybe let us have a real dessert rather than strawberries with whip cream or bananas or peaches or an Apple and maybe something more like candy or cookies or ice cream? Pappap won't even buy ice cream any more we asked and he's like "there will not be ice cream in this house." And it made me mad . It's not our fault and we can't fix it, only you can. Because if I tried to explain it won't be pretty. But because you did it you have to fix it. We don't care if those are your rules because it's your house. But do you really have to spread it around the world? You will have to fix it sometime soon and you'll have to do it yourself. Haven't you ever watched one of those super hero movies where the person who started it,fixed it and apologized ? Well now it's your turn to be like that super hero character who goes out to set things right. I know you can. And I personally know you will even if is hard. I love you.
Love abby

Some sales pitch, huh?
I eventually caved a little and said they could have ice cream once per week.
She emailed me again and said "Did you get the moral of the story?"  I said "There was a moral?"  She said "Yep, did you figure it out?"
I said no.
She replied, "Don't try take away girls ice cream."

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