Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lightening Bolt

(No, not an album review... I don't think.  One of those entries where I ramble and not overly concerned w proper grammar.  And it's a kinda heavy thought so if you're uncomfy w it early, that's ok.  I think I can shape it up and save it for you before I hit PUBLISH.)

I heard a story today that kinda stopped me and made me reflect, and flash forward.  
A man was in the attic, cleaning things out and "ooh, something bit me."  24-48 later, fatal.
And I thought... Because my thoughts go here from time to time... "What if..."
And my first thought was, I hope these entries would give the girls some good reading one day... Or many days, I don't know.   I hope I've done some things that'll last, that they'd be proud of.  That they'd one day do and have similar thoughts... To create things that last, that improve situations, atmospheres and help people.
Then I wondered and thought about how important it is for us to leave or make an honest attempt to leave, a mark, in some way, in our way, in your own way.  I heard a guy say "I don't have to reach 1,000,000 people but I'd like to reach the guy that reaches 1?00,000 people."  And in a way, we can do that, or we do do that.... If we shared and brought it all out and left our mark, we could reach 1,000,000 people.  I reach 3, those 3 reach 6 and so on...
And now that I keep thinking about it.... It's definitely more meaningful to think "ya, they'll read this one... Better make it a good one."

I worked for a company once and I ran the training and our little slogan was "training for performance, training for life." And I meant that and still use it and think about it.  Even when I'm speaking to the young girls, I want the knowledge to stay with them in some way, even if they ignore me now, I want them to hear it again in 10 years and think "damn he was right," the way I do.  I have that voice.  I'm 36 and I'm still have moments where I hear my dads my voice or Nacks voice and it's like I'm still a kid learning these things. So when you get a chance to share and reach people, do it and do it responsibly and with empathy.   Talk to people how you want to be talked to, coach people how you want coached.  And then vice versa, when talking to yourself, do it w care and empathy.  Talk to yourself the way your dream coach would talk to you and so on.

I encourage people all the time to write a blog.  Even if no one reads it right now, doesn't matter.  Does it?  

I heard a guy say "Fate, is what we do by doing whatever.  Our destiny is to be fought for, our destiny is our dream, we fight our lazy fate to reach our destiny."

New topic... I had a conversation w a friend about their toxic work envriement.  I smiled because I've kinda written on that topic lately.  It's hard to say "get away from the toxicity," when your mortgage is at stake.  So if you can't get away... Smile at them.  Keep doing what you love.  Remember that your light will eventually outshine their darkness and not only will you maintained your YOU, but you'll have also turned them into better versions of themselves.
And remember, when people change, when people improve and evolve and grow... Let them.  Don't box anyone into who they were 3, 5, 10 years ago.  Or even 3 months ago.  People change all the time and you never know when it's going to happen. 
 This is a simple world w crazy people :) I say that in a good way... Well, unless we're talking about politicians, law makers, and somebody these big corporate ceo's/presidents and the rest of the gang.  

 So be nice (but don't let people push you around either).
Be useful.  

He said "what should I do?"
Do what you love and do it every day.  

Pearl Jam 

Everyone's a critic looking back up the river
Every boat is leaking in this town
Everybody is thinking they can all be delivered sitting in a box like lost and found

But I found my place and it's all right
We're all searching for a better way
Get this off my plate
It's all right, I got my own way to believe

Find a lighthouse in the dark stormy weather
We all could use a sedative right now
Holy rollers sitting with their backs to the middle all alone and sinking the bow

And if you want to have to pray, it's all right
We all be thinking with our different brain get this off my plate
It's all right, I got my own way to believe, it's okay

Sometimes you find yourself having to put all your faith in no faith
Mine is mine and yours won't take its place
Now, make your getaway
Science says we're making love like the lizards
Try and say that fossils ain't profound
Silence says we're not allowed to consider
Silence says stand up sit down you're out

But I found my place
And it's all right, I'm bearing witness to some better things, get this off my plate
It's all right, I've got my own way to believe
It's okay, sometimes you find yourself being told to change your ways
There's no way, mine is mine and yours won't take its place, now make your getaway

It's okay, sometimes you find yourself having to put all your faith in no faith
Mine is mine and yours won't take its place
Now make your getaway, it's okay
Sometimes you find yourself being told to change your ways
For god's sake, mine is mine and yours won't take its place

Now, make your getaway

This Is Blue Chip