Monday, March 17, 2014


I hung a poster with this quote in the Power Room... I don't know if anyone will really stop to read it and that's ok, I kind of bought it for myself.
I remember when this commercial aired...

On one side, I think "Oh, that's great MJ, but your freaking MJ so I'm not sure we're that comparable."
But on the other, it's easy for us to remember all the shots he hit, all the points he scored, all the awards he won, all the championships.  We don't remember the misses... but he does.  He remembers every slight an opponent ever gave him as he was coming up on young Bulls teams in the late 80's.  He remembers how bad the Pistons tried to physically hurt him and his teammates during those playoff runs from 87-91 and how they lost all those years.  Even going back further, the legendary story of MJ getting cut from his high school basketball team... He went home and shot free throws until his dad made him go to bed... Then he did it again the next day.

I'm mentioning this and using MJ as the motivation because FAILURE is everywhere.  I think back to everything I've failed in... relationships, jobs/careers, training, goals, etc.  Most people don't know, the Power Room is located in the same place my previous employment was, and that failed pretty miserably.  So going back in there and trying again, it made me wonder... a lot.
Failing in anything will make you wonder if you have what it takes to get over the hump, to get past an obstacle, to be successful.  I think you could probably fill in the blank with your own list of failures and think about the time you doubted yourself or wondered, "Am I good enough?"

You can never quit.
You have to know that hard work will pay off.
You have to be fearless, but not reckless.
You have to be open to criticism.
You have to be willing to grow and evolve.
You have to look everywhere for that growth.
You have to learn from failure.
And you have to let it go and try again.

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