Friday, April 25, 2014

Best Of You

Untapped potential.
Sand bagging.
Holding back.
Some sort of mental blockage that keeps you at a "6," when you know there's a "10," burning to explode inside.

Last night, I'm running a really intense class and at one point it hit me... "This is hard, but they're holding back... what are they saving it for?"
Safety?  Was it fear?  Were they afraid of feeling too much discomfort?
So I eventually said something along those lines, "What are you doing?  Go hard!  You have nothing to wait for..."
They obviously crushed it the way they always do, but the reminder was needed.

And as I drove to work this morning, I thought about other areas of life where this analogy can be used and why.
Actually the "why," escapes me.  I don't know if I'll ever understand the urge to hold back, to keep something in the reserve.
I think too many people are still asleep at the "clock," never mind the wheel, they're no where near driving.
It's just a cruise control ship and they're just looking at their phone, not even enjoying the view.
I think people feel like a victim to their own day, the day they actually created, and in return, they're energy sucks and they don't offer the world or their world, much enjoyment.  Hard statement and you may know someone who fits that description.
Dont be caught in the thought of being a victim of any sort.  You have the power to control every single aspect of your life, if you want.
And if you're not aggressively working to consistently deliver the very best version of yourself, what the F are you doing?

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