Thursday, April 10, 2014


(Some intense Explosions in the Sky is in the background for this one.)
The first time I heard the phrase "bittersweet," was November 4th, 1994.  Most of my clients weren't even born yet and 30% of the others were 5-8 years old... Wow.   I'm not a guy that holds onto history and the "glory years," but I do remember great speeches and moments w people I care about.  I was 17 and we just finished our high school footba season.  We were just 3-6 heading into week 10 and playing a Solon team that had some real studs and headed to the playoffs.  We were a pretty tough undersized group of guys... But we found a little magic that night and won 10-0, removing them from the 4th seed and out of the playoffs.  
We gathered in the ends one for postgame talk like most teams do.  I don't remember the entire speech but I remember coach explaining what the term meant and how well it fit the occasion.  
Sad that it was over, happy that it happened.

Sooooo.... Here we are.  Two years ago, I was working w my dad and future finance, laying the floor down for our future yoga room, the Blue Chip Power Room.  I had a vision of bringing a non Lulu, non-snooty version of something I loved and found tremendous benefits in, Power Yoga.  (Don't be offended 😘 you Lulu's know how you come off.)
And despite closing soon, it worked.  I wanted to bring it to people who may not have tried it otherwise.  I think it can be a little intimidating for some people to walk into a yoga studio and I think there's a stigma, right or wrong about being judged or watched or whatever.  I'm lucky enough that I'm an idiot and give zero .... about that any of that.  But I'm 6'ish, 240ish, tattoos, bald head, beard or something, so hearing "you need some yoga," comes off a bit differently coming from me, same as hearing a smaller woman pitch weight training.  You expect to hear "go squat!" from a guy like me and "namaste," from her... But I tell you both and then go run 3 miles.  I knew I had an advantage because I don't believe in "boxes," or labels.  "Do it all."

Prior to the room, most of my personal training clients never tried yoga and thought it was a "wuss," thing to do.  
Prior to the room, most of my athletes laughed when I'd recommend it.
Prior to the room, no men I knew bothered with even trying it. 
Now?  They're searching for studios that offer classes when we don't, the athletes request it constantly and the men have felt the benefits.  
Mission accomplished and that truly, truly is my reward.  

I never turned anyone away.  Someone would text "how much is it?  I want to try."  I'd say $10.  They'd say "ok, maybe another time."  I'd say "get your ass to class!  My treat."

I receive texts and messages from former clients who are away at school or moved and they tell me about the studio they found or that they're going to become an instructor one day.  I doubt they know how happy that made me to hear.  

We tinkered around w adding different types of classes and found that a strength training element would be beneficial.  Again, people have their hang ups about certain things, telling women "weights won't make you bulky," isn't always recvd well.  But now they know.  Mission accomplished.  

So we're in the homestretch here... Only about 7 weeks or so to go, and maybe 35 classes or so.  Despite the decision to close, I'm going to enjoy our finale very much.  I have a feeling the intensity will be different.
Like a team headed into week 10 with nothing to lose.

...more to come.

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