Monday, April 14, 2014

"What can I expect?" she said.

And as long as I've been training, that was the first time anyone ever asked, and I hesitated....
The question was referring to the Bikini Boot that's starting next week.  20+ participants, training w me twice per week, hitting 2 yoga classes per week and an additional cardio/Bootcamp class plus a very highly recommended nutrition plan courtesy of the "Mike Dolce Living Lean Cookbook."
So what you can all expect is change.  You will see muscles in your arms and shoulders you never have.  You'll see abs you never have.  You'll see tone and definition in your legs, you never have.  You'll be running faster, you'll be breathing better, you'll have more balance, more focus, and more energy.  
Everything you currently do, you'll be doing it better by June 1. IF you show up, IF you work as hard as you can, and IF you follow the meal plan.  
Now, the woman that asked me this question, I'm not concerned about her effort or intensity, she's at the top and knows what she's getting into, I'm writing in general. 
Show up, work hard, follow the book and you'll be very proud with the results of your efforts.  Guaranteed. 


"What can I expect?" she said.
Change.  You can even try to hide your head under the pillow all year and think it's not going to happen, but it is.  It's the one thing we can't stop.  One way or another, everything changes.
Our scenery changes, our bodies change, our minds change, everything changes.  
What are you going to do?
Being angry or bitter about it, will only remove your joy.  
We age.
Our favorite players retire.
Our musicians disappear.
Our heros burn out or fade away.
Expect change.

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