Sunday, May 18, 2014

In the Plank; Boot Pics

So I'm in this plank and it kinda hit me...

It's a pretty unattractive exterior... It's getting old and there are issues popping up here and there....There's always a lot of traffic and noise and commotion... And it's been a real pain in the ass the find and get a hold of.   You'll arrive and wonder "am I at the right place?"
Very few knew what was inside, but those who did, fell in love.
The irony is that hidden inside one of the least attractive buildings on the street, is a gem.  

And it hurt as a "business," but I wouldn't change it because it filtered out the fad type clients, the "quick fix," people looking for a... Quick fix.   I like to think because of the appearance, the location, because of the marketing, because of the aura and vibe of the style, the flavor, something really, really cool and organic grew.  Something totally natural. 

I know things would've been different had the location been better and the hours been more open and all that.  But it wasn't.  It was specific and we didn't cater to any trends, we just went after it honestly, passionately, and with open minds.  

People came and left, the best stayed
Do you see the analogy?


Wednesday afternoon, someone reported my Blue Chip-Fitness page to Facebook mgmt and it was temporarily deleted.  When it was relaunched, I was forced to create it as a "business page (like it and select to get notifications)," which really sucks because I often used that acct to promote local businesses, entrepreneurs, and other websites.
No old posts transferred over, all information was deleted as were all the pics.  So I had a free hour while waiting for the cable guy to finish his install, I organized all my pics and began re-posting, the first being "History of Outdoor Boots."
And I was trying to put them in chronological order and write a few notes... Damn, we've been doing this quite a few years now!  And every pic truly does tell a piece of the story.  If you get some time, check them out.  Feel the heat of the beach... The pics at squires castle, it was a warm, muggy July 4... The pic on the steps, that was probably round 9 or 10 and look at their stride... Working the suspension straps in the pavilion, it was about 85 degree and non-stop.
A lot of memories.  So many people.  What a ride.
So, thank you to whoever reported my acct for being so suspicious... you helped me relive some memories and spark some ideas for the summer!
 Knee tucks 

 Resisted Sprints

 Core Circuit

 Team Tire Flip

 Resisted Sprints 
(and the tires filled with sand the further they ran)

                                   Kettle Bells...Then a sprint up the toughest hill in Lake County
Even training in the Muni Lot garage!

2nd favorite location, the Todd Field Stairs.

The O.G's of Blue Chip Boots!

This Is Blue Chip