Sunday, March 6, 2016

Summer BootCamp 2016 (random thoughts)

Just a few random thoughts heading into March...

I sort of used our governments electoral college procedure in determining where and when these sessions will take place.  27 people voted and this is how I came up with some thoughts to help me shape the summer.
Also, see the pic below...
...its blurry but see where Texas is "worth," 38 and Rhode Island is "worth," 4?  Well let say you're a former attendee who hit 85-100% of classes... you are Texas.  On the flip side, let's say you text me for free workout ideas but never actually show up, or maybe you text again 3 months later asking me the same questions but never even join a gym, I'm sorry, but you are Rhode Island.  Your vote counted but Texas carries more weight.  I think that's fair.
Reason being, 27 people voted.  Will 27 people show up?  I wouldn't bet on it.  So I had to slant this towards the odds.

​a)  I'm leaning towards just one day per week, maybe sprinkle a Saturday or early am holiday session if requested.  In the past, people have liked a 4th of July session so I'm down for that if you want it.  As for why one day, historically we've always hit it hard on a Monday or Tuesday and it trickled away as Wednesday and Thursday came around.  Maybe after the weekend, we feel organized and the week hasn't started kicking our ass yet and by Thursday we're like "F this, wheres Friday?  I'm going home."  But all up for debate.

b) Monday or Tuesday?
Both recvd about the same votes so if someone is a definite NO for one of those days, let me know real soon.  Once the calendar is made, that's it.  Between football camps and my 1 on 1's, this schedule really cant be adjusted as of mid-April.

c) This is my cool "are you thinking too much?" thought that I really like.
I want to start mid-May, probably the 9th or 10th, and run 10-14 classes taking us til August (no classes in August because of summer football).
So lets say we have 14 classes, $10 for drop ins.
Cool part... 12 classes AND only $100 if paid in advance. ALSO IF PAID IN ADVANCE, I'll give you a voucher/credit/whatever for 2 complimentary personal training sessions.  Make sense?
12 classes  +  2 PT sessions  = $100
That means your paying about $8 per boot plus the bonus sessions...
OR it actually means you get 12 freaking free bootcamps for buying two pt sessions... wtf, I might want to rethink that!
Oh well, I wrote it now and literally too lazy to go back, delete and rethink any math.
It'll be the boot classes and 2 sessions for $100 or $10 drop ins, pay as you go.

c)  Locations will range between parks off of 91 in Willoughby, downtown Willoughby, Mentor and a park on RT 6 in Chesterland.   Some of you need to broaden your horizons and see some new views!
btw, the beach recvd really shitty reviews, I never knew!  I thought you guys loved the beach but maybe 3 people voted for it.
Todd Field was far and away the #1 spot voted for... you people are crazy.

d) Count on some new things, for sure.  I was recently in a football clinic and sat in on some strength & conditioning sessions and it really reminded me of year 1, probably 7-8 years ago and how I ran those.  Over the past 2-4 years I got a little too cute with things, concerned with building sand bags and TRX sets, and I still will but this year will definitely be different.  No doubt.
You'll need running shoes but shoes you dont mind getting dirty.  There will be a day or two where we just find a trail, hit it, find an open spot, train and run back.  Some sessions will be planned, some won't and we won't know which was which.  My goal is to help you train your body to reach x goal(s) and that you leave every session with an incredible high

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