Sunday, April 24, 2016

What To Expect At Summer Boot

This will be the 5th or 6th year of running these and we'll be turning back the clock a bit and integrating some of the ideas that were used in year 1.

The idea reaches back to my very first training opportunity.  I was shadowing/interning at a studio in Beechwood and the owner, who was "ranked," by a national magazine as a top 10 or 20 trainer in the nation, would notice my sessions.  To keep the story short, I think he saw me over-using some overly complicated movements, masking them under the "functional," blanket.  He asked "Why do you do that?"  I probably became nervous and answered with something out of a text book.  He went on and said that it didn't look "natural," and the session didn't have a "flow," to it.  He pulled me out of his rotation and I was back to shadowing.  He mentioned his "flow," more and knowing everything I know now, I saw it.  He transitioned between strength movements the way a yoga flow would, and it's something nearly all of you have done with me.   So I began to see his rhythm and used it.  
Then he saw me again and asked "why?"

He knew I was a football coach.  He knew I had a base and passion in athletics and movement.  He said "You're training the next client at (whatever time).  Train her like you would a strong safety (football position just in case you dont watch)."  I said ok and asked for some details.
"54 year old female, about 40 pounds to lose."

That one day really was the first step to everything.  Train like an athlete.  Obviously, I now see things a tad differently but the base is still there.  Not everyone can train like an athlete, but even those who cant, I actually train them like an athlete in rehab.  Injuries, aches and pains, limitations, anything that pops up, my first thought in my mind set is "Lets get back to moving without pain," and we proceed from there.

When I was young, I underestimated peoples power and strength.  I'd see someone, not know anything, and underestimate their effort, their ability and their heart. I thought only person "x" was able to work like an athlete, not the mom from the school.  The mom from the school was looking for the nice session, lets do some crunches and feel good.  Again, we now know I grew up and learned.

So to boots...
I was working at a chain gym in the Mayfield area, doing a real solid job, very proud of the work that went on there.  One client asked "how much would it cost to bring some friends in?"  The gym didnt allow it.   Client said "Lets go to the park, I'll bring some friends."
I thought hhhhmmmm... What can I do for 60 minutes?  At a park?  With almost zero equipment?

First thought - Speed & Agility
Prior to this first class, I ran probably over 50 of these sessions, but with high school kids.  No difference.  I pulled out an agility ladder, I pulled out some cones and we were off and the ladies LOVED it.  I trained that first season like it was my team, my defensive backs, all had to improve speed and movement.

So count on seeing a lot of that this year, something we haven't really touched much over the last 2-3 season.  We were focused on travelling with kettles and finding fun places and that was all fine, but this year is about results, it's about training, and above all it's about you finding that window, that little voice that reminds you "yes, this is what I need to be doing."

Keep reading...

A new trainer pulled me aside the other day and asked what helps me put together the sessions, any sessions, any program.
I said #1, their goals. The goals sets the program, but the goals isn't a step, its the goal.  To get to goal, we need A, B and C.  And in between A, B and C is Aa, Bb and Cc, on and on.  We have primary muscles and secondary muscles.  We have the big movers and all the little muscles that help the big movers and all need trained.  Some need trained hard and fast, some slow and easy.  We need flexibility, cardio, core endurance and strength, mental toughness, we need to be able to breathe right on and on.  We all want to move with pain, we want to be to accomplish things (whatever it may be) and we want to look good naked.  Flat out.  We want to look in the mirror and like what we see.  That doesn't always mean 6 pack or big shoulders or whatever.  Sometimes looking in the mirror, naked, is just a time to say... fuck ya, I kicked ass today (and maybe flex!)

We all know, I'm not into sales and if you've read the blogs at all, you know how I feel about what goes on, its not me - it's the energy of the group as a whole.
If you want in, definitely get in now because I'm still offering those 2 free sessions and the program.  The 2 free sessions alone are already at a discount.
Do you know how to squat?  Do you actually know the form on a lat pull?  Everyone pulls, but few feel the lats... think about it.
Do you know what weights you should be using? How much rest between sets?  How many sets?  How many times per week?  That's what the 2 bonus sessions are all about.
2, 1 on 1's  (usually $55 per)
12 boots    (drop ins are $10 per)
and a program  ($60 value)
all that for $110?


(As you read this, you may have been on the fence, maybe you're in, maybe you're unsure, maybe you're procrastinating.... Whatever you may have filled in, ask yourself why.  Whether I ever see you or not, as yourself why.  We all have moments of resistance, I certainly do.  When it pops up, I notice it and I ask "why?"  What makes us not do something?  I don't want to go on and on w this, like I said, I'm really not trying to oversell this. I want people in here who want it.  But if you're on the fence, dive in.  I've literally only had 2 people (out of hundreds) EVER walk away w regret and that was only because of ego.  No one says "this workout sucks," or anything like it.  Trust this is money well spent.  Dive in)

Generic Todd Field boot idea:
5-10 warm up

Phase 1
Walking steps and general body weight movements

Phase 2
Core and slightly more intensity on steps

Phase 3
Speed work

Phase 4
Core and dynamic movement


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