Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Just Breathe

7 days... took about 5 to hammer me.  I think those first few days were like getting shot out of a cannon, straight up into the air and you're thinking "hooooo-lllllly shiiiit," as you're shot 500 feet up... then theres a slight pause... then you redirect and head straight to the earth and crash.
And it is one fucking crash.

The best exercise I have, is to give advice to myself as if it were someone else.  When I have my own positive voice, trying to feed myself positive input, it feels right.  Trouble is, our own positive voice can get its ass kicked by the million other voices. And when you're talking to someone who is stressed to all hell, crying periodically throughout the day, and lost someone... what can you say?
I would sit him down and say - You have to take care of yourself.

I've written it a few dozen times in a few dozen ways, I'm sure, but it's all connected.  Right?  I think we're all in agreement on that by now.  We know our mind controls everything, emotions are stored in muscles/joints, stress(es) can beat the shit out of system, our stomach and  digestive tract is nearly our second brain, on and on.  Very random list, but if you dont know our bodies are more than "left foot, right foot, eat, shit, sleep," then this blog entry is a bit much for you.   All of our systems are connected.  They communicate and create, heal and hurt.

So in life, when shit is hitting the fan all around you... focus on the basics and take care of yourself.  Same thing I'd say in the gym or on the field.  Keep it simple, take care of yourself.  Do the next right thing, then do the next right thing.  Put a bunch of those in a row and now you have momentum.  Do it again and channel that pain into product, use the anger for energy, burn it off and let it go.
Thats all for today.

In person, please dont ask how I'm doing.  I can lie in text, so thats ok, but not to your face, and I'd rather not ruin the moment.  I know its the only thing to ask, but its ok, Id rather you didnt.

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