Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's been awhile...

I havent added anything on here in nearly a month and usually thats a bad thing.  I have a habit of staying away when I'm stressed or too intense about certain things because sometimes I need to be carefeul what I write.  But thats not quite the case this week.  I've had a few on the tip of my tongue but by the time I got around to sitting here and putting it together, the thoughts change a bit or I feel I need to think about it longer.

Here it is:  Adding yoga has been the absolute best thing to happen to BootCamps this year... or ever actually.  Like I said in past blogs and posts, I had a strong feeling that the things I had planned (some of which still havent come out) would take this years training to a new level and it has 110%. 

We're nearly 2 months in and havent duplicated a workout yet, just brought out the TRX type equipment, new equipment/toys are being built within the next week or two, we'll be moving into some new training locations soon and like I said... the yoga has been the highlight of the week and year.  30 minutes or so of some light/moderate cardio followed by yoga.... sounds so simple and it is.... and its perfect.
And thats where Ive been hung up on what to write.  Ive posted probably 20 times about the benefits of yoga and how its helped me in so many ways.  The class we had at Squires 2 weeks ago left me speechless... I was exhausted in everyway. This, in no way was just some "hey show up in the park and run through some yoga moves."  That session was one of the most memorable yoga experiences I've ever had.  Ever.  And the next week was right there but in a totally different way which made it even cooler.  The locations are cool, the set-up is cool, Jen is cool, she's willing to pause the class to teach and improve form which is so so so perfect, all the participants are willing and trusting and they are seeing very early the benefits of everything thats happening.  Again, I love yoga, I love the workouts... I'm in awe. (Plus its one session I actually get to participate in, so thats another reason its great.) 

I've had workouts where I left it thinking "eh... we missed that," or "that shouldve been better, couldve done this instead."  This year, its been "oh crap, how can we top that next time?"  Every workout seems to be different and better in a new way.

I'm very proud of how these are turning out AND everyone thats showing up!  Amazing work everytime.
Tomorrow we'll be back at Squires at 6pm for more suspension (TRX style) training and possibly some cardio.  $10 for drop-ins, the July pass is $65 for 13 workouts which include Saturday Boga.

Also Jenn will running her own Yoga sessions on Sunday mornings from 9-10am.  Drop ins are also $10 and there is also a monthly package you can purchase for a discounted rate.  For more information on the yoga sessions, email   

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