Sunday, December 13, 2015

Random Observations & Opinions

I sent out some texts offering Alpha Brain at discount and this text ensued:

My head would probably explode
You should try these just for the dream state... How was your retreat?
haha really?  It makes you dream better?
Helps you transition into a lucid state, active and in control.
Thats nuts!!!  My retreat was awesome, we did a lot of meditation and yoga and activities to on getting our demons out, things like that.
Are you enjoying your meditation?
Honestly, its really hard for me and its not a practiced skill yet.  my mind is going 1000 different places and I kept fidgeting and its definitely  something I need to start working on more proactively. 
I swear its fun... I love when youre working on diving in and some random crap pops up and you just go "ahhh a distraction wants to try," and you exhale it right away.  I think the same skill needed to recognize a distraction in meditation is the skill needed to see the roots or reactions or emotions.  And then to witness yourself react in a way and go "ahhh that was ____ version of my trying to ____."
Yes, I really think its so needed, especially in life today! 
Super helpful for self-awareness.  I think when its a skill, you're only then able to deliver your true self because the bullshit versions are so "out of the dark," theyre almost annoying.  Like a friend who puts on the show for certain situations, we can see it in ourselves, recognize it immediately and wash it away.  
Yes, I see what you mean.  I think once you realize theres this awareness, things in life start falling into place differently and its almost like the universe kind of gives you these people and circumstances that just fit with exactly what you need at that moment.
Oh ya, I totally agree.  Life can get very different, like peaking behind a stage curtain, once you can see this way.  You can recognize peoples "why," without them saying it.  You can see insecurities and fears and egos.  You should find a float tank.


I think as we've developed electronics and technologies to make life easier, we've become soft.  Mental work is really needed.  Dont know an answer, grab your phone and type it in, nothing needs to be memorized.  We've become fast and self serving.  A generation is passing that knew hard work, that worked through actual hardships, military drafts and economic collapses.  The Grunge Gen X-ers grew up disliking their parents so they worked to be the opposite and in turn are working on creating a very soft and weak group.  Not all, but enough of a wave to see.
How many young people do you meet now with killer work ethics?


Browns lose... "BROWNS SUCK!!"
Browns win... "THE OPPONENTS MUST SUCK!!!"
This is loser mentality that piece of crap franchise has helped build.    There is no other franchise in all of sports as bad as this one we're stuck with.  From ownership all the way down, horrible.
We have players who are uninspired. "They make a million dollars!  That outta inspire them."  Yes and no.
We have coaches in over their head and under the thumb of an owner who pulls too many triggers behind the scenes.
Ray Farmer should've been fired the day he text the OC from his loge.
We need to throw $20,000,000+ at a very legit, experienced, former champion coach that knows players, that knows how things go in the locker room, that can recruit coaches and recognize talent.
Bill Cowher, Herm Edwards, John Gruden, Bill Parcells.  $20,000,000 and absolute power.


Why do we enjoy seeing greatness fail?
A few weeks back, the facebook world exploded in joy when Ronda Rousey was knocked out.  Why?  Its happened time and time again, people love to see greatness fall.
I think its sad.  I think a lot of people hate to see something they can never be.  So when it falls, they can go "YA!  Now we're more similar!"
When I wrote about LeBrons return last year, I titled it "fan of greatness," because thats what I am.  I very rarely care about who wins and loses, I just want to witness greatness in action.   Last night Conor McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo within 13 seconds, one punch.  (Fluky?  Eh, kinda.  I think anytime something like that happens there's a bit of luck.  but then again, I wouldn't actually know. I dont know the training involved.  Maybe its something that was practiced and Conor knew to throw a left when Jose moved a particular way).  Back to point, it sucked for me.  Not because of who won or lost, but because it was 13 seconds.  I was rooting for a great 5 round battle of two of the most phenomenal athletes walking the planet.
When a guy/girl gets knocked out or beaten badly, thats not great to see but the effort involved in obtaining the skills to make it happen... unbelievable by most.  We work out for an hour, maybe 2 and think "F this, im going home."  These people train 6, 7, 8 hours a day, with a nutrition plan that... well, makes them look how they look, shredded and ready for greatness.
Dont be hater.  Be a fan of witnessing greatness.


Are humans kind or mean by nature?
Or both?
Hard to tell sometimes.  As much as a holiday can and should highlight love and kindness... do you feel it?  Are people generally selfish?  Greedy?
Or are they generally giving and helpful?
I dont have an answer or ramble on this... I'm searching for more nice people.  I know a few, but searching for more.


To be anti anything, you must fully understand what it is you are against.
We are obviously permitted in nature to disagree, all animals do at some point about some thing (yes, you are an animal), but you have to have the information of your stance and the "opposition."  And even then, you must acknowledge and understand the roots of your own stance.
Ask why.
Example... let me think of a hot topic.  I dont really know much about the refuge situation other than people have fled their homes for safety and for some reason, that safe place cant be the United States... Politics would be a good one though, but its a game I know we dont actually control or have a voice so.  "Thats the problem you asshole!  Your vote matters!"  Eh, bullshit.  This president proved that.  You may think your vote matters, but when its all said and done, its the billionaires that matter and control things.
Let me text some people and get an idea...


Top Pearl Jam song I heard today
Lukin (live version, played as a slow song, beautiful and I may have teared a drop)


I know some people who still think life is endless and we wont die and they scare the shit out of me and I find them extremely unattractive.
Lets say you KNOW you have 80 years... you can plan a bit, right?  You may go out when you want, stay home when you want, build relationships when you want and do anything, because you know "I have x years left."
But there are wacky people who act that way, yet ignore what they dont know. 
What they/we don't know, is the clock.  And everyone's clock is different.   I'm 38, so it works be nice to think I have 42, 52 years left.  But I actually know it could easily be 2 or 12.  Things happen.
Why stay home?
Why say no?
Why hold back?
Why limit yourself?
Why hurt yourself?
Why not experience more?
Why not break the monotony?
Why not do something different, just to see how it turns out?

Do not be a complacent, lazy, selfish human.

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