Saturday, January 21, 2012

I don't train...

...your spike.  I don't coach your swing.  I don't coach boxing or how to defend in the ring.  I don't teach you how to shoot a 3 or run the pick-n-roll.  I don't "x," and "o," your sport.  But I do watch you play and study how you move and that is what I do train, your movement. I hear your coaches coach and ask them what they need from you, then I help you make it a-whoooole-lot better.
I train the muscles that make the movement more efficient, faster, stronger, and more functional.  If you need to jump higher, run faster, be stronger, hit harder, breathe better, move quicker... I'm the guy that helps you make that happen.  Without a doubt.   If you're interested in posing... might want to keep googling.  I'm not interested in beach muscle.  I'm interested in your vertical, your power and strength, your movement... your scholarship.      
I train you mind.  By that I mean, I show you how to find a new level of "full go." Something we all think we know... but then we meet someone who shows us there's another level.... BlueChip is that level.  By the time we're done, you'll never have "I'm tired," in your thoughts.  You'll never give up. 
You'll train so hard and develop such a passion for your success, you won't let anyone beat you without the absolute best fight of their life.  You'll work so hard that every single time you step on the court, onto the field or in the ring... you will believe, 150%,  with all of your heart that you will win

This Is Blue Chip