Sunday, June 16, 2019

Follow Up

After the last one, I was holding out for the opposite energy to come round and bounce back with something more uplifting.

But nothing bounced back.

And in thinking today, the words to offset the 2/22 post about depression, isnt exactly about being uplifting or some magical approach or "10 Rules to a Happy Life."
The offset is a handle on our shared reality and the moments within that motivate thinking, drive us through expectations, shared experiences and our own personal development. 
How we Level Up could be the path to happiness, despite or in spite of, the pain and darkness.

Maybe the light in the distance, the hope, is all there really is...
and it might not be real, but the chase could be everything.

(you can stop asking if i'm ok... this is not a season)

Below will get random.  I have some ideas, some thoughts, it will be scattered and they might linger unfinished.  You can play with them as you like.
But this might be my collection of thoughts that help me maintain some type of course.  This might be the thing I hold onto for some type of footing within the chaos.

I wrote that the opposite of far left should not be far right.  If it were that simple, finding balance would be easy.  The balance is the search for middle, to counter left and right and remain unaffected down the center of the storm.
This thoughts are a piece of how I aim for center.

We do not have the same starting space.
We do not have the same skill set.
We do not have the same support systems.
Our genetics are not the same, our upbringing is not the same, our "hard-wiring," is not the same. 
We are unique, we are different, but we do share a common reality.   This "reality," is the here and now we can all come to an agreement with, this is needed and accepted.
I needed to say that to lay the framing moving forward.


Stop comparing yourself to the person left and right.  You are you, they are them.  If you need the barometer, look above again.  You are not the same.  Your starting line, your education, your brain, everything is different.
So stop comparing.  All you do is build a false ego to believe you are above, or a sad sense of low self worth in thinking you are below.  Neither are true.
The sooner you can find ways to wash the ego away, the sooner you find common ground and begin to feel safe and "ok," here.
I've written and discussed ego many times.  If you would like to discuss, text me at 440-983-7783 or listen to the podcast where this is discussed.


Your Life should be filled with hard things to overcome.  I believe this deeply.  As painful as it can be, as near death as it can feel, it is needed.  Without it, you may never know who you really are.
Start slow, you may not know how hard it can get or how much you can handle.  Diving in might be too much too fast, so be mindful of set and setting.  I don't recommend going after 4 incredibly hard things at once.  Energy will be spread too thin.  Lock onto one target, knock it down, then get another.  You'll find momentum in this.  If the targets come too easy, rethink what it is you're going for or that the path is true.  There is no real value in chasing a goal you've already achieved, but also understand that every situation is different with its own set of variables.  There is always something to learn.
Whatever it is you're tracking, make it worth the chase.  Stretch for it.  Make sure its outside of your current range.


Seek failure.  The Ego will work to protect you from failure, even perceived failure and blind you from the harsh reality of your own short comings.  Ignore this voice and "sit," in the failure like a bath.  You may never have a more powerful teacher than that of your own shortcomings staring back you.
If its a good one, you will see yourself in the mirror of failure... exhausted, bloody, nothing left to give, begging for help.  There will be none, or at least none externally.
This is when you have to smile at the pain and say thank you.
Thank you for installing a new tool, a new gear, I didnt know I had.  thank you.


Find work and do it well.  Yes it matters what it is, ideally it should suit your strengths or general enjoyment, but this can also be counterintuitive. Without overthinking it, just work hard.  Find work that matters, whatever that may mean. 


Never stop exploring your own self conscious.  I heard Graham Hancock say that without the freedom to explore your self conscious, you have nothing, you are not free.  Think deeply about how important this is in this particular day and age.  All the above, are tools to know yourself.  Paths that can highlight your true nature, your deep self, which can sound taboo in certain sets, but I believe this is our true purpose for this life.
This existence is a tool, as are we.


How can you ever know what you are here to do if you have no clue who you are?
Until I coached and dove deep into coaching, I had not idea what I could do.
How many other things out there haven't we done?  Where is your itch to scratch?  Whats that thing you've been yearning to do, yet you continue to put off for the right time?  maybe you set the dream aside for fear of judgment or maybe you cant make the sacrifice needed to make it happen.

This is how we beat depression.  By overcoming.  By diving deep into pools with no safety equipment, knowing full well there will be danger.  We dive in and we find out if were here to sink or swim.
And when we're successful, and we will be successful, we share and teach.  We help others light a path.  We pick people up.  We see those that started on paths much less fortunate than ours and we offer guidance and assistance.  We will see those with different skill sets and learn how we can compliment each other.


Pay attention to recent laws that have been passed out west.  There is info there you should google.
be smart, be safe, ask questions to the things you do not know.


Peace, love and empathy.
I am always available until I am not. 

This Is Blue Chip