Monday, July 23, 2018

If I Had $100,000,000 and The Darkness

A couple of us were standing around, killing some time, I wasn't paying much attention when I heard "What about you?"
"What would you do if you had $100,000,000 right now, today?"

This was the conversation over a week ago and I haven't had many more ideas than I did that day.  I said, "I'd find the people that were good to me and make sure their dreams became real."
C'mon man!  What would YOU do for YOURSELF?
So I played along and said "come back to me," because I needed time to think of something for myself.
First thing that came to mind "Find where Pearl Jam is playing tonight and go."

But the first thought was the only one that stayed in my head, and that is exactly what I would do.  I wouldn't give anyone the easy path, but I would definitely relieve some business debt for a good handful of people, pay off some homes and give business loans. 

My personal project would be an idea I had years ago when attempting to organize a non-profit fitness based fundraising campaign, Care Centers. Obviously having $100,000,000, there wouldn't be a need for the fundraising to fund it.  The Care Centers wouldn't be large at all, just a building with a handful of rooms, each offering something different through the day w some classes in the evenings.
I would like these Centers to teach meditation and mindful living.
Learn about natural medicines and healthy nutrition.
A library where people can relax without the busyness of a library (cant check these books out). 
A community garden where kids can learn the value of nutrition
Teach parents how to grocery shop and the value of energizing the kids
Float tanks
Open discussions where people can share their lives and help each other
Variety of free Yoga
Quiet rooms
A safe place to just sit quietly to reset your brain.
No phones or laptops
No social media check ins
No egos
They can be directed to fit the needs of the community their placed in so no two would be alike. 

I held tears when writing this... as I have nearly everyday since last April
I work to maintain a firm discipline because it feels like the only concrete thing I can wrap my head around.  Only what I create in my mind, my perception of,  feels real.
At her second to last stop, she asked me about the next "place," but I knew she had her own ideas... she believed I had faith in "returning."  So she asked what to come back as... I said, "The Light," she nodded and we held hands.

I'm still searching for it...

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