Sunday, October 11, 2015

The C Word...EW

Being able to post and not read posts = excellent decision.  It's like I'm sitting up in a tree, no clue as to whats happening below, and yelling random things to whoever happens to be within reach.  Good move.

Now, the post...

I was on the verge of saying "Anyone under 31..." but then I kinda watched people for a few days and realized that's not the right age.
Might not even be an age, might be a problem with society in general and the lazy ass world that's being created.

I've been seeing the C word everywhere.
Casual behavior.
Casual effort.
Casual parenting.
Casual working.
Casual coaching.
Casual training.
Casual thinking.
Casual everything.

I know people, young people, who fear failure.  The fear failure so bad, they don't work hard, they don't put their heart into it.  They're casual.  Because if they try hard, if they buy in and give it their heart, and fail... it'll be too much. How sad is that?
AND, it's everywhere.

I blame a lot of it on all this hippy zen crap (kind tongue in cheek there).
But again, not.

Somehow people think "If I sign up and show up, walk through, do x, y and z, I'll be good enough, I'll be ok."
"If I go to work and just do _____, I'll be ok."
"If my kid just ______, I'll be ok."
"If I eat ______, this week, I'll be ok."

How about F being just ok?
Why is average the goal?
Why is just making it or just being good enough, good enough?

I see it in someone and I look at them like they smoke.  You know how smoking is such an odd thing now, when you see it, you're like
Same thing.

You half ass projects?  

You don't work hard?  

You make excuses for
coming up short?

You only go 65% but act like your're all in?

You only work 35 hours per week but think you should be rewarded for 60??

You train 3 days per week, eat like shit and wonder where the results are?

You dont give.  You dont help.  You dont try.

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