Friday, March 17, 2017

"Why would someone hire Jason?"

So that question came through... tough one, good one.  If you know, I'm pretty awful at actually marketing myself.  To the point where I created a business name and use it to write "we," and "us," in materials.  There is no "us," or "we," in the Blue Chip business, its just me.  But I cant say "I," and "me," for some reason.  So I write and post under the business.  A woman came in to sign up for training and I asked how she heard of me.  "I heard you're a really good realtor."  I laughed and thanked her.  Glad she heard that, but that didn't qualified me as a trainer.

So why would anyone hire me?  I think it's a 2 part answer.  First part is basic and boring answer.  
Part 1) 
I hope saying random things fills it in... 
If we created a trainer that:
Coaches football  
Has trained 1000's of junior high/high school females
Teaches yoga
Extremely sound in form instruction in all movements
Buddhist basically
Can program and coach anything from beginners to NFL, fitness competitions to pre/post pregnancy 
Swings kettles
Lover of all things pearl jam, rogan, dolce, aubrey and onnit.
Pretty grounded and balanced in his own training  

And just stopping there, I can point to those categories I created and I think it draws an interesting landscape of love, empathy and hard ass work.  There isn't much difference to me between football and yoga.  To know what goes into coaching football, then working with young women, similar but difference.  Both demand high level or care and empathy, yet tough love and ability to know when to press an issue.  They are competitive sports and a fire often needs to be installed (In yoga, that fire can need to be found or re-lit).  

I think those point above paint a picture of a balanced, open minded trainer who knows what hes doing in the weight room for anyone.  I already feel like a douche in even writing that much. 

But part 2) just kinda hit me two days ago.

I had a moment where I wanted to go home.  With everything going on with my mom, my energy was shit and I just wanted to go home, lay down on a couch and sleep.  
Then I looked at my schedule and thought "F that, these people are counting on me to help get them to where they want to go," and thats more important than my lazy ass nap or quiet time or feeling bad for myself.  
When I was younger in this, it effected me greatly if someone didn't reach goals.  Over time I separated myself from the finality and would say "Hey, if they dont get it done, thats on them."  then I thought what a dickhead thing that is for me to say, something I would never say about a team I coached.  If we lose on Friday night, I'm taking that one on me.  So when a client doesn't make it happen, thats on me.  I set out to be a better "coach," not just some idiot trainer in the gym that anyone can find.  Anyone can google personal trainer northeast Ohio and scroll through pages of average.  
I was talking to someone yesterday and he asked what I do and the process.  He knows gyms, he was actually a trainer years ago and when I told him, he paused, gave me a fist bump and said "You know these other guys dont go that far?"  
Thats always been me.  I go further than "them."  

My client last night, shes getting ready for a wedding.  I will never cancel on her.  I will never come in and deliver a lame ass session.  
I have a handful of clients losing pounds, most in double digits since 1/1/17, most near 20 pounds.  I will never lose focus for their goals.  
I have a client who is probably pound for pound, the strongest person I train, around 108lb female.  She's been with me for 3 years now and I will never bore her with program design.  I will always find new ways to challenge her and keep her engaged. 
I have a client who is coming off of a grueling hip and shoulder surgery among other things.  She's already lost 50+ under my time and we're not done.  I'm going to get her back to the healthiest situation possible.  
And you read yoga, you read Buddhism, you read whatever else above, its not just physical strength we're talking about.  Again, any jackass on a bench can probably increase your strength.  I want to increase your "brain."  You're going to get mentally stronger here.  You're going to manage your stress and anxiety better here.  
I have a client, I asked her to come w goals, most of her goals were mental like "improve my self esteem," and "have a better outlook on life."  She doesn't even know who shy just signed up with.  I know that reads ego, but it is what it is.  Someone may come in with mental hang ups, we all have them.  Someone may come in with negative self talk, everyone has had phases of it.  
Thats what I'm looking at.  I can coach squats with my eyes closed.  I can program speed and agility all day long.  Its the intangibles in the psyche that really changes lives.  

The Power Program.  I didn't think Id run it again, but if I find a home and assistance in marketing it, its on.  Somehow, somewhere, some way.  I think it captured all of this.  


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