Sunday, April 2, 2017


I was working with the team this week.  Pretty solid session, a lot of younger guys that I haven't worked much with yet.  It was just day 1 of the week, but I saw something that needed tweaked moving fwd, so I brought them over after the session to talk a bit.  I asked, "Is there something more you could've done today?  As the session came near the end, did you let up or were you looking for more work?"
Again, day 1 and I just met a lot of these guys, so it wasn't time to blow anything up yet, but I saw a lot of comfort and easy walking.  This was a weight room session, not throwing horseshoes at a picnic.  So I drew the picture of what it looks like, what a team looks like, what a business looks like, what a human looks like when they do just enough to get by.  

I got by.  

I made it.

I finished.  

Now, these guys were good to go the rest of the week.  I think they enjoyed the talk, but this got me thinking through the week.  
How we can get into ruts or grooves of habit where we start to say things like that and operate like that... just enough.  Clean enough, done enough, good enough, lets relax now.  
I do it.  (I've said it nearly every blog, I'm above or below, I'm with).  I have days where the as is just eh and I'm just getting by.... but I notice it. When it happens, I step back and try to witness myself as a character and get a little "judgy."
And I literally stop and ask myself two questions:
1) Whats the next right thing?
2) What more can I do?  

"Whats the next right thing?" I think can solve so many situations, conversations, anything.  Good or bad day, high energy or low energy, even stuck in traffic or waiting to watch your daughters 3 hour, 5th grade talent show, "What's the next right thing?" will keep momentum rolling or if it wasn't too hot, it'll help bring it back.  
And "Whats the next right thing?" might be super simple or something you overlook or take for granted.  The next right thing might be a phone call to a friend or even a little you time.  

Question #2 was "What more can I do?"  and this one gives me anxiety... to a point where I'm kind of struggling right now.  A few intense situations are soaking up some emotional energy and its had an effect.  So asking "What more can I do?" has caused some sleep issues.  
But I honestly don't know if I'd want it any other way.  Because that anxiety and fear of the question ever flipping around and wondering "What more could I have done?" is too much.  
So I ask "What more can I do?" to keep moving and energy focused, to stay ahead of and avoid failures.

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