Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Top Movies and A Short Story About Some Religion In An Alley







I was walking to Heinens today to grab a salad on my way out of town, headed to football.  To shave a full 10-15 seconds off my walk (sarcasm) I cut through a parking garage and a back alley.
I get there, make my salad and head back.  As I'm walking through, an older man is sitting on a step, nothing but an old bag of clothes next to him.  He starts to talk, obviously I know whats coming...
Just $1.
I knew what I had on me, I gave him everything I had.
He looked at me like I was nuts.
"Thank you... may God bless you... thank you, thank you..."
I just said "you got it man, take care," and continued to my car.
But his thank you, went through me in slow motion... I heard it, we paused, we basically spoke over each other w the "thanks," and "you got it man," because I really had to get going.
Not because I was late or in a hurry.  It's uncomfortable.  It's uncomfortable for me to walk by people who beg for $1's as I have 1, 5, 10 or whatever.  I can find a way to eat.  I can find more money.  I can find a way to make things happen.
His sincerity was what made me move along quickly.  I've never been thanked so hard, so sincere.  I've never anyone say "God bless you," like that where it got my attention.  People say things but we all say all kinds of things.
This man gave me the only thing he could.  His thanks and a blessing.
I'd pay every day for that.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Couple happy tips for things I've seen

Since its titled "observing bystander," here's a few observations on stress reduction and overall happiness that have worked for me a few others I know.

1)  Exercise - Clearly, these blogs arent actually fitness based, but this is #1 on my list.  I've always broken through mental blocks or emotional sludge when I'm consistent in exercise.  Whether running or yoga or kettle bells, anything to get the heart rate up and breath a bit labored, this will do the trick.  Weights can work as well, but I prefer a style that cranks up the entire body.
When you workout, the more intense the better (and "intense," is relative), your brain releases endorphins, which is a natural pain killer and creates a natural high.  Obviously, this feels good and you want more.
How to get it?
Exercise more.  Once in a routine and addicted to those natural body highs, you'll feel better, become more productive and think more clearly.  What was once "too much to handle," will be handled.
30 minutes per day can do the trick IF you're using your time wisely.

2)  Service - Do something for someone else.  Bitter-sweet for me, but this one has landed me in some tough spots financially.  I have a hard time not giving away what I do, or doing it at a great discount.  A huge part of me feels "It's my service," and it bothers me I haven't found a way to do it for free yet (remember why I closed the yoga room?)
But their are other things we can be doing, coaching is big for me.  I do feel it serves the purpose.  I explained it yesterday to someone as "an extension of the class room."  Those who know me well, have an idea what that can mean and the things that come up.

3)  Be nice.

  • Smile at people.
  • Hold doors.
  • Park in the back: Don't drive around for 10 minutes trying to maneuver for a close parking spot.
  • Be a good tipper.
  • Be a great giver.
  • Listen to people. 
  • Surprise someone.
  • Let someone into traffic when they have their blinker on.
  • Ask them how their day is going. 
  • Be polite. 
  • If you're having a shitty day, don't pass it to someone else.

4)  Save time for yourself - HUGE.  If you dont have time for yourself and the things you actually enjoy to do (exercise, hobbies, quiet time, a movie, etc), you will definitely feel the stress of it and it will effect you greatly.

5)  Have an experience.

  • vacation more
  • float tank often
  • do something you've never done
  • Explore conversations
  • Explore your own consciousness... theres more at play than what you see.  
  • meditate
  • dive into a different culture
  • sign up for a class
  • work on yourself
  • do what you can to alter your perspective.. .I've found many answers here.  

Thats all I can think of for now.  

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Night Driving (1)

I have a playlist I enjoy when driving home at night after work or a practice.
So I hit shuffle and these were the first 5.

One of the top 5 nastiest guitarists ever.  This thing is mesmerizing. 

First song I could ever (sort of) play. 

As I've gotten older, Dylan has really grown on me.
A musical genius.
I try to listen to him a few times per week to help keep balance.

I could listen to this voice every day.

This Is Blue Chip