Sunday, November 19, 2017 this thing on?

I don't remember when it changed, when it dissolved exactly, but at some point in my life roles became very blurred... titles became irrelevant... that guy with a certain position of importance, position x, was just that guy, just a guyEveryone has or had a mom and dad, all came crawling out and into diapers to barely walking to wherever we currently sit, right?  Not very different at all.  And this has gotten me into some trouble over the years... the blurred lines, the lack of acknowledging roles, Not in a disrespectful type way or flat out rebellion, but when you see it how I see it, it can make most people uncomfortable.  And I heard an analogy recently that kind of pieced it together and that was the story of the Great Oz.  That everyone is playing a role and they're scared shitless if someone were to ever pull back the curtain.  People play the role of Oz or whoever, all hiding behind the curtain of the role.  For whatever reason, I've always felt like the guy who's allowed to peak behind the curtain and ask "Hey, whats up?  Whats going on back here?  Don't worry, I wont tell anyone."  When I do that, when I peak inside,  they either laugh and invite me in or they "leave."

People have a strange need, a few of them.... a need of being important... a need to matter... a need to grasp and hold onto things to give us rank, thats the importance.  But like I said above, we all came from the same place... crawling out and into diapers, and we're all headed to same peaceful place, so whats the difference.  And this isnt a hippy "who gives a shit, none of this matters," type thing, but it's a Stop Being Afraid, type thing.  Just stop.  Stop telling yourself no.  Stop telling yourself you're not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, stop telling yourself you can't because you always can.  You can.  But you can't when you're too busy kicking your own ass, right?

So if you choose to acknowledge the opportunity of a role... go play it.  Play the character... clear all the bullshit that isnt real and become the character... its limitless.... it's limitless.  Create your own style of whatever is entering your brain, whatever you might be daydreaming about.  Have faith in that thing that makes your heart rate accelerate a little bit...

I've met and known people my entire life who never gave it the shot... never jumped, never went for their thing, because someone, somewhere, in some chapter in history planted a seed of doubt, of fear, of limits, roles and expectations.  And it's all a lie.  You are more.  All those stories that influenced you to sit where you're sitting, they're just not real. 

the entry from last week, about painting a picture, kinda came to me while sitting in a coffee house... the freedom to paint the picture of your life, and that's whats real.  Your imagination, your consciousness, and all that's needed is the courage, love, faith and willingness to put forth the action to create from it.  Trick is, we're all looking for something, all needing, like I wrote above, but the catch is this... we already have it.  Didn't I say that at the end of the Power Program?  You already had it.  I didn't give it to you, i just helped you reopen a closet that you piled up a bunch of shit in front of and had forgotten.  I just helped you clean up the laundry and motivate you to open the door... it was there all along and it's yours. 

You are the creator and that might make you uncomfortable. 
It shouldn't... laugh at it... you are already complete, you are already ready.  Enjoy.  Stop fearing, stop stressing, all of this material shit, the job you hate, all of it, let it go.  Divorce yourself from the story thats making you become something you are not.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Day After....

...therapy can usually be a little sketchy.  Where some methods can assist in settling things down, like  float tank, others drive you more inward, forcing you to explore and search for unanswered questions you've been afraid to even ask, or ones you've completely buried and ignored.
Problem is, one way or another the subconscious will rise, so it's probably best to open the door under your own doing so you're not sucker punched by letting it seep out into the world in the form of bad relationships, dangerous drug and alcohol use or just general self sabotage.  I cannot express this enough, your subconscious must be addressed and greeted kindly.  You cannot wrestle or argue.  Say hello, and make it comfy, because you could and should be in for a conversation that's going to alter your mindset.  Might push you forward or might change your direction all together.  All I know is, something will happen.
(Last time they wondered if I'd gone crazy, 
soon they'll know its called "awake").
One of the experiences that still stand out most, was the evening I had the behind the scenes look at the theater.  To refresh your memory or catch you up if you hadn't read it yet, I was under a variation of hypnosis.  While here, I remember watching a type of performance go on, nothing spectacular, it reminded more of a carousel of characters, entering stage right, exiting stage left.  As the characters entered, the crowd would applaud or laugh or react whichever way was most appropriate.  This went on a good bit, a constant rotation of new faces and costumes.  However, from my vantage point, I could see behind the curtain.  I saw the stage and show and I also saw what went on behind the scenes.  How quickly the characters were able to change clothes, change their face, change everything and go back out and what I thought was a full cast, was only 6-8 different people.  The same people that played nurses and doctors, played teachers and parents, played presidents and politicians, played the neighbors and community "leaders."
When I came out, my only emotion, my only thoughts were wrapped into the idea that this is all fixed, all a charade.  That this is all a part of a plan.  Now, I know that someone may be reading this thinking this is crazy, if they even got this far into the blog, but I do believe and just tweeted a quote from Paul Stemets who was just on Rogan, "I think we need to accept the fact that the reality is not limited to the perception that we have traditionally used."  William Blake wrote "If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.  For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern."
Think of how distracted we are, how unclear our vision probably is.  Like driving our cars through a storm and field, our windows of perception are not operating to the fullest.  They need constant cleaning and how can we do that when we're so busy driving through the storms, searching for comfort and safety and our tribe.
So what if my vision was my subconscious shining a light?  A light to wake up.  A light to a certain path.  To stop buying the ticket for their play.
may have even influenced me to go get 
a tattoo inspired by another great character.
Some people think I'm a conspiracy theorist, but I dont think they understand the meaning of the word conspiracy.  It means to plot or plan.  I bring this up because for about 12 months, my life has been consumed with a background story that I cannot turn off.  It runs in my head while trying to sleep, it runs in my head when I hear your stories, it runs all day and night.  It is nearly distracting to the point of debilitation.  
The only remedy I've found unfortunately, 
is very seasonal and runs from Aug-Nov.
So as I sit and struggle through writing a new goal list... staring blankly at my new notebook... I wonder what I want, what I need, where I want to go.  I just wrote about the canvas, but I struggle to paint.  The struggle lies in belief, or lack thereof.  Not a lack of belief in my abilities, but a lack of confidence and belief in our system.

The story I've been tip toeing around, is my mom.  I believe she was mistreated, lied to (via ignorance, not evilness) and sent down the money line like people you've known or will know.  Her story is not rare, its been happening for years and it has been designed.  My struggle is I don't know what to do about it.  My initial thoughts were I need to finish school... I need to educate myself more and then others.

I remember the day the first doctor told me and my sister... my poker face could've won an academy award.  So much so, I actually remember being worried that my lack of reaction was going to scare my sister into thinking I may have finally "broke."  But my first thoughts were How does she recover and fight?  Whats the most intelligent plan or action?
We were told there was none.  That the types of cancers she had obtained could not be beaten.  Goes without saying, I did not believe that.  I still dont.
So we all kind of began our own research.  I influenced a search down one path, while I went another.  Both good, but I knew where I was looking wouldn't get much value in this state (Ohio) with doctors of a particular age.
The information I needed and found, wasn't hard to find when you know who to ask.  Through 6 different contacts, all licensed professionals, I found information and supplements/ingredients, all w scientific evidence and results that this cancer could be beat or off-set with doses of CBD oils and a combinations of mushrooms, one being a Turkey Tail protein that is sold locally.
I presented this combination and information to my moms doctors via phone, asked them to look into it.  They said that there was no scientific evidence supporting the claim and they could not recommend it.  I said there was evidence, showed them and asked again.  Like the robots they are, they again said there was no scientific evidence supporting the claim.  I asked one last question and that was to not tell my mom that.... I needed her to believe.  I asked them to not tell her the prognosis.. because I needed her to believe.
The mind works in amazing ways when you believe one way or another, so when I say this was fixed, it's been in the works for decades.  I don't blame my mom for losing belief... I blame the system that created her in way to have so much faith in a conspiracy.
Do doctors know?  I do think they do.  I think they intentionally shit on anything they didn't learn in college.  I think they're scared shitless of what marijuana laws can do to hurt their income.  Because dont think for a second that when insurances arent maxing out, and billions of dollars in prescriptions arent being written, that many doctors wont need a second job to pay for their over-priced, over-rated education.  Do you know whats headed down the pipeline in Cali?  Psilocybin Mushrooms are on the ballot to be dropped to a scheduled 2 drug, meaning it has medical use.  If it has medical use, why was it ever illegal to begin with?  And if it has medical use, why is it even ON the ballot?  They weren't even made illegal until 1971 because... another post.  But you can google it on your own.
Do you know the most effective treatment for PTSD and passing with success in the upper 90's?  Here's a hint:  Not pain killers or scripts from the VA.   What is coming from the VA is actually increasing the suicide and overdose rate for veterans, but hey who's to say whats right or wrong when billion dollar companies are running the company, oops I meant country.

What's my point?    Possibly a little off target there, but needed to get it out and find a way.
Point:  Think.
Stop watching the news, stop watching brainless television.  Stop becoming distracted by this horribly embarrassing president.  Stop flipping through facebook at 10pm every night.  Stop giving a shit about how many likes you have on social media.  Stop talking about people.  Stop giving a shit about things you will never ever change.
Think and educate yourself.  Educate your family.  I ran into an old friend at a grocery store last week, he was telling a story about desert his friend was making for work.  He said "whoah, dont buy that brand, thats the shit you buy for people you dont love."  Really funny way of saying "poison."

What are you going to buy for people you do love?  Are you going to sugar coat their life, limit their information and pillow the world?  Or educate?
Fact:  Refined and processed carbohydrates feed cancer cells via 3rd party.  These carbs create inflammation, which is a breeding ground for cancer cells.  So can some doctor answer no with a straight face when asked "Do carbs cause cancer?"  Yes.  But are they a great assistance to the creation, growth and movement of cells?  Yes, they are.

Read a book, watch a documentary, take care of your family, friends and people you love.

Other conspiracies I find interesting:
The war on drugs
Interest rates and loans
Education system and the "ghetto"
Structure of our country
and new age media

"I think we need to accept the fact that the reality is not limited to the perception that we have traditionally used."
Paul Stemets

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

He asked, "Now what do we do?"

...and we left.

They went where they go, I went to a nearby Panera to start work.

I didnt immediately answer because the answer definitely cant be handled at Peties... what I saw in my head was a kaleidoscope of variables.  Shapes and colors, no rhyme or reason to the patterns or movements.  You might see it like that one day as well.

Couple things to understand... Life doesn't happen to you.  You'll hear that a lot, mostly by people who never made it happen for themselves, or at least not the way they once imagined.  So they cashed in and said "welp, life happened," when you ask how they wound up here.

Life is not an attacker, an oppressor, nor a gift giver or guardian angel.  It's a canvas.  A big one.
So first thing I advise is to start collecting your colors, which you already have a few, grab your brush, or brushes, and start painting.  It is absolutely your canvas space and you are completely free to paint it however you choose.  You choose.  Not your parents, your teachers, coaches, friends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, kids, no one.
You even have the freedom to paint, then say "this one sucks," rip that sheet off and start again.
Now, tricky part about this canvas is that it's shared space.  So be mindful to not let your drawing interfere with someone else's art.  If you're lucky, you'll find yourself painting near some like minded people, then the painting gets really fun.  Painting near others can definitely expand or shrink your creative space so be mindful of where you position yourself.  This might be the biggest decision you ever make.  And remember, you can move your seat if you like.  Your free to do whatever you like.  Although it's shared space, you have to grab a piece for yourself and not become a "watcher."
"Watchers..." do just that.  They're the ones that let 10 years slip by, talking, observing, never doing, only complaining or criticizing those doing the painting... don't be a "watcher."
(Don't screw up anyone else's painting either).

So as you sit there, preparing to draw and create for the first time, just draw.  Dont be afraid to make a mess or get paint on the floor.  Mistakes will happen and on the first few tries, good chance the picture in your head, wont turn out exactly how you want it on the canvas.  All good.  It takes a little while and plenty of practice to hone your skills and learn how to create in a crowd.  As long as you still have paint and a brush, you're still good to go.

Now, if a colorful painting analogy didnt do it for you, start w a goal list.  Here's the juice in having one while you're young... You haven't dealt with 5,000 assholes telling you what you can't do.  Secret is, there is nothing.   Want to study abroad?  Go.  Want to become an NCAA ref?  Go.  Want to write a book?  Go.  Want to become a teacher/coach?  Go do that too.  There is no time limit, there is no boundary, there is no hurry, there are no NO's.  It's all yes's and opportunity.  Now, someone may advise... "Eh, lets do this first, then that..."  Why?  Measure their advice wisely.  Where is it coming from?  Even love can be masked with fear and most people wont have your courage or most importantly your dreams.  They don't see your canvas the way you do, and again... it's yours to paint.  They're painting there own.  I promise you, someone is reading this right now and thinking "Shut your mouth, you crazy sob!"  but they know its accurate.

Important things to keep in mind, in no particular order:
1) Don't go into debt. -   No school debt, no house debt, definitely no credit card debt.  Debt could force you into working jobs you hate and way too many hours doing it.  Debt is modern day slavery.
2) Travel as much as possible.  -  See that globe?  Spin it.  Much larger than these few square miles.  Go see it all.
3) Don't take anything toooo seriously.  -  Ya, we may do some things here and there that can carry some weight, but when the dust settles, we're still who we are and you're going out the same way you came in.
4) When you have the cash, own a boat and a motorcycle.  -  Because why not??  Cars are like watching television... you cant feel it.  Get in it.
5)  Be honest.  -  Even if it scares the shit out of you.
6) And don't be afraid to change your mind. -  You might change 50x over the next 70 years, so what?
7)  Find a good role model and study him/her a little.
8)  Never give up
... never fails.
So "now what do we do?"
Anything you want.  There are no no's, only yes's and opportunity for those who want it.   Never forget it, never cave in, never give up.  
I think you knew this would be answer tho... did you really think "Are you going to college?" was it?

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Quick (and probably strange) Football Post - A Thank You Note

Started coaching around 2002, 2003 or so, I really dont remember the year exactly, but my HS coach called me one day and asked if I was interested in "getting involved."
General rule: if Coach Nack calls, you say yes and show up.

I graduated from Wickliffe HS and played with a great, great group of guys for 2 years under a tremendous coaching staff.  A lot of people talk about their "guy," or their team or staff, but to this day, I've never met a group like them.  I then coached at Richmond Heights, Wickliffe, Ledgemont, NDCL and now Eastlake North.  And in every stop along the way, those young guys taught me more and gave me more than I could ever give them and I carry them all with me into every single season.  This one more than ever.

The older we get, we're able to bring up our own history and lessons learned to reintroduce them in a new manner to help get a point across or open communication along the path.  Things happen and I'll think "ah this reminds me _____," and think back to when I started 2 sophomores and a freshman at linebacker, and loved watching them attack with no fear.  They had nothing to lose.  I have a habit of plugging in young guys often to help get them Friday night ready for the future.  I'm not afraid to let guys grow a little under the lights.  Each group of guys had their story, had their personality, sweat all over the practice fields.  Some guys/teams needed a spark of intensity, others needed cooled down, some needed to appreciate the game within the game.  All different, yet very similar.

Every year, every season, delivered a new character, a new personality manifesting itself as a team.   Less than 24 hours away, I wonder who we'll grow to become.  I wont know that answer for another 10-13 weeks or so but I do know it will be good, honest, and I'm confident we will grow into something we'll remember.  We always do.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Go FAIL Yourself

At this moment that I sit down to write whatever pops in my head, I'm also playing 3 chumps at chess... 1 has already lost to me today, badly (requested a best out of 3), another is about to lose (it'll be over by the time I'm done writing) and the 3rd just began; watching ufc; washing laundry; and getting ready for Monday.


The past couple weeks or so, my landscaping has gotten my attention.   In the past, I never really noticed the yard much.  If grass was cut and nothing insane was out of place like a down branch or anything unsafe, it looked looked ok to me.
On my facebook time hop, a picture of my youngest daughter came up.  It was from about 3 years ago, with fish in hand, my yard in the background.  And I noticed how nice the bushes and perimeter of the pond looked.  So for about 4 hours on the weekends, I try to give it a little attention... until today.  I charged up as many batteries as I could find for the weed eater and hedge trimmer and anything else I could find.  Pulled out 150' of extension cord and my wheel barrow (one of those easy ones I ant spell... was it right?)

So I'm out there, having a nice time, sweating and pulling weeds, taking down dead branches and cleaning an area... no music or distractions.  Kinda hit me...    how fast things can get away from us if we don't give it attention.


I was visiting a business this past week and they invited me to wait while they finished a meeting.  Caught my attention because the conversation was about sales and prospecting and such, setting weekly/monthly goals.  So I paid close attention to the head of the meeting as he watched the staff talk about success numbers and to set goals of completing x sales per day.  This went on for about 10 minutes.  All about how many sales they needed for the week to hit the month goal, then ended with that.
I wanted to take it further... daily goals and then not just success goals but failure as well.  "I have to fail at least once today."  I literally have this goal for myself to fail at something everyday.
Before reading on, think about why I or anyone would want to fail.

If I'm setting out to do something outside of my range where failure is high probability, I'm going to grow from it.
If I'm just going about a care free day, doing what I can roll out of bed and do... A) its not very challenging and then B) because it's easy and not challenging, there's no movement or growth or opportunity.  Playing the safe, easy, care free day will always keep me in this exact same place.  And that can relate to business, or relationships or training or anything.
Came up for me twice recently.  As a real estate agent, we have to prospect a bit and reach out to "for sale by owners," and that kind of thing.  So its not easy and I'm not exactly Mr. Social.  I dont really ever just walk up to people and start talking.  So my goal wasnt "I'm going to get a fsbo to sign with me today."  Odds are greatly not in my favor.  Its just not something that happens like that (click your fingers).  So saying "I'm going to get one today," would be like "I'm going to run a marathon today."  The goal is the marathon, as the goal is letting the fsbo know I'm the man for the job.  So for the marathon, its "I need to run 3 miles today," and the FSBO its "I just need to knock on a door."  That's it.  You cant hit a grand slam with no one on the bases.
My other example was at football camp.   Summer camps and we install new ideas to see how things look and tweak it moving forward.  So we installed plays we needed and then set it into motion...
failed.  And failed.  Error after error.  I let them know "All good... we should be failing now and making mistakes... and then fail and error another 50 times... why?  Because it shows you're still working and then eventually you're going to have that AH-HA moment and it all comes together."
Ever fail on repping a max weight?  How did it feel the next day or moving fwd?  Providing you didn't tear a rotator cuff)  I have
Ever fail sprinting up a hill?  Just run and run and eventually thats it... legs are just jello and lungs burn so bad you wonder if anyone's around for CPR?   I have
Ever fail in competition?  I have
Ever fail in _____?  I have
And all those failures are so needed.  People that have it easy, and I mean easy.  I mean people who really never had to bust their butts to pay bills.  People who never recvd notice that electric was turning off.  People that didn't have to buy a car for $1000 just to get through the winter.  People that never didn't lose a house.   Some people were just born a little further ahead in class and didn't have to grind the way others did.  Those people, they just dont know failure the same way and because of that, they just dont have the armor that you do... they'll break and you wont.  They'll "tap out," and you'll keep pushing.  Because you've failed time after time after time and you continue to fight and push and find your way, because of that persistence, you are stronger, better and more equipped to handle every damn thing that comes your way.  You've already experienced the pain of failure and pushed forward.  Learned and grew stronger.  Now do it again.  Reach for the shelf that's just a bit too high and when you fail, call out that guy in practice thats a year older than you, put in one more hour at your craft, sign up for the class and finish the degree, take that side job you've been thinking about.  And swing away.  Fail and miss and come up short and then reload and do it again.

And when you succeed.... dont forget to take minute to yourself to sit in the backyard with your dogs... and just remember the actual important things in life.  


Chess news:
I tweet out "Free #POWERFUL to anyone who can beat me in chess."
So I whooped Brad, badly and moved on to take out Louie.  As this was going on, Brad requested "best of 3."  Sure.
Within 4 moves I thought 'This isnt Brad anymore."  So I text Louie during our game to ask who is playing Brads board.  Sure enough "His dad."  So then I had to turn my brain on, but it was too late.  Lost about 8 moves later.
Lesson learned. never underestimate an opponent.


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Without A Dragon...

I was working out this am.... nothing major, just kinda moving in and out of some things, trying to loosen up and relax a little.  Stressing the body a bit physically, getting the blood pumping usually prods my brain to get cranking and my day is ok.

But its hard.  I have a mental distraction that I don't know when or if, I'll be able to shake it.

I've been a certified personal trainer for... 9 years, and active in high school weight rooms with strength and conditioning for more than 12.  So movement, nutrition, multiple elements of health and fitness, its always been close to me and a tool to help point some direction towards a search for answers and education.  If you've been around the last 6-8 years, you can see the entire picture of what my intent was while trying hard to hide behind a logo or business.  The nutrition talks and info, the yoga, outdoor boots, personal training, the podcasts/books/docs that are recommended on the site, its all pointing in the same direction... a place of self awareness and self education, to help you be a better leader, mother, father, brother, student, athlete, sister, manager, coach, on and on.  The more in tune you are, the more self awareness you have, the more you strive to learn new and old, the more honest you are, the better you're going to be for yourself and everyone you come in contact with.  It's just how it goes.  Because you cant dive into all of this and not emit positive, helpful energy.

So in my process and becoming obsessed with all of this and trying to funnel information, some hear it, some dont.  Some take it and run with it, some dont.  In the beginning, those that didn't, bothered me.  I'd spend hours and energy thinking about them.  Why dont they work out?  Why dont they enjoy this?  What am I doing wrong that they arent seeing the benefit and how this will lead to a healthier, happier life?  Like I referenced when speaking about teams I coached in the past, I blamed myself for losses.  I always said "I should've found a way to do more," and losses bothered me endlessly day after day.  So this field of work, is that times 20.  Because I'm not just working to win a game on a Friday night (trust me, that's still a goal), I'm working to make sure whoever is doing the grocery shopping at home, knows what theyre doing.  The goal is that whoever the leader is now plus the future leader, is equipped to think and research and also filter through the bullshit.  Its a job.  And thats the #1 problem.

I always felt home changed when mothers went to work.  As society shifted in the 80's to early 90's, more and more households went from single family income to a need for dual or even more.   So while there was once one person who oversaw the grocery shopping and meals for the  family, and that being a full time job in itself, that role was now minimized to barely a part time job.  Something that was handled in spare time and/or on the fly.  Meals were made in more bulk or quantity so that there was leftovers to save some time on baseball night or something along those lines.  This is where marketing tactics sunk their teeth in and went to work, selling products with nearly zero positive nutritional value.
Think about this and the things you know... when a slice of watermelon is left out for a few days, what does it do?  Rots, right?  Rots, grows mold, goes bad, within 2-4 days usually.  This is the case with most actual foods.  But when you go to the grocery store, there are aisles and aisles of food that doesn't go bad at all or if it does, its 60-90 days down the line... how can this be?

Over the last 35 years, same time frame I gave above (single income to dual), we have seen increases in breast cancer, prostate cancer, autism, obesity and earlier stages of puberty (among other things).
How and why?

One idea of the "how," is that the United States in one of the only countries that doesn't test chemicals independently (meaning not tested by the company that makes them) prior to usage.  So the tests are done, but only to make sure no one immediately dies.  That is a fact.  Our foods, our clothes, the air we breathe, chemicals all around.  We have products here in the US being sold to us, while the company that makes it, produces a non-toxic version for countries in Europe, where there are tougher, more diligent testings and laws.  How can this be?  Why is our own govt not protecting us?
Yes, we have agencies who are supposed to be overseeing safety levels of x, y, and z but....
...The "why?"  C'mon, you know this answer.

And this is the saddest thing ever... our health, our families health, kids health, has been hijacked, bought and sold, and you may choose to not believe that or even think about it, but it is 100% true.  When you start to watch documentaries, read or listen to podcasts, you'll find some things that might bother your thoughts on how you see society and this countries politics in regards to our health care system and the level of honesty in which information is shared.

You have to know and accept that you are responsible for the quality of life you will live and you're also in a great position to influence everyone you care about.  Understand the pros/cons of everything around us and dont be afraid to unplug from the norm.
Move your body.  Walk or jog or run.  Meditate or yoga or float tank.  Stress your body to grow a little, to strengthen yourself.  Eat as organic as possible.  Enjoy life with a free, clear mind.

The mental distraction I referenced above... its dark and menacing... the teams "losses" that kept me awake are nothing compared to this.  Honestly, I'm not entirely sure I want it to leave... I think I need it to keep me sharp and fighting... to keep me motivated and alive, on the mission... it's my dragon.

The number one person I had to teach, to help, to guide into new thoughts and a new way of seeing her health and a future, I couldn't do it.  There was something I was missing... and I should've been able to find a way to do more.

I'm not going to hide, I'm not going to keep quiet, I'm going to continuing pressing fwd and going after anyone or anything that endangers the health of our families.
We're better.  We deserve better.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

July Plans

Not going to lie... I'm not actually pumped about my July.  The thought of no coffee, makes me a little angry.  I usually drink anywhere from 1-4 cups per day, so this is going to be an adjustment.
But I know I need to do it.  I know I'll feel better and drop pounds and all that and probably for the first time in a good number of years, I'm going to shut up and follow someones else structure with discipline.
And you are invited to do it with me!!! haha wasnt that a sales pitch??  "Hey, I'm mad about this coffee rule... so you should join me!"

Here's whats going on.  For a couple years, two people (mostly one) have been trying to give me info about a supplement line.  Every time they did, I responded w some dumbass reply about make up or beard oil or vegan blah blah blah, because it was Arbonne.  I'm just not huge on supplements outside protein, creatine or nootropics, so I declined multiple times.  After another attempt, I thought "alright, this might suck for me, but my wife might like... because its Arbonne and all."   Not trying to be funny, this is just how I thought.  I only knew it as a healthy, skin care line.
At some point, my wife was talking about her routine being stagnant and not being pleased with the nutrition plan or such, and just wanted something to help light a spark and turn a corner, so I said "give this a shot, talk to these two, maybe you'll like it."  (for the record, her routine or nutrition is NOT a reflection on me, I rarely train her... it doesn't go well).

Fast fwd a bit.  She is into Arbonne and enrolled in this 30 day challenge thing.  I didnt know much about it, but assumed it had the basics of all of these cleanse clean ups.  The products came, she had some friends do it with her for support and fun, they organized and went to work on it.  This is the end of their 3rd week and as a group, averaging 10lb loss per person, across the team, some higher, some lower.  Obviously, people lose at different rates, but it is what it is, 10lb average in just 3 weeks.  If they all bust ass this week, it could probably jump to 12+ per.
Now, this is a cleanse and a "reset," not a weight loss product.  It's a nutritional plan with proteins, fiber kit, supps to aid in overall digestion health, and a pretty awesome thing called a fizz stick which I reviewed on my snapchat about 2 weeks ago... very legit.  The proteins that I made fun of for the previous 2 years... I hate saying I'm wrong, but whatever protein drink she made, was THEE best shake Ive ever had.
So this kit is a cleaner and over the course of the 30 days, it will help you not only clean your system, but reset your brain into becoming more aware as to what you really need vs what your brain tells it what it thinks you need.   Many of us are sugar junkies, not because our bodies crave it for energy or to stay alive, but because of the brain chemicals that release when we get a little taste.

Lets wrap this up, heres what I'm doing:
A) I'm signing up for the 30 day challenge.  I need the reset.  Maybe more mentally than physically, but I need it.  I need a strict plan and some accountability.... posting his damn thing will keep me in line.
B) IF you want to do it with me, I will give you all the recipes and set you up with all the info my wifes group just used during their plan.  So all the recipes and tips and things to know, you'll have all that info too.
C) IF you do it with me, I will also write up your training program for the month and 4 free sessions over the course of the month ($298 value right there). Either at Titans or Hambden Health & Fitness, your gym providing they allow outside trainers in. One way or another, we'll make it happen.
D) IF a handful people sign up for this, we will have a check in day where I'll register everyone for a contest.  Not just weight loss, but body fat% and fitness test.  This will keep it fair.  Trust me, if a guy jumps in on this, real good chance he can drop 20-30 really fast and win.  A full assessment will be a very level, fair way to assess the work for the month.  So if you win, you receive a 3 month gym membership to Titans or Hambden Health & Fitness, a $50 gift cert towards fitness classes or training in Hambden, and a goodie bag w/ free supps, gift certs and prizes from around Lake and Geauga County.  *We may also add a couple bonus points for social media posts telling the world wide web about your awesome results and badass body.
E) FREE #POWERUL tank or t

With my football schedule coming up, I need to have this wrapped up by early August so I'm looking to start between July 5th and July 10th.  Probably best to shoot for the 10th to have time to order, deliver and organize.

Some details about the actual Arbonne package:
Vegan-certified, no animal ingredients
No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
No trans fat
No high fructose corn syrup or fructose
Standardized plant extracts
Low glycemic index (Protein Shake powders)


These Arbonne Essentials products are included in your 30-Day Nutrition Starter ASVP:

  • 7-Day Body Cleanse:   Use once per day following the packaging directions.  
  • Protein Shake Mix:   Enjoy twice per day to supplement a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack.  Two different flavors if you like.
  • Daily Fiber Boost:   Add a scoop to your Protein Shake, favorite foods or beverages once per day. 
  • Energy Fizz Sticks:   Use once per day when you are feeling low on energy.
  •  Digestion Plus:   Use once per day. 
  • Herbal Detox Tea:   Enjoy a cup each day

If you sign up before Wednesday, you get an early BONUS assessment to help set up goals as well as a session plus a free Arbonne water bottle.  

Quick recap:
30 day Nutrition Plan & Cleanse Kit (you will lose 10+ lbs)
Free program
4 Free sessions
If 5+ sign up, chance to win a bunch of free stuff yet (ill be shooting for gift cards at spas, hair, nails, dinners etc., it wont suck), plus the gift cert which can be used for training or yoga in the fall.

Any questions or on the fence, text me.
If you're in and want to kick ass with me next month, call or text Scarlett at 440-478-2083 or email her at

Sunday, June 4, 2017

"First," Yoga Class

Decided to take my own advice for once and stopped making excuses with a busy schedule or intentionally sabotaging my schedule to "never have time."  So I made sure I packed my mat and a change of clothes to make sure the door was open.  Around 11am I checked a local schedule and found a class.
Ordinarily, I would find excuses to easily bail.  Things like "I've never been here before," or "I dont know how they teach," some bs to give me an easy out and just go workout. But I knew deep down, I need balance.  I cant just lift weights a few times per week and think I'm going to find new thoughts or balance in that.  So I pulled into the lot and walked in.
A nice, small lobby.  Found some comfort in the books they were selling as they represented a percentage of my shelf at home, then the obvious yoga "symbol," a large ohm on one wall, reminding me of what I once felt a home in.
That was all I needed to start getting comfy but I still felt a weight.  But I think I was nervous and a bit in my head.  I noticed this when I began to change clothes near the shoe rack... which is right next to the lobby and definitely not private by any means.  I had my pants undone and around my butt before I noticed, "Hey dumbass, you're in the hallway."  from there, I moonwalked back 8 steps into an actual changing room.
My usual space in a yoga room is secluded and near an exit.  A situation I felt mirror'd my behavior in real life.  So i made sure to choose my space differently now and chose dead center of the room.  I wanted, maybe needed, people around me.
Despite my absence, I got right into my comfort zone while waiting for class to begin.  I usually move around on the mat a little, stretching my hips or low back, before sitting at the rear of my mat, relaxing and breathing, attempting to take in a few moments to focus on intentions.
Class began and I remember thinking of how I was enjoying the flow.  I like when vinyasa instructors dont feel bound to the cookie cutter sequences and just flow.  Its the difference between karaoke at the local dive and a Hendrix guitar solo.  (Hows that for Buddhism?  But real yogi's will like the analogy).  We moved in and out and a variety of poses and movements, early twists and back stretches, really nice pattern and rhythm.
Physically, my body felt a tad behind a comfortable level.  Yoga can put you to work regardless of who you are or what you do, but you an build to a point where things are comfortably challenging, I'm probably about a month behind where I'd enjoy.
During a class, with practice, things can happen for you, the way they can during a nice run or any time you find in the zone.  My focus on this afternoon was just to breathe.  I had no magnificent goals or intentions, just breathe and focus only on that.  Things were moving along well.
Then we transferred from a lunge to airplane to tree....
OF all poses, f'ing tree pose, is where I heard "your mom just died," and I went down.
Didnt get mad at myself, just stood still for a second. That can happen in the early days.  You think "I should be able o get this pose," and you cant and you might bitch yourself out for a second.  But I stood there, and then got back in line with the class.  They were off to the other leg, "lunge.... pinky fingers to your side, retract your blades and open your chest... chin, deep breath... start to lean into the lead leg and stand..." again, airplane to "your mom just died,' but this time hip cramps and shaking legs and I went to the mat.
Took some water and childs pose.
Face down in the mat, I just wanted to sleep.  I heard that phrase probably another 6-10 times.
I thought "What would that one coach say to me right now..."
Dont let this be your exit.  Dont use this as excuse to fade or fail.  Get back up and keep working.

Thats all I tried to do from there on out.  Keep working, finish how you started, focusing on the breath.
Recognize those whispers.  They can be news and alerting or just distractions.  And sometimes we have to steer into the pain and face it so that we're able to recognize it and use it as a lesson.

There is no app to download.  No pill, no weekend retreat.  You have to to dig in and get the work done.  What you need is probably the thing you've been avoiding.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Someone asked "Can yoga help with that?" and I said yes.
Then a couple days later, another conversation came up and I said "you know, you should give a slow flow some opportunity..."
Then about a week later, another young guy asked "think yoga could help with that?" and I said yes.
Then I'm sitting my back yard, enjoying some fire and I start receiving a text...

You're a personal trainer, right?
So you tell people how they should exercise, what they should do and such?
          Along with a few other things, but yes
Ok, so when you're training someone, what is the ideal body image?
          It's all up to the client.  Whatever their goals are, thats what we work for and everyone is different.
Ok, what would you guide them against?  Like if someone wants to look like a certain person of a magazine that is all skinny and crap, do you help them get there?
          Against?  Want to make sure I'm reading your question correctly.  (in my head I'm thinking, so much for a relaxing fire)
Yes, like if they wanted to be unnaturally skinny, would you help them achieve that or would you guide them against the idea?
          Ok... I would work w them and slowly start introducing yoga and balanced nutrtiion plan, emphasis on balance and overall body health.  Introducing yoga and continuing would help them see a better plan.
And what if they dont believe in that?
          (I laughed to myself, she responded like yoga was a religion or faith to be believed in).  We chat... I work it in over time.  Yoga is more than a class.  Yoga theory is all around us and in my opinion, rooted in Buddhist philosophy.  Thats the stuff that is worked into talks and helps people find a way.


Its never really a non-topic.  After one of the above occasions, I followed up the conversation to be more direct.  I dont want them thinking I generically say "yoga," to everything they ask... but I do.  I explained why I say it in more detail.
Not to be judgy or an ass about it, but yoga in the US or at least the popular reach for it, has changed considerably.  It's been a long, long time since I found the class I was looking for.  A lot of yoga has turned into "workout yoga," which has its place and many benefits but the instructor is crucial.  I believe a yoga instructor must be grounded in Buddhist philosophy... (ironically, as I judge away.  But I dont need to be perfect. And thats the round and round we play).
When I followed up I explained that a focused yoga practice with an honest intention can take you to places you have not yet been.
(and they go "ho-ly shit, what is he talking about?)
When we were young, learning was all around us.  We were in school or experiencing new events and moments, learning valuable lessons every single day.  Lessons that helped, for better or worse, shape the character we portray during the week.
As our bodies grew older, age rises with birthdays and we transition into particular roles.  Roles that maybe we created.  Maybe your title is mom or boss or coach or accountant or landscaper, could be anything.  "you are a _____," and your identity is suddenly defined.
Ten internally we say "I'm supposed to be ______," and we can fill it in with any adjective.  Rich, smarter, skinnier, funnier, better looking, on and on.  And those adjectives are rooted in comparison.  We often compare ourselves to others or the story in our head of how its supposed to be.  As you probably know, I just turned 40 and 16 days later, my mother passed on from the effects of cancers, so you can imagine the little mind game thats been bouncing around.... especially if you actually know me.  By 40, I should've ______ by now.  make sense?   I think we all do it.
So then all these little head games alter our character.  The stress and anxiety, creates a troubled mindset and thoughts dont quite connect with clear vision.  As if static has been introduced to the picture.
And this is exactly what yoga can do.
Remove the static.  It removes that voice, that ego is what it really is, and replaces it with truth.  The youthful truth we lived inside of when we were 6.  Before anyone ever introduced what you're supposed to be.
Can yoga and meditation heal?  I believe so.  I am a very, very strong believer in the effects of the mind and what your mind can do to you physically and emotionally.  There are many studies that have shown the great benefits of meditation, and that's a large part of what yoga is, which is why the instructor is so crucial.  Harnessing the power of the mind can, like I said above, with an honest intention can take you to places you have not yet been, by uncovering whats always been covered.  Your true vision and voice.
And its hard, for many reasons, but worth it for one reason.
It's hard because in many ways, we're barely ahead of monkeys.  In many ways, we are still animals with wild minds and intense egos.  Its the flaw in humans.  We're not designed for perfection and this society, this world, is a playground that can be manipulated anyway the momentum likes.  Just look around.  Does culture look civilized?  Do we really appear advanced?  I think barely.  We have our primal urges and they control a good deal of how we think, feel and act.
But why its worth it.... to disconnect.  To unplug from the above.  What if your vision was washed and clean of comparisons?  What if you didnt think about your 401k or how much money you need to make this year?  What if you suddenly stopped caring about your abs or gap in your teeth.  What if the only thing thats important is right now and your interactions with other living beings and thats literally it.
There are many games in todays world and yoga can remove a great deal of the rules.
In yoga, you will start to hear yourself again and for the first time.  You will see the truth in our existence.
And dont misunderstand, we do have to operate here and now, so we cant go broke and move up on a mountain to meditate all day.  Health is important, but health all around.  Many people are only concerned with particular branches of their health.  Like financial health, social health, appearance health, while their minds, organs and souls are in constant battle, even if they rarely feel or hear it.  Thats the subconscious.  Thats the root of stress, pain and the uncomfortable feeling you cant seem to put your finger on.  You are out of balance.

What to do... buy a nice yoga mat and ignore the label on it.  Then buy a bottle of water and head into a yoga room for a class.  Dont look around the room, you're not prepared for that.  Why?  You'll judge your clothes, your body and wonder if you've made a mistake.  Just unroll your mat, take  sip of water and wait quietly for class to begin.  Just sit and breathe.  When class starts, dont judge yourself with "my _____ pose sucks," or "why cant i ____?"  Just be the version of you that happened to walk in today, and breathe.  Let your breath be the soundtrack, regardless of the pearl ja, er, I mean music thats playing.  Set an intention.  Something calming, a word to focus on, something your kindest coach would whisper in your ear during times of struggle.  "You're going to be fine... you got this... breathe, get a sip, lets get to it..."

Sunday, May 28, 2017

I Am The Highway (my feelings on Chris Cornell)

Given the last 6 weeks-6 months of my life, this was a strange and difficult one for me to write about.  On one hand, I didn't want to over-state the news or my feelings on it, but on the other, my mom would understand how much this meant to me.... so here we go.... hopefully.

It's also taken me around 5 days to write this...

I wake up and usually scroll the FB feed for news every morning, so when I saw the initial posts, I thought it was bs.  I actually hoped he just went into the hospital for something odd and some low end paper reported a death to get link clicks.  So I waited it out a couple hours, read all the links, and waited some more before knowing it was real.
Then in private, I cried pretty good.  I'll admit, I'm still not 100% sewn up from April, but, is what it is.

And its kinda weird, right?  We mourn celebrities and people we never met, but a part of us feels like we know them (man... I should not be writing this one in public).  But we feel it because we do know them.
And I'm just speaking for myself and my relationship w this music and my bands.

Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots... my workout music hasn't changed in nearly 25 years.  My driving music hasn't changed in 25 years.  My motivating music, my music of inspiration and hope, my chill music hasn't changed in 25 years.  People ask about my tattoos.. all but 2 are about this music.  You know, when you're young  and you hear the sounds and this honesty, for better or worse, with all their pain and depression and angst and even cockiness, it effects you.  It moves you.
So when Chris died, a little bit of hope died.

I remember reading his interview somewhere in the late 90s where he talked about always getting a top floor hotel room, just so he could lean on the window and imagine the fall.  So as we all got older and seeing his life and music, I'd think "he made it out... he's ok..."

I've read so many good blogs and articles lately, I'm finding it difficult to not plagiarize their work, but also think its that universal.  We're all feeling the same about it.

I hear people criticize depression like "Get your shit together," or "what do you have to be sad about?" or even just a simple "why are you depressed?"  I don't think those people who question or wonder ever really felt the power of it... the darkness and the weight.  The squeeze it can put on your energy.
Similar things can be said for suicide... ."Selfish," or "I just don't get it," or an "easy way out."  Those phrases... Same as above.  .  On one hand I guess its good that those people never had the thought or wonder.  On the other hand though.... I wonder about those people.  I wonder how much of themselves they've actually explored.

Depression is much more relevant than most people will ever admit or maybe fully realize.

Kinda done being hung up on this post... I cant figure out the words for myself.  Its just empty and sad and I hope anyone who has ideas like this or any level off depression, finds someone to talk to.

Check out the tunes below

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

To be applied...

I was having lunch w a friend recently and found some new information.  We haven't been seeing eye as of late and I see shes going through some phases, changes and evolving in a direction, one that I feel could land her into an over-complicated life with unnecessary stress and "drama."  We've discussed her situations many times, but those conversations ended in heated debates, usually with her walking away annoyed with me.
So at lunch on this day, it hit me.. stop reacting.  Stop engaging in the debate.  Just lead.
I thought to myself "I cannot continue to react to her story or past, this hasn't worked yet, because its been negative.   If I want to guide her into seeing a future, I need to show positive outcomes within a path."  It's like smacking a puppies butt after the p on the rug or punishing a player after they break a rule, those things dont do much to retrain the brain to think a certain way.  Its like saying "Its raining outside, so we'll just close the blinds and ignore the weather."
There is always a lesson and a way.
So I thought more on this at home... and its still a little fuzzy to put into words at the moment.   Partly because I'm usually concerned the writing will come off "ego," or someone may say "who the heck is this guy telling me how to think?"
To briefly generalize "who the heck is this guy," maybe this will help.   My mom passed away 29 days ago... instead of diving into a hole and letting everyone give me a pass and time away, I searched for the lesson and energy.  Within everything, there is always a lesson to learn and way to learn it, a way to adapt and evolve.  A way to turn anything into a positive.
I saw a recent Gary V video where he ranted about the loud negative and quiet optimist, and it really struck a chord with me.  I see it often and I've also caught myself nearly becoming trapped by it.  Social media can be a great assistance in that, becoming negative or skeptical.  But when the tears stopped, or slowed down, I asked myself "How can I begin to transform all I've learned, all those books, all those classed, all these experiences, all the pain and happiness, the yin and yang of life, how can I turn this into a tool?"  Rule #1; Be Useful

I began setting time and became more mindful of meditation.  Not with an intent to find a zone, but just to quiet the storm.  Just to turn the volume down on life.  I strongly feel this tool is needed now more than ever, for everyone.  So when this became consistent and with much practice, a vision of sorts continued to arrive for me.  One of non-judgement, compassion, empathy and understanding.

So in getting back to my lunch friend, my attention was longer to treat her as she was, but to approach her as she is.  A human, trying to balance and figure life out on a crazy, rocky, unpredictable path.  When you write out what life means to you, it might take an entire page or one sentence.  You might and draw a dark picture with small amounts of light or the opposite, sunshine and flowers with some darkness.  And it's all perspective.  It's your reality.  What is scary to me, isn't scary to you.  Whats fun to me, might not be fun for you.  Our realities are different.  So we cannot judge or treat each other as we see them.  We may influence or attempt to highlight our vision, but at the end of the day, our minds are our minds.
All we can do is lead with who we are.  I think thats an extremely powerful statement, to lead with who you are.
Now the trick is this... who are you?

When we meet, do I leave you with optimism and hope?  Do I leave you challenged for self improvement and awareness?  Do I leave you happier than when we met?  Thats just myself, how I approach and engage life.  You may never see me walk in a bring a room down, very very very rarely do I walk in and someone asks "whats wrong?"  And again, if you read this with judgment.... read it again, but after a walk of clear thoughts.  Dont read this after sitting in traffic for 45 minutes or after a fight w a friend, because look at what that does... everything is "F you," after that, right?  Perspective and reality, but only for that moment.

Take a moment and understand how reactionary we all can be.  We often react to a certain situation or react to momentum of a person, place or thing vs acting and leading.  So in thinking that, understand that your current surrounding, your tribe, your workplace, your home, could be reacting off of you.  If you accept that, understand you have control of the landscape you present.   And whether happiness or sorrow, stress or clear, it could be your energy/vibe/actions that push the needle in a positive or negative direction.
Very similar to finny meme or quote you'll from time to time that reads "If you think everyone around you is an asshole... maybe its not them."  Maybe its your vision.  I recently spoke about levels in terms of "leveling up," like a video game in referencing life experience and evolving as a student of life.  If you imagine a ladder, you can take one step up.  How much did your view change?  Now take another step... not that different from the first but fairly higher than the original place.  Now climb to the top of the ladder... how far can you see?  How different do things look?  You're still you.  You're still in place x.  But the view, your vision is different.

When you begin to settle the monkey brain down and relax into who you really are, things unfold.  But that leads us back to the trick question and riddle of finding out the most important answer and acknowledgment.  Who are you?  And can you accept it?

I will continue this thought in the next blog.

And then another wonderful song that you should listen to.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Things to know when working w me (real estate blog, actual information for buyers)

Idk how your experience(s) have gone but I've been a client twice on the purchasing side of real estate.  
Both I'd rate below expectations or disappointed, but I only have that perspective because of this information I now have, being in the business.  At the time, I felt pleased with the process.  
Keep in mind, nothing in this post is about another agent, but I do have my opinions and processes that I use for myself and in dealing w you, because of those experiences.  

Lets begin... 
Say you're starting to get the itch.  Spring is here, maybe you scanned through Zillow or something just for fun, and you're getting interested.  
First question you need answered is "What can I afford?"  So you want to come up with your own personal budget for yourself and/or your family.  (Notice I didn't say "find out what you're approved for," big difference, more on that in a sec).  In your budget, some of the obvious - income, credit card or school debt, consistent bills, school loans, and maybe some projections involving your cell phone, gas, electrical, etc.  At this point, given that you haven't actually purchased a home, some of these are ball park figures, but it will help you narrow down where you currently rest from a financial stand point.
*Along w these ball park figures and projections, take into consideration your "fun money," family growth, vacations, etc.  This is a conversation we'll have, not too sure how many agents will, because we may be talking about finding a house that costs less.  If you're budget is set at a certain point for a particular house, but you're only left w $200-$300 left at the end of the month, that doesn't sound very secure.  By secure I mean car trouble, health issues, plus vacations, random getaways you'll need.  What if you want to go back and take some classes in 18 months, you'll need money.  Now, this isnt for me to judge, but things get emotional and exciting and you're going to want to pull the trigger on that "dream house."  But the last thing I actually want is for you to make that decision then regret it 12 months down the road because of finances.  I want this decision to be well thought out and have your family in mind.  
So when setting your budget, be smart and think down the road a little.  

So your budget is set, now you need to know what the bank says or whatever union is supplying your loan.  They'll require financial docs per their standards and basically looking at your payment history and debt to income status.  Then they'll say "approved for $170,000."
But what if your budget parked you around the $135,000 range based on the fact that you want/need your mortgage payment around $900-$950 per month?
My advice, stay in the 135 range.  Don't get caught up in saying "eh, whats another $50?"  Because you'll say it 3 times and that extra $50 turns into an extra $150 really quick.  Just because the bank says you can buy in that zone doesn't mean you should (yes, the bank would love to hand out a large loan).  Again, go back to your budget.  Let the budget be your backbone in this, not the bank, a pre-approval letter or your emotions.  I've seen many people get very excited w their search engine and continued to add $5,000 here and there and finally finished their search $25,000 higher than they actually wanted because they "fell in love," w a house.  It happens.  But work to not let it.  Make the decision w logic and think about your life.  

So now you're approved!!! Time to actually tour around and see what's what!

You call or email me something to the effect of "searching Zillow, saw a sweet 3 bedroom in _________.  Can we check it out?" Absolutely, let's roll!  
We walk in, I hang back.  

I will never "sell," you on a house. Ever.  My job during this portion of the process is to host the tours, supply significant information pertaining to the house and other relevant homes in the area (relevant means similar acreage/bed/bath/square footage,/school district/etc).  If there's something better in the area, I'll say "you can get more for your money," if you're on the fence.   Speed is important when buying, but not desperation (unless there's a situation where you need to buy NOW). 
If it's priced accurately or comparative to others in your area, I'll say it.  I will always give you the actual information and trends, not my personal preference.  
**Something to know (more for young families), I've been a football coach throughout North East Ohio for a few years now, 13.  So I have a pretty strong handle on school systems and movement/trends in levies.

Staying with tours and theres two sides to this and we'll explore as we move.  On one hand I want you to see a lot of homes.   I want you to actually explore your likes and dislikes.  Seeing pics on a website is one thing, but actually walking through a home is completely different.  Pics can be deceiving in both directions.  I've seen homes w a poor gallery online but looked really nice inside and vice versa.  So we want to get in there and actually see different lay-outs.  
Other side is speed and this is touchy.  You dont want to feel rushed and you want to think and process information, but so are 15 other buyers who have toured the same home you're looking at.  And they also know time is essential.  So while you're sleeping on it, they pulled the trigger and now you're in a multi-bid situation or already lost it.  
When you see it, execute.  Especially right now (May 2017), houses are flying right now. Great time to sell and buy.  
"Yeah yeah, you're writing that because its your job."
If thats your thought, I'll show you my screen.  Many, many houses have been sold with 14 days this season, that's fast.  Especially with Howard Hanna.  The largest mountain with the biggest net.  When you list a home w me, you will have maximum exposure.  When you purchase through me, everything is in house and communication flies to minimize any hiccups in connecting banks w loan operators w agents and so on.  There are many moving pieces in the process, so quick communication is essential.  

Once your offer is in and accepted, there will be inspections and some hoops to jump through (mostly signatures and alterations) but stay patient.  Everyone involved wants to see it happen, no one is against you, its just a matter of crossing T's, dotting I's and the banks processing the proper paperwork.

Like everything in life, have a plan and execute.  From your budget to your search, home prep to the open house to the sale.  
Contact whenever you like to go over your options, get some general info, get a handle of the market in your area, check out some homes in the areas or meet with our finance officer to see exactly where you stand.   


Thursday, May 4, 2017


I've touched on this a few times, one of those things that's lingered around my head a bit.  The Power Program.  I think a part of me felt that it was the entire goal, my goal, wrapped into one month.  And it had it all.  My process, my mission, and then their successes.  Every part of it clicked.
The mission of the program was to turn a mirror around on people, let them say hi, and then alter their vision.  I knew how to teach this, because I did it to myself.  I looked in the mirror and saw damage and pain and regret and unhappiness, but still had goals and optimism and hope.  So the program was designed to hit goals, yes, but most importantly it was designed to help you seek and find your inner power and then in that power, your peace.  To say "Its OK, here I am, lets do this," to whatever it might be.   To walk out of the program and know, with absolute confidence that whatever obstacle is thrown out there, you can handle it.  Not only handle it but even be honest enough in your own awareness that you might be an underdog.  This obstacle is a monster, the odds are long.... but its all good, lets do this.

I think I've accidentally taught that program more than I actually know.

I was in a coffee shop recently and ran into a friend from the gym.  A guy I always enjoy chatting with, he sparks thoughts and interesting topics.  I think he has a real entrepreneur spirit and a passion for self improvement, a common thread we share.  I don't remember exactly how we worked down the path but we got into life coaching and leadership situations, public speaking and such.  People have said some of these things to me before, but I blow it off, "Who?  ME?"

A few days prior to the coffee shop, I was killing time outside a building and someone who reads the blog approached and asked "Do you have plans to write a book?"  This is another question I blow off.  I delayed an answer and just said maybe.  "What would you write about it?" he asked and I immediately answered "Competitive leadership, to teach people to inspire people."  Its something I've thought about many times, with many rough drafts started.  Tough task and not for everyone.  Not to change directions of where I'm headed with the blog, but we've all been in situations where the one missing piece was the person to inspire... think about it.

So I posted something one day on an Instagram account, something to inspire,  A good friend of mine commented "#POWERFUL," and like a wave of ideas and energy, it hit me.  Nothing wild, something subtle.  But I thought what can I possibly do to inspire.  What can I do to help without being in your house, pumping you up while you're getting read for work? Or on your phone, or on your screen or in your gym?
I had an idea and shared it w someone.

I said  - Its kinda abstract... I think it'll be a consistent work to be molded and used.  To keep it simple, just T-Shirts.  But a few people approached me recently about my blog and coaching and life stuff and it got me thinking about a lot. About how to be more useful and helpful.  To inspire.  To inspire entrepreneurs to never give up, writers to start, teachers to keep learning, coaches to coach better, kids in school, parents to get off their asses, people to be better, nicer, more mindful.  I want you to put the shirt on and it makes you want to achieve the goal.  Or a project or yourself or call someone.
Whatever thought pops in your head, i want you to put on this #POWERFUL t or tank and you look in the mirror and its just "Lets do this."
By now, you know I don't care about sales or money or any this weird shit (I wrote all that yet refer to money as "weird shit."  It is), so this is not me trying to have the new cool local T.
This is the T I want to see when you're breaking your bench or squat record.
This is the tank I want to see while sweat is dripping off your brow in a Warrior 2, 40 minutes into a Vinyasa class.
This is the T I want to see you post a pic off after running 10 hill sprints.
I want to see a T under your shirt and tie, and rip it open like Superman after crushing the job interview.
I want to see this tank while you're putting in extra hours at the library, studying for that final.
... then I want to see this tank while you're just hanging with your family at a local fair, because that's power too.  Power to be a leader of a family, a positive contributor to society, a role model, the rock of whats most important to you.
You can exhaust yourself in whatever it is you do, in whatever way you can, its all relative.  But at the end of the day, you need to look in the mirror and know you gave it your best effort and that you'll be back to do it again in the morning.  Thats powerful.

You guys buy these shirts and tanks, i'll make $3 off them, 100% honest, I'll share the paperwork.  That basically covers my gas to go pick them up when you order one, about a 25 minute drive.  I want you to buy one because I want to see the tribe form.  I want to see a society, this society, our culture right here, of POWERFUL individuals making positive changes, everywhere they can.  You're not just a leader when the lights are on and everyones looking at you.  You're a leader 24/7/365 and you are needed.
So if you buy one, hit it on instagram and hashtag #powerfulbluechip and tag me so I can see them in action.  Put it on your facebook and tag me so I can see it.  Just for some fun.

The plan with future T's and tanks is to inspire.  Every month will be a new design, prices may fluctuate given graphics, but I will never up charge.
See below, all colors available per your request.  Sizes range from JS-XXXL.
Ladies Racerback
Ladies V-Neck (Not pictured)
Mens T
Mens 3/4 Sleeve
Purchase via: and in the notes section of check out, type your size and color.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sometimes You Don't Know What You Don't Know

(an actual fitness entry - read along, it'll all tie together)

I have a client who received a complimentary fitness assessment at her apartment complex with a new personal training company.  You might be surprised but I encourage all clients to check other things (gyms, classes, trainers) out, you'll see why below.   When you receive these assessments, really strong chance its a combination of an actual assessment and a sales pitch.
Which is exactly what happened and that's fine.  That's the business.
Problem is, its hard to decipher the bullshit these salesman "pitch," vs actual advice thats sound for your body and overall health.
Example:  You might be a runner or lifter or anything, doesn't matter.  And when you have the assessment, they might say "ouch, thats not the best for you," or maybe you enjoy blowing off steam in the gym, walking for an hour so and a sales trainer would say "whoah, way too long!"
Their goal is to build trust.  They say these things and because you don't study the science, its not your job, you trust what the "pro," is saying.
So the fact that they say what you should or should not doing, very gray area.  As long as its safe, nothing is off the table.
Are some things more effective than others?  Probably, but it still comes own to body type, genetics, limb length, and actual pleasure.  Some people HATE weights, some HATE running or yoga or whatever, fine, dont do it.  Do what you enjoy, but understand some science behind it.


I have a client who recently re-signed to train with me after a couple years of pure barre.  When she stopped training with me to take up barre, I didnt say a thing other than "good luck," and "let me know if you need anything."
She had to have the experience and learn and grow.  There was something in her, pulling to that style, so have at it.  If I stopped her or persuaded her, sent doubt down her path, I'd be a poor human.  Now she's back, w more experience, more body awareness and knowing that it didn't work 100% for her for the length she was involved.  It was a sound decision and served a purpose.
We learn.
I've had numerous clients head off to try different things from yoga to crossfit or even a break.  My response is always the same.  "Good luck, let me know if you need anything."  I may have seen a certain potential in them, but that might have been my goal, not theirs.  Remember, YOU are the client.  


I give tours and free assessments... know how many people I call to follow up or attempt to sell?
If you want it, you'll say something.  As long as you're safe, I'll never trick you into a false confidence that what I say is any better than anyone else (but dont be confused, I'm very confident in the things that come out of my mouth.  If I wasn't, I wouldn't say it).


People ask about nutrition and advice of eating this, avoiding that, protein shake here, high fat there, on and on.  Very confusing again for those who dont study it.  And believe me, if this wasn't my profession, I may not read it either.  But you can google paleo, keto, high fat, high protein, low carb, moderation or find percentages to eat this at that hour or whatever.
Then the sales trainer says "you should be eating this."
Same as above.
Truth is, he's guessing.  Maybe a sound guess, but still a guess.
This is not a comparison or a me-me-me post, BUT when I meet with someone, first thing we do is talk about a food log.  What do you eat, when you eat it, how much of it.  Then we tweak and I always say "Lets do this for 3-4 weeks and see how you feel, how things progress."  Every single time.
Again, why?  That sales trainer just said "Paleo is how we're supposed to eat."
Supposed to eat, meaning 100's of years ago.  Through evolution and adaption, our systems have changed.  My weight is different than your weight, I metabolize carbs different than you do, I burn fat different than you do, I build muscle different than you do, right?  We can go on and on.  So why would it be a fact that there is a one nutrition plan or guideline to think "this is it!"  Some people need more carbs than others.  Some people need more protein.  And thats not even mentioning actual goals or a natural body weight/composition.


Here's the point and ironically, the overall concept of Blue Chip... you have to try it all or you'll never know.  My daughter will say "eh, I dont like _____ (food)," and she's never tried it.  Same as yoga or pushing weights.  Have you tried it?  have you tried it with me?  Do you understand it?
Its about balance, moderation, experiencing, trial and error.
Many different ways to get fit and it involves many systems working together.


And it really isnt all about the mirror or jeans.  Its about your heart, your lungs, your tendons, joint strength, stress relief, confidence, vision, balance, release.  Its about walking out better than the way you were when you waled in.
Everyone knows, I coach and work w a good deal of young guys.  I have them write goals and we review and talk and I work this exerciser all over.  The point of the goals isnt actually achieving x goal(s).  It's about becoming the person you'll need to become to achieve the goal.
Think that through and read this out loud.

Its not about achieving the goal.  Its about becoming the person you need to become to actually achieve the goal.

So when you come in the weight room or yoga room for our session, you're not going to leave the same.  You will walk out a stronger more #powerful human than you were just 30-60 minutes ago.  It's not bullshit, it's not sales.  

This Is Blue Chip