Thursday, June 30, 2011

Barbell Back Squat

Start with the feet parallel, slightly wider than your hips and toes pointed slightly outward.  Position the bar across your upper back and posterior shoulders.  Set the back by sticking the chest and butt slightly out.  Bending at the hips and knees so that your butt moves backward, lower the hips until the thigh is parallel to the floor (as if reaching for a chair), pause, and return to the standing position.  Keep the head and chest up, knees over the feet (but behind the plane of your toes), and drive the hips forward and up when returning to starting position.
Remember:  It starts with feet.  Head up, chest wide, drop your hips,  reach for a chair and drive through the heels!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's been awhile...

I havent added anything on here in nearly a month and usually thats a bad thing.  I have a habit of staying away when I'm stressed or too intense about certain things because sometimes I need to be carefeul what I write.  But thats not quite the case this week.  I've had a few on the tip of my tongue but by the time I got around to sitting here and putting it together, the thoughts change a bit or I feel I need to think about it longer.

Here it is:  Adding yoga has been the absolute best thing to happen to BootCamps this year... or ever actually.  Like I said in past blogs and posts, I had a strong feeling that the things I had planned (some of which still havent come out) would take this years training to a new level and it has 110%. 

We're nearly 2 months in and havent duplicated a workout yet, just brought out the TRX type equipment, new equipment/toys are being built within the next week or two, we'll be moving into some new training locations soon and like I said... the yoga has been the highlight of the week and year.  30 minutes or so of some light/moderate cardio followed by yoga.... sounds so simple and it is.... and its perfect.
And thats where Ive been hung up on what to write.  Ive posted probably 20 times about the benefits of yoga and how its helped me in so many ways.  The class we had at Squires 2 weeks ago left me speechless... I was exhausted in everyway. This, in no way was just some "hey show up in the park and run through some yoga moves."  That session was one of the most memorable yoga experiences I've ever had.  Ever.  And the next week was right there but in a totally different way which made it even cooler.  The locations are cool, the set-up is cool, Jen is cool, she's willing to pause the class to teach and improve form which is so so so perfect, all the participants are willing and trusting and they are seeing very early the benefits of everything thats happening.  Again, I love yoga, I love the workouts... I'm in awe. (Plus its one session I actually get to participate in, so thats another reason its great.) 

I've had workouts where I left it thinking "eh... we missed that," or "that shouldve been better, couldve done this instead."  This year, its been "oh crap, how can we top that next time?"  Every workout seems to be different and better in a new way.

I'm very proud of how these are turning out AND everyone thats showing up!  Amazing work everytime.
Tomorrow we'll be back at Squires at 6pm for more suspension (TRX style) training and possibly some cardio.  $10 for drop-ins, the July pass is $65 for 13 workouts which include Saturday Boga.

Also Jenn will running her own Yoga sessions on Sunday mornings from 9-10am.  Drop ins are also $10 and there is also a monthly package you can purchase for a discounted rate.  For more information on the yoga sessions, email   

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Evolution Baby

"I need to lose 10lbs."
"I need to improve my patience."
"I need to focus more at work."
"I need to gain some energy."
"I need to lose 50lbs!"
"I need to wake up earlier to run."
"I need to eat better."
"I need to see a doctor."
"I need to take care of myself."
"I need to save some money."
"I need to get stronger."
"I need to BE STRONGER."
"I need to clear my head...."
"I need a new job."
"I need some stress relief."
"I need to improve my relationship."
"I need some YOGA!"
"I need to communicate more effectively."
"I need to go back to school."
"I need to see my mom more..."
"I need to workout more."
"I need to do my physical therapy."
"I need to talk more often."
"I need to run..."
"I need to cut some bad habits."
"I need to not be so sloppy."
"I need to know when to chill."
"I need to wash away the anxiety..."

All these thoughts can build up on us.... breathe.

A few of those listed are mine, some are things I've heard, some are general that you may have thought or said.  There's probably something you whispered to yourself while reading.  Sometimes we want to just put our foot down and say "THAT'S IT!  It's all changing now!"  ... and maybe thats worked for you, maybe it hasnt.  I've definitely thought it. 

You have to be ready for it.  Ready to change... alter... and naturally evolve.  Slamming your foot down and demanding a change?  Maybe in certain situations or certain times... maybe one moment...  but I've most "success," with patience... awareness.. and a clear mind. 

It's kind of like riding a motorcycle.  You cant just jerk the wheel left when you want to take a left, you have to slow down a touch and leeeaaaan in real nice and smooth.  Try to take the turn too fast, and it greatly increases your risk of injury.. or worse.

The things we want... or the things we want to improve, to improve the quality of our lives... take time.  You can't find it in a pill... or a fad... or a fashion... you cant buy it... you cant just imagine it and POOF... you cant tattoo it and you cant wash it away.

Take it slow... have a plan... maybe that plan is a book, a class, a BootCamp! some "you time..." a movie... a vacation... a change of scenery... a financial advisor... a school advisor...
"I need a plan."
Take your time...  and breathe it out.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When to Start

"This is my last pack, I'm going to quit after this!"
Why wait?  Do it now! If you really wanted to, if you really, really want to quit smoking, you would make that last cigarette, your last cigarette.  I've never been a  smoker or had any addiction so I cant speak from experience about this, but still, you know you need to quit.  You know it's expensive, you know it's terrible for your health, right?  Same goes with drinking or at least drinking too often.  You have to know that alcohol only hurts in so many ways.  Brain function, safety, and calories just to name 3 quick ones.  If you're doing something that's hurting your health, stop.  Make today that day, not tomorrow.

"I want to lose 30lbs, but I dont have time to run."
If you want to drop some weight, don't procrastinate.  Set a schedule and work it into your day just like you would a trip to the grocery store or cutting the lawn.  You don't put those off, do you?  The longer you sit around and make excuses for not starting the program, the easier it is to forget about and never get around to.  (Even right now, I'm typing as fast as I can because I'm supposed to be out on my bike in 6 minutes:)  Right now, go put on your shoes, grab your music and go get 2 miles in before the day is over.  Win the day!

"I really want to go to Cedar Point this year, but I dont think I'll have the time."
I just had a conversation like this.  I think she told me she worked 9 straight days and has had a mini streak of bad luck/tragedy in the past month.  Fridge is running low, a full schedule ahead of her, laundry isnt done, and grass needs cut.  SCHEDULE THE FREE TIME!  If you are constantly on the go, and setting your calendar two weeks in advance, always helping friends and family, working as many hours as possible, theres a chance your going to wear yourself down and get depressed.  Before that happens, take a break and breathe.  Take a half day and go to a movie.  I come home and my instincts are to clean up or continue work... I have to train myself to just let it go every now and then and chill.  If you havent been to Cedar Poin in 14 years, GO!  Schedule it, and do it.

The hardest part about most things is getting them started.  A diet, a workout, a hobby, a project around the house, etc.  There are always hurdles early on that can set us back or slow us down and make us want to put it off, make excuses or worst of all, quit.  But once we get going and get over those little speed bumps and finish what we start, the journey and the reward are well worth the effort.  Get started on that path today.
Good luck,

Friday, June 10, 2011

BootCamps 2011

I'm flirting with idea of changing the name... I never really loved the name "bootcamps," because they aren't really a true, 6am, West Coast Fitness style/military style bootcamp with camo and some yelling and push-ups til you puke type workouts.  But I did know, people would think of it as a group workout, so I went with it.  Now that I have a little momentum, I'm leaning towards changing the name towards what I always wanted it be... Training Camp, because thats actually what it is.

I wrote a while back, (a long while back) about bodies and who has the best bodies in the world.  I referenced LeBron James, Terrell Owens, Gabrielle Reece, and FloJo... look at their bodies... how do they train?  Think LeBron has "ARM DAY?"  Maybe... but probably only if he's bored and its workout #3 of the day.  Other than that, I'd bet LeBron trains alot of full body workouts with a heavy dose of multi-joint movements, agility work, hip & joint stabilization, yoga, and cardio... explosive cardio.   I remember when I was maybe 18 years old or so and I googled Michael Jordans workout.  It was 30 seconds of: bench; row; squat; shoulder press; lat pull; lunge; crunch... something along those lines.  But just 30 seconds, pop up and move on.  Kinda sounds like "Curves," no? 

Anyways, my point is... we train like athletes.  The goal is to improve our cardio and our running. 
How do we improve our running?  So many of the full body workouts we'll do this year, like we've done in the past, will be loaded with upper body and lower body movements that are needed when we run.  Exercises to improve core & hip strength, ankle stability, and balanced upper body strength.  Drills and exercises to improve our deep stabilizing muscles to help us reach new levels of full body endurance. 
I want you to be to the point where going out and running 5 miles is very easy.  Thats not impossible.  I dont care who you are.  I want you to be at a fitness level where 5 miles is "just a decent run," you know what I mean?  You say "i want to be able to do 10 push-ups," great... going from 2 push-ups to 10 is amazing... and now we're going for 20.  There is no peak... there is no max... there is no plateau... we're going for more.
This year, we'll be using some different locations.  Adding some high school stadiums alone will add to the training, and probably not in the way you might be imagining.  You might be thinking bleachers, the track, the field... ok, so we might be on the same page :)  but theres always going to be a twist, and you will never, ever feel like you wasted your time or money... guaranteed. 

Which reminds me, I also want to add a "GUARANTEE," to this years boot.  If one person signs up for all 4 months, follows the diet plan that is included in the cost, attends 90% of the sessions and does not achieve his/her goals (within reason: coming in saying 500 push-ups in 1 minute will work), I will buy them a gym membership for 1 year and train him/her 2x per month for that year (around a $1500 value).  

The paid in advance cost will be around $5-$6 per workout, total will change because one month may have more workouts than others.  $10 for drop-ins.  "Family Deal," the first family member is full price, if a family member joins on, that member saves 50%.

This years boot will include full body workouts (upper, lower, core, flexibility) speed & agility, and some yoga.  We will start slow in May to prepare for June and we'll climb to greater heights every single month.  If you're a beginner, no need to be worried, everyone was once a beginner.  Everything we do, from the basic to advanced movements has a modified version.  Some people come in with a shoulder injury and may have trouble with push-ups... thats fine, crunch.  Someone may have trouble jogging 1 mile... fine, take your time and get it done.  Before its all over, that mile will be a peice of cake... and if you cant jog that mile, you get a 1 year membership and 24 personal training sessions... no joke. 

The "boots," a.k.a. training camp is the highlight of my year and I look soooooo fwd to them... this year is going to blow every other year right out of the water.  I'm already writing up the workouts, scheduling locations through August and preparing some guest assistant trainers... this will be a training experience you won't forget.  Gauranteed.

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