Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just do it

I overheard a conversation last week where a small group of people were talking about a friend.  I heard them say "What is she so upset about? She has a great job, she has plenty of money, she has a sweet car and a hot boyfriend!"

At some point in the day, I came across this pic and posted to the Power Room page.  Very fitting.
Why do people think "happiness," is wrapped up in owning things or obtaining a level of success or a car or a purse or a tan or a job or clothes or your bank account?

We're all in a search for happiness.  We think "hhhmmm maybe if this happens, I'll be happy!  It'll be the last thing I need and then BAM, it'll happen!  I'll be happy!"  Maybe I need a new job, then I'll be happy.  Maybe I need a new television?  That might make me happier!  Maybe I need to go out and drink!  That will make me really happy!

When its over and our money is gone and we have a headache and a bunch of crap and hating the new job.... we're still wondering where happiness is hiding.
Reminds of that John Mayer song "Somethings Missing." Actually... it really reminds of that song.  Its about being unhappy and you cant figure out why so you shop and try to find something, anything that could fill that void and make you happy. 

And like my references to training and everything else, I'm on the path too.  I haven't figured it all out yet, any of it really, I'm just writing away, having conversations, getting engaged in some conversations to ease the road, doing different things, diving into myself a little, trying to figure some things out, you know?  So don't think I write these like I'm pounding my chest and while selling you my "Blue Chips 10 Steps to Eternal Happiness Guide..." because that book isn't coming out any time soon... maybe one day :)


This past weeks Yoga BootCamp homework was to, is to, setting a goal to go out and find people to help.  To find someone who needs "picked up."  To find someone who needs a friendly conversation or a favor or anything and to do it with no intention of receiving anything in return.  Just do.  If you see someone upset, pick them up.  If you see someone who needs help, just help.  Don't ask, just do.  

In the beginning, I was a little concerned that people might think I was coming off preachy and find it all annoying... then I thought "why would they?" and really haven't given it much thought since.  Why not have a quick convo about helping people?  We talk about goals, we talk about work, we talk about what we buy, we talk about everything, so why not this?  

I referenced "Waiting On the World to Change," a few blogs ago... We cant wait on it.  We cant sit around, watching the things we see on the news and letting it bring us down, wondering when things will change.  If we want change, we have to change.  I know that sounds crazy... we think "How is my behavior going to help anything of any significance?"  First off, how do you define whats significant to you?  For me, i have the opportunity to train over 350 high school and junior high kids every year, over 100 sessions, plus all the adult classes plus all the 1 on 1's plus all this Facebook and twitter nonsense... that's nice size audience.  If I can motivate 10% of that audience into being a little more mindful with their decisions, that's significant.  Just knowing one person attempted what we talk about on Monday nights, that's significant. People think what they do doesn't matter, they're wrong.  If you think what you do, doesn't matter... you're wrong.  Someones watching you.  Someone looks up to you.  You are someones leader and inspiration   So lead, inspire.  Why not?  

Sitting back and watching the news, complaining, crying, bitching... its a complete waste of time. 
We cant change the entire world.  But we can change our world.  You can change your world.  Its like everything else, you just have to go do it.  

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