Thursday, April 18, 2013

Money & Status

There are things in life we learn to accept. Unfortunately, one of those things is the fact that a lot of people are only driven by money and status and that's something I need to be better at accepting.  I need to find a perspective that allows me to recognize, accept and let it go.  Right now, I'm not there. 

I understand, we have bills to pay. We have rent or a mortgage, probably a car payment and some other random bills, so I get it. We need "jobs," that pay those bills. We also need a "job," to support the life we dream of living. We want to go on vacations and see the world. We want a certain style home and car. I have my own opinion on "supporting the life," but that'll be for another entry. I'm just saying, I understand the need to make a certain amount of money.

But when is enough, enough? 
When do our decisions and habits change because we've grown so money hungry that we lost sight as to why we do what we do?

No sense in beating around the bush here, clearly my easy reference point is the fitness (gyms, trainers, ALL studios, instructors, etc) industry and I've never been shy to blast those who have changed their approach to their business based on their need to increase their own personal funds.  (Last time I touched this topic I received a couple angwy wittle phone calls and a visitor ✌)
It's a personal business.  People say business isn't personal... Bullshit.   People come into gyms, fitness centers, and studios often looking for something they don't have, or don't think they have.  They shouldn't be jerked around and taken advantage of financially or emotionally by companies (or trainers/instructors) looking to do nothing but increase their bank account. 

If I make $1,000,000 dollars doing this, I did something wrong. If that sounds really backwards to you... That's ok.

If your prices increased to accommodate your personal plans and support and lavish lifestyle, you're not someone I want to work with.  I know that reads/sounds crazy.  

As for status and recognition and ego... If you do what you do, whatever the field it is, to see your name on some screen, you probably need to talk to someone who can help guide you to figuring out those issues. Think about it. Trust me, I have my own issues but it's just the opposite (i don't want my name out there, I want the logo there) and I'm sure a shrink or someone could analyze it and that's fine.

Do you love people and service?
Or do you love money and ego?

I know this entry had a little "bite," to it but like I said in the top, I'm searching for an answer.  I see people in this industry making "money moves," and not necessarily doing what's best for the people they serve and I struggle keeping quiet about it.  

I get it, we're all who we are and creating our own path.  But finding more people for this tribe would be comforting.  

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