Saturday, June 23, 2018

Thank you...

Where to begin?  I don't usually post anything political for a few reasons. Top 2 being 1) I dont really give a shit and 2) It's a waste of time.
The story going on involving the southern border has interested me.  Not because of the politics involved directly, but the reactions I've heard through the grapevine.  Seems many people post on sical media random memes or pics about what Obama did or some other nonsense, none of which I see because I've blocked or de-friended most close-minded, racist, homophobe, control freak, ignorant, conservatives... no offense.

On Wednesday or Thursday I posted something this:
Wanted to offer a thought I had after hearing how many people are posting about the border issue and children being separated. 
Regardless of politics or law, I hope people take a few moments from time to time and see these issues as they are or what they completely involve.
Pretty good chance if you’re reading this, you already won a type of “lottery,” being born in this country. And because of that we assume the system and concepts around it, that we inherited, are right and true (not saying they’re not, just laying a foundation).
But now flip it around... let’s say you didn’t “win the lottery.” Draw any picture you’d like that would motivate you to attempt breaking a known law to help better your family.
That’s all.
This isn’t a political post, it’s a human post. Any one of us could have been born anywhere else with those exact same circumstances. We can’t say “if I was him/her/them/whatever, then I’d do _________,” because you wouldn’t be... you’d still be that same person in those circumstances because you’d only know that life. You wouldn’t have the convenience of this perspective you now have.
But now flip it around... let’s say you didn’t “win the lottery.” Draw any picture you’d like that would motivate you to attempt breaking a known law to help better your family. That’s all. This isn’t a political post, it’s a human post. Any one of us could have been born anywhere else with those exact same circumstances. We can’t say “if I was him/her/them/whatever, then I’d do _________,” because you wouldn’t be... you’d still be that same person in those circumstances because you’d only know that life. You wouldn’t have the convenience of this perspective you now have.

Really hope I wrote this accurately...a little trick to put it into written word.

With this pic:

This is how I feel.

So when I'm in a conversation and people tell me about so and so and person x posting about this in a Pro-Trump manner, I think 2 things.  1) wtf does trump have to do with this and 2) Thank you.  Thank you for letting us all know what a dumb shit you really are.  Thank you for peeling back the fake mask you wear wherever you go and letting us all know you are completely incapable of an actual original thought or human emotion.

And I completely understand that for the sake of debate, there are many layers to this, but this really isnt a debate.  If you actually have to debate right vs wrong.. Thank you.  Thank you for letting me know in advance that you can never come to my house.  Because I cannot have dumb people that have to debate basic human rights and right vs wrong near my kids, near my wife, near my dogs, near my fish, near my vibe, near my anything, or exhaling your negative bullshit energy into my air.  It's a very honest thank you.  I'm sorry if "dumb," seems too harsh but it is 2018, so... ignorance at this point is a choice and if you choose ignorance, it is what it is.

Thank you letting us know you have no empathy... despite the religion you preach.  How ironic is that?
Thank you for letting us know you have no sympathy.  If desperate strangers in need of help can't count on you, someone supposedly raised "better," and "with more," and "higher education," on and on, no one can actually count you for anything worth a shit because you have failed.  

When they post some nonsense about "Well Obama did it too..." huh?  Ok?  I guess I'm sorry I didnt see it in the news when it happened.. whats the point?? We know now and see now.  That's the same dumbass logic like "Well this is what we've always done so...." so continue losing?  Continue being an ignorant piece of shit?  
Orrrrr could we possibly learn from mistakes?  
Noooo that would be as insane as debating an amendment that was written 200+ years ago back when it took 90 seconds to reload one bullet (whoops).  

But it's all good... I'm on my wave, you ride yours.  I love my tribe and the people near me with that good energy, with the love and optimism, empathy and kindness, you go be you.  You sit there and I'll sit here and I'm good with it.  And when you need something, I'll still be here because I'm not you.  I think my mom everyday for the kindness she helped install into my heart so I recognize via instinct and ask "whats the best thing?"  Not right vs wrong, but what is best?  Like that pic above, I practice patience (as hard as it gets) and love and care for people because I understand the root of empathy (cant say that word enough).  I understand and accept that this life is so short and anything could have happened to anyone of us.
 I could've been born in Mexico and that easily could've been me and my kids trying to cross an imaginary man made line in the dirt separating human from human... and you could be a person that practices love and compassion and find a way to offer help.... you could now, but you choose not to. 

So thank you for showing us who you are.  I hope you find a way to change, for the sake of all of our kids.  I couldn't mean this any more sincere. 
Our culture, our society has to change.  We have to improve.  We have to grow and be better.  

So when you say"Thank you, for coming off like a liberal hippy big mouth," I'll smile and say "You're welcome,"

Sunday, June 3, 2018

No Code

This is written only though the perspective of my life, my experiences and my truth... which can change at any moment.
Someone may and probably will, strongly disagree with some of this and that would be fine.  Because their vision, their expression is through their life, their experiences and their truth... which can also change at any moment.
You may enjoy this when reading 
into the "negative space."

In no particular order or priority..

Find your tribe...
   You may have already.  They may change.  As will your needs and desires throughout life.  Grow together, share together.  Don't leave when struggle occurs.  Assist, teach, learn, support... that's tribal love.  Don't remove a member, and don't wander too far.

No debt...
   You'll be tempted to do certain things that create a financial debt.  I'm 50/50 on these, make your decision carefully.  No the difference between improving the experience of life vs following some unwritten rules.   You are under no obligation to follow the generic steps that you've seen 100 other people do, nearly all unsuccessfully.  They'll want you to follow them, but pay close attention.  Misery loves company.

A nice follow to that point
Work a job, enjoy the hobby...
   You'll need money to operate.  Often it'll be needed to advance the experience of life, but more on that later.  Travel and a level of security should be high priorities, you'll need a decent "9-5," to take care of these things.  Although your job should be an extension of who you are to a point, it should not be everything.  The "everything," should be separate and not have finances attached.... because then it becomes a job.  So get a job that takes care of the basics and needs, then work your hobby with your heart and find pleasure within that.

Train your body, completely...
   Run, lift, yoga, meditate, exercise for enjoyment, stretch, sit quietly, expand your mind, sprint up a hill, hike, bike, swim, eat good foods that energize everything - research that, kayak, go on a retreat, dive into information that excites you, read, love people, get into nature - don't mole away in the city, rock climb, see the desert - the ocean - taste the salt water, dance outside, taste the jungle, keep reading, know when to stress your body and why, have a bonfire often, get a tattoo if you like - make it a reminder of your power,...
There are levels to reach, just like the physical training you already know... the body, mind, spirit connection is very real, and can drive every single thing... especially the things you love.

Then help people and reteach what you learn...
   It doesn't do much good to gain information then hole yourself away in the mountains.  I once had a friend who would often say "I only want to teach yoga in the mountains of..." and every time I'd stop her and say something to effect of what a waste that would be.  Really though, who can't teach yoga in a resort in Colorado mountains?  Whoopity Doo.  Poopity Scoop.  (Thats really funny if you've heard the new Kanye song)    So whatever you learn, teach it, pass it along.  You never know when that one nugget you've been holding onto could be the piece someone else has been searching for...

   I mentioned this above in two sections, but I think it's a very important piece.  While seeing NYC and San Francisco is nice, I'm talking about Europe and historical sites.  Visit cultures, not cities.  Beaches are great and if I could go somewhere right now, it would be a burning beach to run off into the ocean, get a big taste of that salt water and let the waves wash away everything.  But visit Peru, Brazil, Ireland, Japan, Alaska, see the wonders of the world.  Shark dive, cruise through the North, taste a jungle, see a sunrise at the top of a volcano in Hawaii, get a vision of just how far humans have come.

   I recently read a book that I found excellent for two main reasons, #1 being the title of the book and primary message, "discipline equals freedom."  Check it out.  He simply details how living a disciplined life opens up doors to freedom (not be redundant, but), then the #2 for me was also what I just wrote in the word "simply."
Jocko's book is just that and I believe this was also his message, things don't have to be complex to be great.  When you can handle the basics and then the discipline within that framing, other options become very simple to see, manage and execute, no matter what it is.  Being disciplined within the simplicity of a day, creates a space that helps you reduce pressure and anxiety, and helps you adjust everything into very manageable doses.

When life gets settled, seek discomfort...
   Do not become some comfy fat ass, sitting the cul-de-sac of your fancy housing development, with nothing on the schedule but work and T ball.  Seek discomfort.  Find the challenges and keep the mind, body and spirit engaged.  This, I believe, is the fountain of youth.  Our bodies will fade, deteriorate and rot, they are as we sit here, but our energy is different.  It's a vibration.  And when constantly challenged, your vision in life is always floating through a wave of youthful energy, which will set you apart.
Protect that energy with your life.  This will help lead to happiness, however it is you choose to draw it out over your time.

You might be reading this at 17, 37, or 67... nothing is concrete, nothing is finished until our hearts stop beating, never forget that.
Experience as much as you can, while you can.

Lastly, when shit hits the fan, which it will... don't panic ;) you already know how to handle it

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