Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Work ethic is dead and accountability is on the endangered species list.

(Potty mouth here)

You probably know I coach high school football.
We dont need to talk much about the actual coaching or football, just that I coach a position on the field and work with about 12 guys for that spot, plus oversee the defense which is 1/3 of the team (offense, defense, special teams).
Bypassing all the football chatter, we'll skip right to other stuff, the good stuff, motivating and getting the most of the guys.  By far, the fun part of it for me.
Fun because I'm surrounded by great coaches and really great young men, who all want a solid dose of greatness.  Not a sip, not the appetizer, they're hungry for greatness.  I get there, we get together and you can just feel it and its a drug.
But there have been moments, had one last week, where things were sticky.  Gears werent firing, focus was spotty, energy was low.
I pulled them in as a unit and said "eye contact, right now, look at me.  Erase everything that just happened.  It starts now.  Pick one thing to go out there and be great at.  Just one, go get it."
And they flipped a switch and elevated their play.
Simple.  Momentum had them in a direction, with a mental adjustment, it changed.

It's something I say to end nearly all meetings, "get 1% better today."  That's the goal.  After 30 days of 1% improvement... do the math.

But I'm pissed tonight.
I posted something a little aggressive on the business page but I really don't care.
How many adults do you know who actually give a shit to be 1% better, ever?
What is the f'n problem where people think "I go to work," and just cash in the rest of the day, like "I did my job," was all they actually needed to do?   It's such a gross, weird, bizarre mindset to me.
I have people who text me "Wheres boot?" or inquire about training... and they vanish...
They ask for free shit or discounts or "text me a workout," and they never actually appear.

For me, its like walking behind a cigarette smoker, i cant afford to breathe that air.

I am hard on myself, for everything.  I may fail, I may suck at something, I might be wrong about things, but I will never, ever be lazy.  Ever.  I will never ever stop working to improve.  Something, anything.
I know people who are sick and wont change their habits.
I know people who blab about their goals but dont do a damn thing to achieve them.
I offered jobs to two people... good jobs, good money... they have no resume and currently working for shit and I offered them an opportunity to build the resume, get the experience, work their way up... "Its not in my degree," and "It's not enough money," were the rejections I heard.  I said fine.  You basically wash f'n cars with your degree, good luck.
There is a very shitty, lazy ass generation coming along and very lazy culture brewing.
We'd rather f around for hours on our phones and bitch about the money we don't have, the job that didn't just magically fly to us, the results we didn't achieve by sitting on the f'n couch. 

I know people who are nearly broke, but won't get a second job.
I know people w disease, and they won't heal themselves. 
I know people who complain and bitch about their own circumstances, their own lives, but won't do one single thing to actually progress or improve themselves. 
How can this be??

I used to have so much empathy and sympathy, I now think too much.  Sometimes the kiddie gloves have to come off, the sweet words have to fade and you have to be honest, brutally honest w yourself and your habits.

Work ethic is dead and accountability is on the endangered species list.


If you read this and thought "F you asshole!" notice, that's how you read it.
If you thought angry towards me, you read it with guilt.   You read it to yourself, I didnt write it to you.
So maybe you need to do some thinking.


Think I'm full of shit?  I fired two paying clients this week because I was sick of their dumb-ass excuses.  I lost money because I couldn't take hearing their excuses anymore.

Which is crazier:
You wasting your money?
Or me telling you to keep it and go home?


You know how most blogs I'll write "Hey, im talking to myself here too!"
Not this one.

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