Sunday, June 25, 2017

July Plans

Not going to lie... I'm not actually pumped about my July.  The thought of no coffee, makes me a little angry.  I usually drink anywhere from 1-4 cups per day, so this is going to be an adjustment.
But I know I need to do it.  I know I'll feel better and drop pounds and all that and probably for the first time in a good number of years, I'm going to shut up and follow someones else structure with discipline.
And you are invited to do it with me!!! haha wasnt that a sales pitch??  "Hey, I'm mad about this coffee rule... so you should join me!"

Here's whats going on.  For a couple years, two people (mostly one) have been trying to give me info about a supplement line.  Every time they did, I responded w some dumbass reply about make up or beard oil or vegan blah blah blah, because it was Arbonne.  I'm just not huge on supplements outside protein, creatine or nootropics, so I declined multiple times.  After another attempt, I thought "alright, this might suck for me, but my wife might like... because its Arbonne and all."   Not trying to be funny, this is just how I thought.  I only knew it as a healthy, skin care line.
At some point, my wife was talking about her routine being stagnant and not being pleased with the nutrition plan or such, and just wanted something to help light a spark and turn a corner, so I said "give this a shot, talk to these two, maybe you'll like it."  (for the record, her routine or nutrition is NOT a reflection on me, I rarely train her... it doesn't go well).

Fast fwd a bit.  She is into Arbonne and enrolled in this 30 day challenge thing.  I didnt know much about it, but assumed it had the basics of all of these cleanse clean ups.  The products came, she had some friends do it with her for support and fun, they organized and went to work on it.  This is the end of their 3rd week and as a group, averaging 10lb loss per person, across the team, some higher, some lower.  Obviously, people lose at different rates, but it is what it is, 10lb average in just 3 weeks.  If they all bust ass this week, it could probably jump to 12+ per.
Now, this is a cleanse and a "reset," not a weight loss product.  It's a nutritional plan with proteins, fiber kit, supps to aid in overall digestion health, and a pretty awesome thing called a fizz stick which I reviewed on my snapchat about 2 weeks ago... very legit.  The proteins that I made fun of for the previous 2 years... I hate saying I'm wrong, but whatever protein drink she made, was THEE best shake Ive ever had.
So this kit is a cleaner and over the course of the 30 days, it will help you not only clean your system, but reset your brain into becoming more aware as to what you really need vs what your brain tells it what it thinks you need.   Many of us are sugar junkies, not because our bodies crave it for energy or to stay alive, but because of the brain chemicals that release when we get a little taste.

Lets wrap this up, heres what I'm doing:
A) I'm signing up for the 30 day challenge.  I need the reset.  Maybe more mentally than physically, but I need it.  I need a strict plan and some accountability.... posting his damn thing will keep me in line.
B) IF you want to do it with me, I will give you all the recipes and set you up with all the info my wifes group just used during their plan.  So all the recipes and tips and things to know, you'll have all that info too.
C) IF you do it with me, I will also write up your training program for the month and 4 free sessions over the course of the month ($298 value right there). Either at Titans or Hambden Health & Fitness, your gym providing they allow outside trainers in. One way or another, we'll make it happen.
D) IF a handful people sign up for this, we will have a check in day where I'll register everyone for a contest.  Not just weight loss, but body fat% and fitness test.  This will keep it fair.  Trust me, if a guy jumps in on this, real good chance he can drop 20-30 really fast and win.  A full assessment will be a very level, fair way to assess the work for the month.  So if you win, you receive a 3 month gym membership to Titans or Hambden Health & Fitness, a $50 gift cert towards fitness classes or training in Hambden, and a goodie bag w/ free supps, gift certs and prizes from around Lake and Geauga County.  *We may also add a couple bonus points for social media posts telling the world wide web about your awesome results and badass body.
E) FREE #POWERUL tank or t

With my football schedule coming up, I need to have this wrapped up by early August so I'm looking to start between July 5th and July 10th.  Probably best to shoot for the 10th to have time to order, deliver and organize.

Some details about the actual Arbonne package:
Vegan-certified, no animal ingredients
No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
No trans fat
No high fructose corn syrup or fructose
Standardized plant extracts
Low glycemic index (Protein Shake powders)


These Arbonne Essentials products are included in your 30-Day Nutrition Starter ASVP:

  • 7-Day Body Cleanse:   Use once per day following the packaging directions.  
  • Protein Shake Mix:   Enjoy twice per day to supplement a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack.  Two different flavors if you like.
  • Daily Fiber Boost:   Add a scoop to your Protein Shake, favorite foods or beverages once per day. 
  • Energy Fizz Sticks:   Use once per day when you are feeling low on energy.
  •  Digestion Plus:   Use once per day. 
  • Herbal Detox Tea:   Enjoy a cup each day

If you sign up before Wednesday, you get an early BONUS assessment to help set up goals as well as a session plus a free Arbonne water bottle.  

Quick recap:
30 day Nutrition Plan & Cleanse Kit (you will lose 10+ lbs)
Free program
4 Free sessions
If 5+ sign up, chance to win a bunch of free stuff yet (ill be shooting for gift cards at spas, hair, nails, dinners etc., it wont suck), plus the gift cert which can be used for training or yoga in the fall.

Any questions or on the fence, text me.
If you're in and want to kick ass with me next month, call or text Scarlett at 440-478-2083 or email her at

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