Sunday, March 12, 2017

Crazy Monkey

Might as well dive in, and this one wont be depressing or anything.  I think it may have you wondering and questioning some things.

A friend asked how my mom was doing, so if you're not caught up, you might want to read the last 2-3 entries, yet my answer isn't the topic.
From an angle, you might think I'm going crazy.  And to be totally honest, I've wondered myself, and tried to work for some mental separation from the big picture to make sure it hasn't happened yet (it, being losing my mind).
Here's why, or how.
Odds are against us, right.  That's somewhat accepted.  Like I wrote, I've been a part of many things where the odds were poor but we battled anyway.  Some we won, some we lost.  So when the odds are against you, you ask "What can we do?"  You game plan, whether its work or health or sports or anything, you set a goal and have a plan and get to work.
So the game plan was researched and prepared.  The chemo route was "12 months at best," so we had to find another way, the way was natural.  And you can find countless articles, studies, facilities, and holistic doctors who will support it.  This is all right in my zone.
So we're heading into a meeting one day and I call the doc and let her assistant know what the plan is and that I need her to assist by offering hope in this plan... seeing as though the other route is "12 months at best."  Sound fair enough?  I asked if they could word things gently and help to "offer hope."  My exact words.   The response was "I'm sorry, but we can only speak to what the medical tendencies are."
I said "I completely understand... but people believe doctors and if you say x, y, and z, you're going to make belief, hope and effort much more difficult."
She said "I'm sorry."
"Right, I get it, 12 months, but..."
"Sir, there is no evidence to support any alternative medicines."

1500 years ago, people believed the earth was flat and there was no evidence to support otherwise... not we know better.

And this has been my hill to climb since.  I think this rigged.  I think a lot of this is a set up.  I think society and culture is grown to believe certain things and we fall into line like cattle because that's just how it is and just how we do it, and its all bullshit.

A doctor admit we obtain vitamin D from sunshine.
We didn't know that x years ago.  Just as we receive vitamins and essential nutrients from nearly every single thing that comes from the ground, and none of this was known x years ago.  We were just a bunch of dumb-ass monkeys, wondering the fields and jungles, eating anything we could find, swinging from trees, eating bananas and mushrooms.

The difference between then and now?
We're just slightly smarter monkeys.  Smarter but crazy.
I think the way has been lost.  I think greed and power has high jacked society and our future.  And I think we see proof of it every day on the news.

I see things now and i wonder "who benefits from that, financially?"
That's how procedures and law is made now.  "Law?  Huh?"

Take a look at college loans and the job market.  You cannot make an honest, open minded argument that its not designed to screw over thousands of people by keeping them tied to debt.  People are told they have to have a degree to get x job.  So they head off to a school, drop $100,000 in loans and come out 5 years later with a job that pays $40,000 and it then takes 10-15 years to pay off that school loan... while trying to actually figure out what they want to do with life.  I know a company who demands a college degree and only starts people around $35,000.  How does that make any sense?  Look at teachers.  Asked to get a masters within x years and we all know how much they make and what they're asked to do.

Something I rarely talk about, but I have about 60 credits of college courses.  My plan was to become a health teacher and last year I went in to meet w a counselor and discuss narrowing down my classes and hone in on the target goal.  She then told me "Ohio no longer offers health education."  I said ok... how do I teach Health in high schools?  I was told to major in special ed or anything else and minor in health, because schools only teach a few semesters of it, not a full course load (public schools, at least).
So let me re-write this and maybe find the logic... we teach math, ok... we teach the arts and such, ok... we teach history books (that have a good dose of inaccuracies, but ok)... and we do not teach people nutrition.
Doesn't this look like an issue to anyone?  Kids arent being taught basic nutrition.  My kids tell me what goes on in phys ed.  If there isn't health class anymore, why isn't this done in phys ed?  Kids arent even being taught the value of movement, they're just playing games like kick ball and its not even mandatory.
One of the most valuable aspects of basic education should be our own bodies and how they operate and its not being taught and to make matters worse, the information is literally a pain in the ass to find.  So when I think of becoming a certified nutritionist or something along those lines, I quickly wash it away.  I dont need to pay some bullshit company $500 or $99/month to teach.
I can do it everyday on the facebook page or this blog or restart the podcast or anything, anywhere. Just right now, I have a handful of clients who have lost 10+ lbs since the new year, some have already topped 20+ loss and its no trick, its no gimmick, there isnt a master plan attached to  company, its education and self awareness.  Thats not harsh.  It is what it is.  They obtained information and executed.  And just today, one of them text w this weeks loss and heres the kicker... her daughter is losing and now the husband.  The entire family is turning a corner and making changes that will greatly effect their future.
Want to know what they did?

You'll have to sign up for personal training to find out...


They cut sugar out.  Thats it.  (like my use of PSYCH?  Very 90's)
Cut the sugar.  Not easy to do and I recommend using an app to help read labels and set daily/weekly goals.  Again, it will not be easy.  But when you see what bullshit sugars do to your body, you'll see the need to start paying attention.  Search for some documentaries like "Fed up."

I've been writing and preaching "Primal," aspects for years.  To eat natural and move your body and yoga and meditation and some times it might read like a broken record but pay attention.  Learn what our bodies and what our brain is capable of, especially the brain.  You can steer this life however you want to go if you focus and apply with everything you have.
I'm not saying you can will $1,000,000 into your bank acct this week, but just maybe you have the idea or concept for a company that can.

The mind and your energy can do anything you want it to do if you believe, put in the effort and never lose hope.

Note:  The doc from above... I remember leaving and feeling bad for her.  Weird right?  She just said what she said, and I felt bad for her.
I feel bad shes so committed to what she already learned that she stopped looking for more.  That telling someone "12 months," is the job.  I wouldn't be able to do it. I want answers and truth.

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