Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Evolution Baby

"I need to lose 10lbs."
"I need to improve my patience."
"I need to focus more at work."
"I need to gain some energy."
"I need to lose 50lbs!"
"I need to wake up earlier to run."
"I need to eat better."
"I need to see a doctor."
"I need to take care of myself."
"I need to save some money."
"I need to get stronger."
"I need to BE STRONGER."
"I need to clear my head...."
"I need a new job."
"I need some stress relief."
"I need to improve my relationship."
"I need some YOGA!"
"I need to communicate more effectively."
"I need to go back to school."
"I need to see my mom more..."
"I need to workout more."
"I need to do my physical therapy."
"I need to talk more often."
"I need to run..."
"I need to cut some bad habits."
"I need to not be so sloppy."
"I need to know when to chill."
"I need to wash away the anxiety..."

All these thoughts can build up on us.... breathe.

A few of those listed are mine, some are things I've heard, some are general that you may have thought or said.  There's probably something you whispered to yourself while reading.  Sometimes we want to just put our foot down and say "THAT'S IT!  It's all changing now!"  ... and maybe thats worked for you, maybe it hasnt.  I've definitely thought it. 

You have to be ready for it.  Ready to change... alter... and naturally evolve.  Slamming your foot down and demanding a change?  Maybe in certain situations or certain times... maybe one moment...  but I've most "success," with patience... awareness.. and a clear mind. 

It's kind of like riding a motorcycle.  You cant just jerk the wheel left when you want to take a left, you have to slow down a touch and leeeaaaan in real nice and smooth.  Try to take the turn too fast, and it greatly increases your risk of injury.. or worse.

The things we want... or the things we want to improve, to improve the quality of our lives... take time.  You can't find it in a pill... or a fad... or a fashion... you cant buy it... you cant just imagine it and POOF... you cant tattoo it and you cant wash it away.

Take it slow... have a plan... maybe that plan is a book, a class, a BootCamp! some "you time..." a movie... a vacation... a change of scenery... a financial advisor... a school advisor...
"I need a plan."
Take your time...  and breathe it out.

This Is Blue Chip