Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When to Start

"This is my last pack, I'm going to quit after this!"
Why wait?  Do it now! If you really wanted to, if you really, really want to quit smoking, you would make that last cigarette, your last cigarette.  I've never been a  smoker or had any addiction so I cant speak from experience about this, but still, you know you need to quit.  You know it's expensive, you know it's terrible for your health, right?  Same goes with drinking or at least drinking too often.  You have to know that alcohol only hurts in so many ways.  Brain function, safety, and calories just to name 3 quick ones.  If you're doing something that's hurting your health, stop.  Make today that day, not tomorrow.

"I want to lose 30lbs, but I dont have time to run."
If you want to drop some weight, don't procrastinate.  Set a schedule and work it into your day just like you would a trip to the grocery store or cutting the lawn.  You don't put those off, do you?  The longer you sit around and make excuses for not starting the program, the easier it is to forget about and never get around to.  (Even right now, I'm typing as fast as I can because I'm supposed to be out on my bike in 6 minutes:)  Right now, go put on your shoes, grab your music and go get 2 miles in before the day is over.  Win the day!

"I really want to go to Cedar Point this year, but I dont think I'll have the time."
I just had a conversation like this.  I think she told me she worked 9 straight days and has had a mini streak of bad luck/tragedy in the past month.  Fridge is running low, a full schedule ahead of her, laundry isnt done, and grass needs cut.  SCHEDULE THE FREE TIME!  If you are constantly on the go, and setting your calendar two weeks in advance, always helping friends and family, working as many hours as possible, theres a chance your going to wear yourself down and get depressed.  Before that happens, take a break and breathe.  Take a half day and go to a movie.  I come home and my instincts are to clean up or continue work... I have to train myself to just let it go every now and then and chill.  If you havent been to Cedar Poin in 14 years, GO!  Schedule it, and do it.

The hardest part about most things is getting them started.  A diet, a workout, a hobby, a project around the house, etc.  There are always hurdles early on that can set us back or slow us down and make us want to put it off, make excuses or worst of all, quit.  But once we get going and get over those little speed bumps and finish what we start, the journey and the reward are well worth the effort.  Get started on that path today.
Good luck,

This Is Blue Chip