Wednesday, July 13, 2011

kid again...

So, as we know, I have a serious love affair with Yoga... and somehow this "blog," has turned more into yoga chat than anything else.  But I had this thought and this tool so I wanted to get it out there and play with it a little more (it being the thought.)
We have these outdoor yoga classes now... Saturdays at 8:30 through the Blue Chip and Sundays at 9 through Jenn.  Somehow, I've become addicted to going through the sessions without a mat.  The first one, someone in class forgot a mat so I gave her mine.... the 2nd one the same thing.  And #2 was on the beach so it was even cooler.  (I posted the pic on facebook and its also in the photo gallery on the schedule page.)  to me, that beach pic looked like yoga art.  It looks like twister and yoga combined.  The feet go here, the hands here... then here and there.  Then this past week, same thing... someone forgot a mat, so I gave up mine.  And i was kind of happy about it.  I didnt really want the mat at all.

We've had rain quite a bit this year and everytime I get texts "Is the workout still on???"  or "its raining!  are we cancelling???" 

So I thought about those two things... remember when we were ok running outside with no shoes on?  and playing in the rain was fun?  when we didnt mind laying down on something other than a bed or couch?  Im starting to wonder if some "kid," isnt whats inspiring me some of the time (aside from the obvious kids:) ) 
Ive always said yoga isnt easy by any stretch o fthe imagination... but in a studio, it is a controlled environment.... what if yoga, outdoors, in an uncontrolled environmont... is really what we need?  maybe thats the perfect, functional training we never knew we needed.  Dont get me wrong, in no way is this a shot at any studio anywhere in the world.  I will be right back at Cleveland Yoga and Harmony as soon as the winter comes.  But I think its soemthing to think about.  High plank on a mat in a studio... or high plank in a field... on the grass... in the sun... both sound amazing but for now, I want dirt on my hands... I want to see my sweat on the ground... I want sand on my clothes...   I want experiences you cant so rare and perfect, you know when they happen that you'll probably never be able to experience them again. 

Again, this isnt a "vs," thing or a sales pitch in anyway.... its just me being in love with being outside right now.  Trust me, when its 40 degress out, I'll change my mind again :)

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