Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Class

From here on out... I don't run BootCamps.  I run Blue Chip Fitness Camps.

What is Blue Chip? 
It's a standard. It's an attitude.  It's a "stamp," of quality.  I've referenced it in the past, I've posted about it on FaceBook (i.e. "Another Blue Chip night of training!")  It's a new branch of the training I'm a part of creating.  Its fitness classes, personal training, yoga, athletic off-season training, supplements and customer service.  I've talked about standards for a long time and working to keep everything in line. When I implement a supplement, a trainer, a workout, it is because I believe they meet the higher standard represented by Blue Chip. Some trainers I work with and support, some I don't.   Some yoga studios I attend, some I don't.  There's a very good reason the Blue Chip yoga instructor is who she is... she was able to bring that standard of Cleveland yoga to the company.  Cleveland yoga has a standard, Jenn has a standard and it all fits.  It's all in line. 

 Why Fitness Camp and not BootCamp?
     You can walk into a coffee shop or smoothie café and see ads for 5 "BootCamps."  Whats the difference?  Every ad still says "get in great shape!" or "workout with your friends!"  You could show up and the workout could stink or be great.  You could be doing a p90x workout at one "Boot," or jogging 5 miles at another.  Nothing really seperates them until you get there.  You might even show up at a "Boot," and the trainer... Isnt even a trainer.
      When you come to a Blue Chip Fitness Camp, you will get the highest standard of training. You will know that these workouts are above the rest.  They are not BootCamp. Blue Chip Fitness Camp is complete... full, fun, sometimes competitive... you'll challenge yourself, you'll challenge your friends... I will challenge you.  This is not some generic "Hey bring your weights, lets do 20 shoulder press!" workout. And its also not going to kill you.  Its going to challenge you.  Its going to challenge everything you think you cant do... and you will do it!  I promise you.   It's a combination of everything but its not chaos.  It's planned out in a very safe, functional, goal oriented manner.

Bottom line:  Blue Chip is settting a new standard in training, fitness and health and I am going to work my ass off for as long as I can to never cut a corner or deliver anything but the best. 

So what exactly is the Blue Chip Fitness Camp?  Imagine throwing p90x, CrossFit, TRX, personal training, bootcamps, speed & agility, strength, power, endurance, tubes, bands, strongman in a big pot and cook it over night... Wake up and sprinkle some yoga on top.  Blue Chip.

This Is Blue Chip