Monday, May 21, 2012

gnorts oot

or too strong?
(short thought)

Two weeks ago Junior Seau shot himself in the chest and died.  And two different articles in Sports Illustrated really connected for me for two different reasons.
One article was questioning how athletes are covered and that maybe they (the media) should stop putting these people on pedestals.  That maybe, the media created the problem. Maybe some sports writers have assisted in creating our "heros," and that these guys arent actually that... maybe theyre normal people.    Could be. 
We've seen how guys struggle into retirement and often dont know what to do when the crowds are gone and the lights are off.  How many times did MJ retire?  How many guys have we seen hang on too long or come back multiple times?  Even coaches do it. 

The other article covered his life and career, from college to retirement and then the end. In it, the author gave many examples and how Junior would refuse to admit or even hint that he was ever hurt on the playing field and would do whatever he could to be ready for Sunday. He would hide his treatment from teammates and friends. The author then questioned "Did Junior carry this habit into retirement?"

And it bothered me...
someone who felt so much pressure of people watching him, people trusting that he's always their "superman," couldnt show weakness... couldnt ask for help. It was engrained in his head and heart... and he broke.

"I get paid to practice... I play for the games for free."  Junior Seau

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