Sunday, February 24, 2013

3 step

I've had a blog on my mind for about a week. Kind of geared towards young athletes but relate-able to anyone. I definitely need to get it out before the "fire," of it fades away. This pic kind of reminded of it.
A few things I wanted to touch...
  #1 - Know your goals.  Its a real simple question. 

What do you want?

What do you want?  What is it you need?  We all have them, wants and needs.  Everyone does.  Do you actually know what it is you desire?  Desire... its such a burning word.  I write it, I type it and just saying it out loud... I cant say it normal!  Its like DE-SIIIRE and my face kinda snarls up like I'm ready to head back to the gym for round 3.  (This can be physical and fitness related, it can be work related, it can be about a relationship with a brother or sister or spouse, it can literally be about anything.)
You cant move on to anything and do anything until you know what it is you want.  Without knowing what you want, you're in the dark.   
I've known a lot people in the dark, I still know people in the dark... I HAVE been in the dark.  Sometimes, the worst part about it is, you don't even know how dark it is.  Sometimes you've been in the dark so long, you don't even know how good the light can be.  For some of us, the darkness is all we've ever known!   BUT...
Eventually something happens, something has to happen, and we see a spark.  And we want to know what its about.  Where'd it come from?  That light looked good, where'd it go?  Then we catch it again... where'd it go?  And again, I like it, lets find it, where'd it go?  So now we're on the move, we've been dark but now we caught some light and that light looks sweet!  We know we want it!  And its go time and we're going to do everything we need to do to get it.  Anything & Everything. 
Take a second and think about that...
A dark job.
A dark relationship.
A dark state of mind.
A dark level of fitness.
A dark level of self confidence.
We need the light to show us...  
  #2 Opportunity - We're loaded with it.  Everyday. Literally, every single day.  We act like we're busy and stressed and all that, but deep down that's a bunch of bullshit. We have 100's of opportunities every single day to improve multiple areas of lives.  We can improve work, we can improve our health, we can improve our relationships, we can improve anything.  But lazy is easy and work is hard. Its easier to sleep in than it is to get up and run, its easier to watch television than read or think, for some of us its easier to quit... but for some of us, quitting will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.  Never.
What's harder? Make excuses as to WHY something didn't happen or making them happen?
What's harder? NOT seeing results or waking up, going to the gym or hitting it after work?
So know, believe with all your heart, opportunities are swirling around you, right now.  Right now, theres an opportunity to improve something, anything.  Finish reading this :) but when its over, put your phone or laptop away and call a loved one, read a book, go for a run, just sit quietly, make a goal sheet.  Do that, get out a piece of paper and write 50 things you want.  50 random things.  Then put it on your fridge and read it every day. just doing that, it seems so minor, but its so major because you'll be creating a magnet and that list will attract positive things into your life.  Google "the law of attraction," but not now... read this then call your mom or go for a run.  Just turn off the TV and computer.  
Lets review since I got a little carried away:
We know what we want because we've seen a light.  We've been dark but we're ready now.  We've seen a light and we know, we're fully aware of the endless possibilities that are all around our lives.  So theres only one thing left to do.
  #3 - The active and actual decision to lock in and go. Knowing what you want is #1, acknowledging that there is opportunity #2, going and doing it is #3. You know what you want, go do it. Just do it. Nike has the greatest logo and saying. You see the swoosh... You think "Just Do It." I do. I used to have Nike ads hanging in my bedroom when I was a kid. "Just do it," was everywhere. That's why I know, I don't care about this back pain I have... Unless it can stop me from physically, literally lifting my leg, those runs I plan on running will happen. I have mornings where it hurts in my back to walk down steps.  I have days where its tough to put pants on because lifting my right leg takes my breath away... but there isn't a question about it.  That's my WILL, that's my HEART, it can't stop.  I refuse to quit.  You know what you want. You know what you need to see. You know your goals. You better know your goals. Just do it. Talking about it does nothing.  Saying "I'm working on it," does nothing.  Action is everything.  You can be a great "talker," but if you cant do the things you say... time to be quiet.  I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to be able to do the things I put clients through.  how can i tell you to run, if I couldn't run?  If i didn't have the balls to go through the exact same workouts I'm willing to put you through... I'd be a piece of trash.  Flat out.  Granted, its getting to the point... actually passed the point where my age is taking its toll, and some of these young athletes are going off doing things I could never do.  But I'm still willing to push myself to edge, to the max, to the sweat covered, pukey max :) 
Dinner will be there. The television will be there. The job will be there. 
Your opportunities will one day disappear.   Your chances will fade away.  Time will not pause for us to get our heads out of our asses... its a little harsh but sometimes we need that.  I know I do. 
How bad do you want it?
How bad do you want to look back and say:
"I did that."
"I made that happen."
"I fixed that."
"I worked my ass off."
"I won."
"WE did it."
"We made it happen."
I want to say "We worked together and created something so f'ing amazing, they're going to want to copy us... lets help them duplicate it and lets even improve it.  Lets work for perfection. 
Lets never stop."
Will you have a list of excuses or great stories about what you DID do?

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