Sunday, March 3, 2013

Random thoughts on yoga, classes, music and the industry

Ive been letting personal things fly onto various social media sites lately and its kind of fun looking back on the week and reviewing where I was or what I was doing/thinking during random posts and elaborating a bit.


I'm about to turn 36.  And for some reason, its feeling a little old.  I think because 35 felt like a "peak," of sorts and now 35 feels a little like I'm rolling towards 40. 

But here's the kicker!  I was talking to Scarlett the other day and she was talking about some older people and said "They're older and their energy is so low... Look at you, you're old and still have high energy,"  and she was dead serious!  She was honestly putting me into some "old," category!  What is that all about? 

But I'm feeling.. not necessarily "old," but lets call it "old school."  :)  That feels a little cooler.  Trust me, the number can be what it is, but I'm faaaaaar from old.  Except for the bad back, creaky/cracky knees and ankles and zero knowledge of new music.  We cant add bald head, the hairs been falling out since high school. 


More about age...
I posted something on one of the pages about age and added this pic

The quote made me think about the "real world," actually and relating to other people.  I used to think I had trouble relating to adults a little because I didn't consider training a real job with adult interaction and such.  I mean we do interact, but come on, we're in a gym and only for 30-60 minutes.   I didn't have job stress or issues with coworkers or anything like that for a long, long time.  I now have a 40 hour day job and things haven't changed so that's pretty good.  I was very concerned early on that it zap me a little and drain some energy.  But I do think I'm lucky to work with the guys I work with.... actually, they might have the relating issues I have! :)  Now that I think about it, they help keep me weird. 


Creating the playlists for the yoga class is by far the 2nd hardest part of my week.  It literally takes me 2-3 hours every Sunday night and really stresses me out.  I go through 3000 songs every week trying to find the perfect song #1 and perfect song for this part or that part and the whole thing.    On the Internet, I define the class as a "music driven hybrid..." because we do what the music tells us, I know that sounds nuts. I never plan those classes and have no clue what's going to happen or how and couldn't tell you when it's over.  Prior to class, I have a few ideas and always take requests, but I don't know what is going to happen or when.  If the song is chill, we're chill.  When the song gets cranking, we let it fly a little.  The regular attendees can probably tell certain artists are definite favs and usually intensify things. 
I think I went through a little moment where I was tyring to get trendy and find some new stuff to play... it was hit n miss.  The music ranged from so-so to decent... which to me, I think made the classes so-so to decent, maybe with moments of intensity and moments of "wtf are we doing?" 
So I need to keep it simple and personal and it'll continue to rock... fairly confident in that.  And I think its funny to play Audioslave in yoga :)   
Or maybe no one even notices the music but me.


The other part of my week is after savasana... the moments where we sit up and prepare to end class.  I think I'm starting to sound like a drunken Eddie Vedder, mumbling through some half thoughts and you're thinking "ummm, I think I know where he was going with that but... he started mumbling and cut himself off and blurted out namaste." 
Which is pretty accurate.  And also something I need to improve.  I kinda struggle with the whole "yoga box," that I have in my head.  And I know its all in my head and this class is supposed to be a "hybrid," so I really should be fine but I also feel pressure to deliver and share some of the cool things Ive read and lessons and... just random neat things I think we can all benefit from sharing.  Because that's my hang up and whole point to do this... to share.  But I'm wussing out at the whole thing!  I'm sharing through the music and trying to sneak out while you're half sleeping during savasana :) 
I've read some pretty cool books and quotes and had some neat conversations and heard some cool songs.  I need to share.  Maybe we should take turns ending class!
I kinda like the homework idea. but not normal Training Camp type homework but "Human Homework."  Something like "perform 2 random acts towards a total stranger every day this week," or "smile first at every cashier you see."  So random, so minor... but it really really does improve someones day.  Example:  My new mechanic is fantastic (Mark at the sunoco on the corner of Richmond and Wilson Mills).  Totally honest guy and just loves to chat.  So I go there for service and hang.  I never cut him off.  If anything, I let him eventually shoo me away. 
Homework:  Out-nice someone.  Extra credit:  Out-nice someone who you don't think deserves it!  That's what I really love to do!  Someone is being a dick... I go out of my way to smile and stay polite and eventually, they break their cranky little mood and they're good to go.


Anger doesn't extinguish anger, hatred doesn't extinguish hatred.  Kindness and love does.  Its like water.  Water always find a way.  It can change forms and turn to gas or freeze and turn to ice.  It can wear down down the strongest rocks and create new paths.  It cannot be stopped.  same goes for kindness and love.  It can and will always continue and never die or fade or lose.   


Someone said "Dude, you have girl feelings sometimes."  I said "how so?"  They said "You just think and feel about everything."  I said "Oh, like humans? How crazy." 
So feelings and thinking is like a girl and I shouldn't?   Guys shouldn't?  Maybe if more guys did more often and weren't scared they wouldn't fuck so many things up :)  awwwww


SO Blue Chip was just added to some Cleveland vote thing where we vote for the best of the city!  I don't really care other than the fact that its good promotion for the room.  Trust me... best?   I don't really care who thinks I'm the best trainer.  Don't get me wrong, its important to me that you're confident and think you're working with the best, but I don't care what some random website posts.  Just you.
If I win a contest, I want it to be for customer service.  I want to win a "Best, Most Thoughtful Service Award."  That would mean much more.  I don't think we're treated well enough where we should be.  That's why when you come in for class, no issues, no chaos, no bullshit or drama.  Smile, enjoy class, have a good time, pass it on, you know?   Simple. 
Life is too much sometimes, Blue Chip wont be a concern for you. 


Very inspiring pic that kinda fits the above thought:

 My thoughts on the industry are this:  I can bitch about the things I hate, or I can "build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."  That's exactly what you see going on... very slowly, but its happening.  Only one thing will stop it and I don't see it happening anytime soon... despite someone thinking I'm getting old :)
Ideally, I think it would be really cool to have the yoga room between an old school coffee shop and a cd/record store.  By old school coffee shop, I mean the ones that had comfy couches and played cool music that made you want to learn to play the guitar.
Even if something nuts happens and we no longer have a room to go... I will still find a way... like water.  I love it too much.

K... I think Ive gone on long enough.  Have a fantastic week and be sure to "Out-Nice Someone," who really, really needs it! 

See you tomorrow at 6!
Take care,

This Is Blue Chip