Sunday, March 10, 2013

So Macho, FREE CLASS, No Girlie Push-Ups, & the Browns are the best Yoga! (These are basically my newsletters now)

In keeping with the style used last week, a little week in review of my posts/tweets/pics/nonsense/rants...

I posted:
I really need to start keeping "free class," passes on me 24/7.
For every macho douche meat head that says "yoga? I workout." Me too lil fella, so here's a pass, see you Monday at 6.
Or "bootcamp? No thanks, I don't do girlie weights." Oh no Arnold? Because those legs kinda say you've been skipping sessions, so here's a free class, see you Tuesday.
Guys are pansies (most)

I think a lot of guys don't do yoga because your sorry little ego can't handle women kicking your ass.
And lets be honest... Women kick men's asses in nearly everything anyway.
Maybe a tad aggressive because I was pretty annoyed with a conversation I had with a gentleman at a training location, but still true.  I was about to begin a class at a downtown location and this guy comes to the lobby "Hey Yoga Guy!"  I smile and say hello.  I then ask him if hes joining us today, which he obviously wasn't but he answers "Yoga? No, I workout."  Now I'm really not an ego guy at all... but hes saying that to me?   Hes 5'8" maybe 180lbs and... lets just say he could use my classes.  I tower over him, completely.  And he dogs "Yoga Guy," with No, I workout?  I'm smiling on the outside but my blood is kinda heating up.  SO I follow with another invite because he was kinda dogging the gals in the class, I say "Hey come check out the Boot next week."  He says "Nah, I don't do girlie weights." 
Fellas, before trying to downplay the workout your wife/mom/sister/girlfriend/fiance/friend goes through, try it out first.
**1 Free Class**
Ive been doing this for a little while now, 10 years or so, women are tougher than men.  Its not close.  Its never been close. 
Theyre called modified push-ups, not girl push ups.  Think about what that says.  I know its petty but I have two daughters and train 300 middle school/high school girls, Im not teaching them that "girl," anything is the easier version of anything.  Any gym teacher that calls it "girl push ups," should be fired and secretly Im waiting for the day my daughter comes home and tells me that.  
Today it peaked around 64 degrees or so and lets be honest, its really hard to be positive and optimistic and cheerful when 4-5 months of the year are gray and cold... and the Browns suck.  Days like today really make you think "Thank God!  Only a 8 more weeks left of iffy weather!" Look at how bad we need yoga!  :)  Talk about "smiling through the pain," try smiling through a Browns game when its 20 degrees outside and you haven't seen sunshine in 3 weeks.
The sessions and boots and classes are onl;y as good as they are becuase of the energy you bring.  Those who attend the Monday and Tuesday classes occasionally see my posts that follow and they pretty much say just that.  You come ready to do whatever is thrown out there and you start strong and want more, I can feel that and we take off. 
Is there any better reason? 
Thinking about what we can do to help build our mindset around our goals and Scarlett had a great idea.  She is really good at staying on me, making sure I follow up on random ideas i have at home.
So this week, we'll start incorporating weigh ins and tracking BF%.  Im also going to schedule a class with Nick from Spotlight Nutrition.  I think it would be very beneficial to have a nice Q&A and get everyones mind "right," on what you should be eating and not eating. 
My goal, and Ive said this before, is to give you a personal trainer just for taking these classes.  So I want to be held accountabile for your success and journey.  I really want to put the pressure on myself to make sure you acheive those goals. 
Dont forget, Karl is subbing fo rme tomorrow and is going to run a pretty different class.  Defintely check it out and let me how you like it.  If you do, its probably something we'll be looking to add to the schedule at some point so your feedback is really important. 
Pretty soon, I'll be sitting down w Scarlett, Steph and Sara (and maybe you?) and planning some things or at least diving very deep into what it will take to make some pretty cool things happen.  Looking at creating a couple events for charitys and schools.  Id like to have one for a local, Lake County chrity, one that flies under the radar.  In my opinion, big corporations constatly send their money to large charities, so out $500 or $1000 wont really help there.  But our $1000 would drastically improve a local day care... thats what I want.  To make a real difference, not just one that looks cool posting on FB.  I want to fix up some playgrounds, day cares and build a weight room for local school.  I think it can happen, I day dream it can happen, with some direction, hustle & heart, it will happen. 
Lets do something cool, really cool.  For me, I wouldnt be ok if my 7-3:30 job was all I did.  I think about it all the time and say "eh, I kinda just want to go home today."  I do but Id feel empty and bored in about 3 days of that.  I need to build something people enjoy and helpful.  Want to help? 

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