Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Truth & Love

A little while back, I was on the fence about teaching on Monday nights. I was talking to a friend about it and she said "You can't go wrong, you can't fail, because when you operate from a place of truthfulness and love, words like "wrong," and "fail," do not exist."

This conversation has stayed with me and I think about it now whenever I make a decision. I ask myself "Is this choice honest?" and "Do I feel it the way I should?" and I know the feeling I'm looking for. If its forced, it's not right.

The trouble some of us have or had is hearing your own voice. Understanding the difference between the "chatter," and your TRUE voice. Our "chatter," is just that... Noisy, always talking. When something or someone is noisy and chatty, some things make sense, some don't, and it's hard to tell what we should pay attention to because its never quiet. But your TRUE voice, has depth, it is timely and is heard best when you are still and focused on quieting the "chatter."

Set aside just a few moments every day to sit quietly and completely still. Your focus is on your breath. Choose a comfortable seat w good posture and where you won't be tempted to wiggle or "fidget." No phones or electronics. Breathe deeply and exhale the "chatter," box that distracts us.

Personal note:
I was horrible at this for a long time. I was quiet but thinking about random and often anxiety building thoughts. I'd often worry about things that never happened. I'd think about how I'll handle negative situations in advance so that I felt more prepared for when they did happen.
With practice, that worrying/chattery voice faded away and I have much, much less stress and anxiety.

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