Tuesday, June 25, 2013

$70 - unlimited classes??

This entry contains comments and opinions members and personal training clients have shared over the past year.


The Power Room has been open about 13-14 months now and for the most part, it's been an extremely successful situation.  That being said, those who know me or have read my past entries, you know I don't judge success by wins and losses, dollar signs or status.  
I judge it by the experiences that take place and the feelings that are shared.  

Rewinding a bit, prior to opening, the people I worked w in boots or in the gyms, knew this was coming long in advance and they knew it was going to be good.  Pretty much everyone anticipated getting the boots back up and rolling and getting involved in power yoga, something I had been preaching for the last few years.

So we opened and things started rolling along, mostly power yoga and things were great.  
As things moved along, I could see it was time to expand a little bit, which was always the plan.  From Power Vinyasa bloomed Power Plus (BOGA), a powerful yoga flow that incorporate dumbbells.  Then came Nick's "ready, set, dance!" which will return this fall and finally came Blue Chip Bootcamp.  
And now we're on our way into transitioning again and broadening or horizons.  Next up... BC Kettle Bell Class,  more BOGA and then Spin.

4+ power yoga classes per week
1-2 BOGA classes per week
2 Bootcamps per week
1-2 Kettle Bell classes per week
Then eventually 2-3 Spin classes but we won't count this yet.
... For just $70/month.

On paper, that's around 7 extremely high quality training options per week, over 25 classes for $70.
People say "dude, that's cheap... It must be so so." 
Just the opposite, and I refuse to increase the rates just to "increase the value."  Yes, that makes sense.  When something has higher price tag, people assume its better.  I agree 1000% and I often shop that way myself.  
But this is personal.  
I was recently looking into a yoga retreat... Til I saw it cost $2800 for a 4 day event.  
There are yoga studios everywhere that charge $125+ for monthly unlimited classes.... How many people are taking yoga 7 days per week?
Here, we're giving you a legit training schedule that you can literally use 7 days per week.  And that's the difference, that's the value.  
Who spins 7 days per week?
Who attends bootcamp 7 days per week?
See my point?  So here, you're getting a rotation, a complete training package, for $70.
(Now, when I buy spin bikes, that rate may go up $5-$10 or I'll come up w a new package, but it will always make sense and ill communicate all changes, and that's also the value.  I'm 100% fine with you knowing the "why's," of things that go in here... Think the gym owners want to have that same conversation?  Doubt it.)

A complete training package.
One more thing and this is the part where I had to write "this entry contains comments..." at the top. 
When you are in and committed, it's not just a robotic situation where you show up, take class, go home, come back, take class, go home, repeat, no results, repeat, wasting money, see you tomorrow, come back, and on and on and on.  No,  that's not going on here.  Love it or love to hate it, there's an accountability here and you're goals are a priority, no matter what those goals are.  That bald guy that runs a few classes.... He's not letting you off the hook w 50% effort :) you're here for a reason and you're going to get what you paid for PLUS some.  PLUS some, is key.  
The PLUS some is the stuff you don't get anywhere else.  
I think there a 1,000,000 great instructors/trainers capable of running a cool class that can make you work and sweat, no doubt. But "you don't get all the benefits of a very, very legit, high end personal trainer, running classes, holding people accountable and guiding you to your goals anywhere else."

"I've taken Bootcamps all over NE Ohio, this is different.  This is training."

"I never thought could do the things they asked me to do, until I did it and now I'm training smarter and harder then ever."

Alllllll that PLUUUUS we give you money off if you lose body fat!  (As I wrote that... I thought "crap, someone's going to think I'm trying to give it away for free...").
Am I?  :)

If you're interested in getting into phenomenal shape, achieving goals, big or small, this is the place you should be checking out.  

This Is Blue Chip