Sunday, June 16, 2013

Some new, some old, the beginner, the vet and some of the middle

Finally!!! Summer is here... sort of.  For the first time in quite a while, I was able to get on out on a run in the trails behind Squires Castle.  Felt amazing!  Two reasons, #1, its an awesome trail and it feels incredible to run with all those trails around you, dirt under your feet, bushes and ground shrubs all around the trails... very comforting feeling.  #2, I was running with a very exceptional group of people.

The people around me, from downtown to Perry, from 12-68 years old, they've always been an inspiration to me.  An inspiration to do more, to create more and to train myself harder.  They've always kept me going.  And every once in a while, you meet a person or a group of people that somehow push you even further, to make you look for something better, to evolve and grow.  That's happening right now.

Sometimes its hard to tell what members/clients think about the trainer-client relationship.  I think they probably think its us (us being the trainers and instructors I work with) giving to them.  Giving them a workout, or giving them nutritional handouts or giving them homework or whatever else.  And we do, we give a lot.  But the other side of the coin... how much they give, how much YOU give, its immeasurable.  I've said this time and time again, I cant really put into words how much it all means to me when people show up and absolutely bust their ass and take it to another level they never even thought they had... when they take it to tears and pain, when they take their bodies to the limit... and then they wipe it all away and keep it moving.  How can I not strive to continue to help find new ways of training and to evolve the yoga room and continue to make Blue Chip the absolute best training option?  Its impossible.


We went through a bit of breakthrough session and I came away with this thought:
Accepting the grind isn't just about breaking out of habits and a comfort zone, its about burning those old habits and that old comfort zone to the ground.  It's about smashing that thing into complete extinction  burning that bridge that leads to lazy habits and non-living.  
Imagine that land... A place where fast food and the couch is an awesome moment... imagine that land where super sized cokes and pepperoni pizzas... Imagine the where we don't run, we barely walk, we don't talk, we eat crappy packaged foods, and our minds are numb and we're barely present.  
now imagine viewing that land from afar... from across the wooden bridge.  Now burn it.

Imagine that crazy land.  The land where texting replaced talking.  Where fast food nuggets became a once per week meal for kids.  The land where your "support," team guilt you into poor decisions that hurt you.  The land where kids ride motorized jeeps and play handheld games instead of a bike, baseball bat and glove.    The land where people no longer say hi in the parks or the street, where people cut you off in a car or a grocery line.  The land of speed and immediate pleasure and satisfaction, no matter the cost.
We/you don't have to live there... you can burn that bridge too.  


As we're running through the woods, someone on the run said "I need an oxygen tank."  I had to bite my tongue soooo bad.  Not because what I wanted to say would hurt anyone's feelings, but because my response sounded so... maybe pompous?  i dont know, but I wanted to say "Its all around us."  That smartass crap might've gotten me tossed right over the edge, but its true, and i think thats why I love running in there.  It smells so clean and fresh.  The air feels new on your skin and the sweat you build through the trails, the ups and downs, lefts and rights... you just go and go and before you know it, your shirt is soaked, your feet are dirty and you have MORE energy!
How did that happen?


I posted:
It's taken me a long time to accept it, but this style of training that we offer just isn't for everyone. 
It's for people w heart and goals. It's for people on a mission. It's for people "who want to succeed as bad as they want to breathe." It's for people who know it's about more than just getting a "sweat in." 
It's about training your mind, body & soul for life. 

I'd like to elaborate a bit, line by line.
First line... nothing to clarify or elaborate.
Second line... eh... not really there either :)  Is that me saying "if you're not here, you have no heart"? Not really. Like I said, some people like Pop music, some people like Rock, it what it is.  But I know people who have come in.... and they're gone.  They thought they were on a level, the "acted," committed, but left.  And that was my conflict.  I thought "jeez, maybe I need to tone things down... maybe its too hard... maybe i need to build a beginner class."
Then I thought, actually it just finally settled on me, the thinking actually messed things up... this doesn't have to be for everyone.  This doesn't have to be easy.  This can be more intense and different and that's awesome.     And its not even about the "physical beginner."  Its about the mental beginner.  If you're a physical beginner, you'll be just fine here.  if you're a mental beginner... talk to me and I'll help you find the other bootcamps, no hurt feelings.  Everyone should find their groove and a place they feel like its their training "home."
I know that might read a little harsh or cocky but read it again with a different tone, its not.  I just cant and don't want to bring it down a notch.
Remember, Rule #14Don’t ask to be deprived of tension and discipline. These are the tools that shape success.

I heard a quote "Its a great mistake to think you've arrive when you haven't."
Pretty simple and to the point.  Very fitting too.  If you think you've made it... you haven't.  If you're shaking your head thinking "nah... I kinda have." You're wrong.
Now its just my opinion, do what you like.  For me, we never "make it."  :)  Its an evolving, always changing "thing."  Whatever your thing may be.
Remember   "The arrogance of success is to think that what we did yesterday is good enough for tomorrow."


Its your life, be the director AND cast yourself as the star!  Not an extra.
You have a power within you far greater than anything you've ever believed.  Dig inside, pull it out, and go after every single one of your goals.  Every decision you make should have a goal attached to it, otherwise, what are you even doing?
For myself, my goal list is getting lengthy.  From far back, it might look like a to-do list.  But for, its my grocery list of life.  And I'm loading up the cart!



Monday - Power Vinyasa with Carl at 6
Tuesday - BootCamp with Jason at 6:30
Wednesday - Power Vinyasa with Lindsay at 6:15
Thursday - Power Vinyasa with Alex at 6

Saturday classes beginning in July!

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