Wednesday, July 3, 2013

random things that piss me off

When working w dumbbells in a fairly crowded gym, there's no reason to stand within 3" of the rack so no one wise can reach in for a set of dumbbells.  Grab what you need and back up up 3 big steps (unless shrugging w more than 100lbs).  
You can still make all your silly faces from 3 feet as you can from 3 inches.  

Selling a supplement doesn't make you a qualified fitness professional.  Understand that beachbody/shakeology people??  You're basically the Walmart of the fitness industry.  

People who think weights still make you big and bulky.
It's 2013, if you still think squats, presses and pulls will make you a big meat head and give you huge muscles, you're not a very smart person. 

Trainers and "coaches," who think weights don't directly effect sports performance.
Nevermind the millions of studies proving squats improve your vertical and sprint speed, or that power cleans and deadlifts improve nearly everything, you keep hopping up and down on your left leg.  That'll guarantee... You're good at hopping up and down on your left leg, while building up extreme muscular imbalances and ignoring that your entire body works as a system.  

People who still think "yoga is easy."
Everyone says that... until they take a class.

I don't dislike copy cats, I dislike people with no creativity.
If you're going to run a Bootcamp, do something new!  Stop running out that tired 1986 VHS style session.  That's not a Bootcamp, that's bad workout performed in the grass.

Gyms w yearly upgrade charges.
Really?  Gym fees don't cover my usage?  You need to charge an additional $100 to "upgrade," the gym?  Do we get to vote on what gets upgraded?  Can we upgrade the budget for a real customer service staff?

Over priced certifications.
Lets be honest, the good ones cost A LOT of money while the majority of the education comes through experience.  And by over priced, I don't mean expensive, I mean OVER PRICED, where the value just doesn't add up to the $$$.

Actually all certifications annoy me :)
It's a piece of paper that no one asks to see and doesn't prove a thing.  And I'm not the guy angry that I don't have them.  I have 2 of the top 4 certifications and like I said above, experience means much much more.  
Get the $100 cert and blow $2000 on clinics and seminars, then blow another $1000 on fun equipment, buy a bunch of books and DVDs, train in 3-5 gyms even if just to observe the training and fitness classes. Find your own style.   

People who post thoughts without adding the quotation marks and crediting Jim Rohn or whatever other random pic you stole it from.  

Spouses/significant others who stand in the way of their partners fitness goals and training.
A) get a life.  Everything will be juuuust fine while he or she works out.  Maybe you can get a hobby too!
B) stop being a control freak.  It really shows your lack of confidence.
C) stop acting like it's a waste of time.  You're lazy, your partner isn't, deal w it.

Guys who pose tough in pics with their wives/girlfriends.
Tough guys don't need to make a tough face, it's clear.  The tough face is just as stupid as that damn duck face.  

When you toss your 60lb dumbbells after a chest press.
They're 60's, not 160's.  If you can't set those down, go play on the machines.

People who contact/stalk people i tag in pics.
Desperate and lame.  Happens constantly which is why I rarely tag people.  Facebook has made it too easy for weirdos and desperate salespeople to get in contact w us.  

#15. (Here's a harsh one that you'll agree w but mad I wrote it)
Hearing people say "I can't afford a gym pass," or training.
No?  But you can afford Starbucks 3+ days per week?  That's around $60/month.
No? But you afford $25/week on alcohol?
That's $100/month.
No? But you can afford all that fast food, pizza, and soda?  Can you also afford high blood pressure, diabetes, doctors bills, medications, a heart condition and poor self esteem?  Because those are the things you receive when you can't "afford," to get to the gym. 
What's your worth?
 Can you afford a pair of running shoes?  
Good, put them on, turn off the computer and meet me at metro at 4pm.  Cardio & kettles.  

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