Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mind Your Manners?

So I'm sitting at the Yours Truly on the corner of 91 and Wilson Mills... finishing up some football notes, having lunch, listening to music, posting some thoughts, whatever.
And as I'm going through things, I think "things have felt a little cryptic lately."

I posted an blog that was pretty much talking about getting things done before we die, I posted a pic that read "You exist - but do you live?" I posted a quote that read "The biggest mistake we make is thinking we have more time and "The human bodies were not created (or evolved) to belong on couches watching mindless television, while cutting off physical/intellectual/emotional/spiritual connections with other people and our surroundings. We weren't created to sit in cubicles or to stare at video games on our fancy telephones. We're made to move, to feel, to think, to grow, to evolve. We are not machines."


But all true.

I wrote something earlier this week that I was actually a little shy to let loose on here... I heard a conversation that has really, really bothered me.  Bothered me in that old way, that keeps me awake and annoyed and taking out frustrations in the wrong way, type of bothered.
Person A - "We've lost our value as people."
Person B - "You mean, we have no values?"
Person A - "No, I mean we've lost our worth, our actual value.  We're replaceable."

It gave me the chills and tears.

Maybe, its the weather but somethings been going on... I very badly need to be outside and productive in every way.  Physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually.   I'm having a hard time maintaining "normal."  :)  and I don't think I'm alone.

See, when I planned on writing these, i promised I wouldn't sensor them or steer away from subjects, but clearly I have as I already admitted above.

So about the conversation I over heard and the blog I deleted...
It gave me chills and tears and that combo isn't reserved for sadness.  Usually only Pearl Jam or Nack can do that, (as it just happened as I typed that).  But Ive never heard something so unique said so perfectly, yet so damn scary.

For weeks, I've been expressing my need to take some time away and go camping.  I feel its crucial for us to unplug from the laptops, the iphones, the calendars and all that bullshit and reconnect with ourselves... I dont think that connection can be made in front of Xbox's or surrounded by our electronic comforts.  I think we have created distractions to help us stay distracted... but from what?
I've had this feeling that a few days away in silence would feel very refreshing, like a cleanse.  I think some isolation  and removing your comforts can be a very good thing. You enjoy your bed, you'd priobably enjoy it alot more if you go without it for a few nights.   If you know this movie quote "Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessel's life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted," then you probably agree with me.

But I haven't gone away... why?
Because we've allowed ourselves to be so dependent on money, our options and our freedoms are limited.
Somehow we've lost our connections and we're controlled by credit scores, interest rates and dollar signs.   We've seen enough brain washing commercials that we judge our level of happiness by our toys and items we "own."  We go to the doctor looking for prescriptions to help us lose weight, smile more, and sleep better... we think we can just buy it.  We think we need an suv or clothes to match our personality...  but our personalities our actually hidden behind a mask... or a laptop.  But i'm not afraid to have this conversation in person the way I once was.  Because life really is too short and unpredictable to let a label or job or bank account define you.  You think you're in control and know whats going on, but you don't, unless you've accepted "I'm not in control and I have no clue whats about to happen."

So take time... think about your life... think about what you really want to do, and not some damn career goal.  That company could be sold and then where are you?  Think about your actual life... think about where you want to live and how you want to feel... how you want to sleep... how you want to eat... how intelligent do you want to be?  How fit do you want to be?  Take care of your body... its an amazing, living, breathing, growing organism, it really is.  Most of us have no clue everything it can do... treat it well....
You see those signs for your home "Live, laugh, love," with something following like "Often, hard, daily," I dont know exactly, there a bunch of different ones, but they're all true.  Enjoy your time... enjoy your friends... enjoy conversations... connect with people and be nice... you're not as busy as you like to tell people, so stop rushing off... get off the couch and go for a walk in the woods... go camping... listen to good music that inspires... watch movies you can feel... Stop w all the bullshit you don't need...  don't talk bad about people, talk about events and real things.. .  Share your love... express your love... EVERY DAY... get a dog and walk him/her as much as you can... read books about personal growth and development... get a hobby you love... dont be afraid to feel... be passionate about things, its ok to get fired up, you're not a machine... youre allowed to feel deeply... Own it, own your true petsonality and roll w it, 1000% w effort and enthusiasm... get pissed when needed... help people... do something for no reason as often as possible and dont even look around for a thank you or pat on the back... just do it... stop going to bed at 9... Live... stop saying no... stop acting like we're going to last forever... youre wasting time and moments that can never be found again... we're getting older faster than you accept..
 but probably not as fast as i like to believe.. but please understand, that's my motivation and fear.  Take nothing for granted...

I understand much of this would come off much better in person and we've actually touched on this in the yoga room.

Peace, love and empathy.

"Self realized and metaphysically redeemed, may not live another life, may solve a mystery.
Right around the corner could be bigger than ourselves, we could will it to the sky or could be something else."
Eddie Vedder

This Is Blue Chip