Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Grind(er)

He said "It's highly unlikely, but for you it'll probably happen, you're a grinder."

The Grind
There's no map, there's no plan.

The Grinder
He doesn't give up, he's nonstop hustle.

The Grind
Is like humidity, you're in it, its all around you
And you're not escaping.
The Grind
Is like a current, moving The Grinder where needed.

The Grinder 
Doesn't want to leave anyway... he wants the heat.
Its all he wants.

The Grind
Is a magnifying glass unlike any other.  
You find out exactly who you are.  
In The Grind, you're exposed completely for better or worse.  
You can't hide and you cant close your eyes.  

The Grinder
Is a hunter.
Hunting for a passionate piece of life to sink his teeth into.
He's not concerned at all with dirt or mud,
He knows the glory is there.
He knows the glory is in The Grind.
He doesn't get off at the first exit for the easy road.
He's searching for something greater
 And the term "Good Enough," instantly exposes enemies.

The Grind
Is fire and extreme heat, so much so that the sweat is always in your eyes.
Your pulse beats with the rhythm of The Grind, 
You've become one with your atmosphere.
The Grind doesn't leave you and it never fades.
The Grind sees and records everything and 
Plays it back for you every time its needed.
The Grind is home.

The Grinder
Loves the pain for without it, 
There would be no appreciation for lack of.
The Grinder
Needs darkness present for its the light that directs him.
The Grinder
Only knows the Grind.

They ask "What should I do?" 
I answer with something along the lines of "Get busy."  
Its all I know.  When it hits the fan, get busy.  when you need a little more, get busy.  
When you need an escape, get busy.
It's Grind Time.
"What should I do?"  Better get your goal sheet in order and get busy.
People think the answers are in some escape plan or external and its not, its never been.  
Its right here (tap your chest).
Every bad situation I've been in, I got out of the exact same way.
Every time I've had my back up against the wall.
When a goal is locked in and its my target.
The Grind
Doesn't care, get busy.
"What should I do?"  Get those goals locked in and get focused on yourself. 
Never mind the distractions.  

In The Grind
Distractions are all around and attacking.  
In The Grind, they want to see you off course, challenged and flop.  

The Grinder
Wants the obstacles, he wants hurdles.
Because more than anything else, The Grinder
Loves to annihilate the hurdle and completely conquer
Any and all obstacles.
He smiles are setbacks.
He protects The Grind,

And The Grind will protect him.

And when you accept the life and stop retreating to your happy place, The Grind operates with you and for you.  When you accept The Grind, The Grind is your ally.  Its current, it's vibrations excel you in the direction you weren't meant to be.


In no particular order, kids, you and The Grind and they're all intertwined and weaving all around at all times. 
"Why do you do what you do?"
The Kids.
My grind, my love, my passion is to do whatever I can, wherever I can, to help create a better environment for kids.   Any and all kids.  And I think there are many, many levels to this.  I think the environment is essential and not just how I treat kids when present, not just when with me.  If I can motivate a coach to be better, that's creating a better environment.  If I can motivate a parent or a teacher, that's creating a better environment.  So on a level, my goal is be the absolute best version of myself I can be and NOT hide my thoughts and actions away.  Creating a better environment for the kids is everything, absolutely everything.  

Its all about creating a better world and there are so, so, so many ways to do it.  I've just been lucky enough to have found this awesome avenue that's not a teacher, not a coworker, not a boss, not your parent or relative and through my own exploration, I'm able to spark conversations or a thought to just slightly adjust our course, just subtle enough that it doesn't create any explosions but also just enough where we can feel a slightly altered direction.  And in that direction, we can feel a new angle of sun and wind.  We have a new perspective and view on the same streets we've seen our whole lives, but now, they're new again and new everyday.  

The Grind.
I love it.  I get so burnt out but I cant stop.  I don't know if I want to stop.  My schedule... If I wrote it, you'd think I'm lying or bragging or asking for pity or something, I don't know.  It wears me down, but its OK.  I bounce back rather quickly and I have to... for myself.  Because The Grind of what I mentioned above "The Kids," and "You," its to important to me. 

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