Thursday, January 16, 2014

"3 days, and maybe longer"

Prerequisite; She asked "What's this Primal thing?"

It's a little silly but not too far off base... depending on your beliefs on evolution.  

Is it fair to blame our jobs?  
Is it fair to blame technology?
Maybe we look to point the finger and place responsibility or blame on anyone but ourselves.
But what are we blaming anyone for?  We're all pretty happy, right?

I was talking to a friend the other day who lost his second job and was kinda bummed about it... Can we pause right there and think about how crazy that is in itself.  He lost his second job and was bummed about it.  Anyway, I said "This is a great opportunity.  Now you can reset what and think about what you really want to do."  He just stared at me, which happens often.  I think most of the time he thinks I'll shut up and go away if he doesn't prod me along... but I'm annoying like that.  I said "If money isn't an issue, what would you do for work?  What is something you would do for free?"  He answered, "Teach guitar lessons."  We went back and forth from there, talking about how great it would be and he might give it a shot.   
But my thoughts after were, how many of us work a job, either first or second jobs, that aren't "us?"  Do you know what I mean by that?  How may of us work jobs that don't represent us in anyway?

In "Whats this Primal thing?" I referenced the cubicle and how it would feel like a cage to me, and it would.  But I think we have more cages than we know, than we see or feel.  So lets look at it from a negative light type perspective, from the outside in or inside out.  
Never mind how many of us work jobs that aren't us... Ask yourself "How many moments in the day are we our true selves?"  How many moments are we clear of the titles and roles and ego's and bullshit that distracts us?   
For arguments sake, lets say the 40 hour job is definitely not "us," and say we sleep 8 hours at night, and we drive 1.5 hours per day and it takes us 30 minutes to get ready for work, maybe longer if you have a full head of hair to take care of, which I obliviously don't, then an hour for dinner prep and eating... we're at about 19 hours right there, do your own math and figure out your day.  That leaves 5 hours for YOU, IF you don't work a second job.

What do you do with it?
What do you do to tap into the true you?
Because you need to know, the true you, isn't the title you happen to have at the day job.  
I always tell my friend when we get to talking about the ego and these crazy titles that we all get so hung up on, "Some day, the roles will be dissolved and none of this (work nonsense) will matter... All the titles we attach our identity to will be washed away... then who are you?"


I recently moved out to an area that is surrounded by a fairly good amount of tress and I'm looking very forward to getting lost in the spring.  I think technology is an issue, our demanding jobs/careers are an issue, all the distractions we've either created or allowed to be created, is an issue.  

What are you going to do to quiet the bullshit and find more time for yourself to be you?

I think we've greatly underrated ourselves and what we should be experiencing.  
I think we keep it all too tight, too structured, too confined.  Rules and order, I get that in terms of society and law (most) and the structures we need to keep it together, but personally or individually, its too uptight. "It," being the set of rules we put upon ourselves.   

Lets say your 25 or 35 or 45 or 55, it doesn't matter if you're 95... what are you going to do crack the shell, to dissolve the mask you wear and be you on a more consistent basis?

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