Thursday, April 10, 2014


At a younger age, everyone should lose their job.  They should get dumped too.  Oh, and eat tuna out of a can and potatoes for a couple weeks.  Sleep a couple nights in the park.  Maybe lose your apt for a month and not know where you're going to sleep?  That'll help too.  What else?  Ah, yes, be so worried about money and the job you just lost, that you go file for unemployment benefits.
You need to screw up sales.
The bar needs to crash on your chest.
You need to hear "No."
You need to fall, you need to fail.
(I needed no one to show up for classes)

In movement, we have positive and negatives and I use this often.  Lets use push ups as the example.  You can push and push and push and eventually be all out of the positive push and you'll make gains from "max-ing," out that push.  But you still have negative energy.  So when you're all out the push, you need to have a friend help you back and you work the negative, the drop, the fall as slow as possible and you do this until even that energy is depleted.  Its grueling and if you do this, and do it til complete failure, you'' make noises you never knew you could.  I train pull ups the same way.  You pull and pull and eventually, you're just dropping as slow as possible until its a completely worthless movement and the arms are rubber.
But through all that work, all that failing, comes strength and a shitload more.
You gain mental strength and a power you never knew you had.

Those humbling experiences mean so much.  How fragile and insecure it all really is, that presence of mind is needed to keep you aware, alive and hungry for life.

On a recent podcast, Rogan said "the worst thing that could've happened would've been to win the lottery at 22... I would've been a complete loser."  Because he never would've learned the grind, he never would've failed at anything because the money, unfortunately, buys success.  
And even when you think you've arrived and taste some success, you need the occasional slip ups and flops to remind you how easy it can all slip away.

Complacency will absolutely ruin you.

You also need to be your own critic and know when you've failed, even if they don't see it.  

All those moments at the top of the blog and others like it will build an inner fire, a desire for the grind, and a fearless heart.

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