Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bring The Pain; Todd Field; Power Program; Anything & Everything

We train hard, right?  We push, pull, press, squeeze, jump, extend, curl, run, crunch, stretch and contract.
And in all that, our muscle fibers tear... literally, they tear.  Very teeny tiny little tears in your fibers occur and that lactic acid and fluid that rushes in there is a good part of the burn you feel.  Think of peroxide in a wound, something like that.
So all those squats, romanian deadlifts, knee extensions, walking dumbbell lunges, knee curls and calf raises have you limping funny from Monday to Wednesday.  What you're feeling is the repair phase.  The protein and amino acids, the water and blood going to work, repairing those torn fibers, bringing them back to full strength... and further.

The workout, the recovery, the build and we do it again.

We go through things... we recover... we're stronger.
The analogy is intense.  This is why I find such "yoga," in the weight room, such a zen vibe.  We go through the sessions and they hurt, we know they do.  I met with a group Thursday night at Todd field and we ran probably 10 trips up the stairs and a few on the hill and man... those quads were so numb and the lungs were just on fiiiiiire.
But you get to the top and you look around... regaining your breath, shaking out those legs and you're looking back down and you know full well "this is making me stronger."

And I tell people, you're building so much more than your legs or your cardio.  Your building your WILL, you're building you HEART, your inner WARRIOR.
Its one of those zen type yoga moments but in an intense training atmosphere where its you vs you.  It's you vs that lazy version of you.  Its you of tomorrow vs you of yesterday and theres no going back down that hill, we go forward, we go UP.  We dont fall back, we dont retreat, we progress, we grow!
And yes, theres pain.  Yes, theres hurt along the way, but we recover.  We will always recover.  And when we do, we're smarter, we're stronger, we have more stamina, we have experience, we have wisdom and you cant get any of that from a book.  You cant go get that w a 4 year degree, you cant go buy it at the mall, it MUST BE EARNED.
And when you earn it, ITS YOURS.


Bikini Boot is rolling STROOOOONG.  SO STRONG.  And I kept telling myself and some of the ladies, "This is not the power program,"  trying to say "Its fitness, its just the workouts and nutrition."
In the Power Program, there were a few mental and emotional challenges planned out along the way and people expected more of that here, but I kept saying "no."
But that slowly changed, and it hit me today getting out of the shower... Right there, literally across my chest... "Anything & Everything."  How you do anything, is how you do everything.
I've coached football teams, I've trained around 1000 different high school athletes in the area over the years, I've worked with over 100 people in the gyms, and the atmospheres change but the core doesn't, the heart doesn't.  It doesn't matter who the group is in front, its all about the goals, the plan its going to take to obtain them, then executing that plan and adapting/adjusting while seeing it through.  Makes no difference at all who the "team," is I'm with.
So the bikini boot has turned into the power program.  That team I coached last fall, recvd some of the power program, my clients in the gym are enrolled in the power program.

Have your goals, set a realistic plan, execute the plan.

Training in general, is empowering and it's impossible to go through these sessions, any of these sessions, these tests and say "No, this isn't the power program," because everything is.. anything & everything.

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