Sunday, June 8, 2014

Current Program/First Week Away/First Class at Everybodies

I don't often talk about my own training... probably because its been a long, long time since I've actually dedicated myself to ONE program.  Between my overall work schedule and boredom, I just haven't dove head first into one program.  I'd do one thing for a week, then abandon that and do something else... I would make excuses for not doing certain movements or whatever.  But this time, training in a new and awesome gym, I wrote out a plan, set some goals and went at it.
Goal #1 which I didn't actually write down but was always in my head, "Have fun."  might sound crazy or weird, but I haven't had a good time training in such a long time and I truly do attribute part of it to the gyms I was training in and my crappy attitudes towards those gyms.  I literally hated being in there and because of it, I never put in the extra time and my workouts were only around 45 minutes or so.  Now, training at Everybodies in Chardon, I have to keep an eye on the clock because my sessions are pushing 90 minutes to 2 hours, having fun and not really fading horribly.
So part of my "have fun," campaign was to do what I do best, lift weights, hard, heavy and let the results speak.  I've tried running distance, which I still enjoy, but it really beats my body up pretty bad.  My hips and back aren't in great shape and pounding really delivers some pain for a couple days to follow.  I've been with yoga and same as above, I usually hurt in the back and hips for a couple days.  Now, I'm not leaving those two forms of training, but they are definitely on the back burner and are only used when I have extra time or as an active rest day.  So again, the goal was to set a plan to get some decent strength back and see where it goes. 
Since then, I've tightened up the diet.  Not really working any strict guidelines or counting macros and all that, but just not being an idiot and eating crap.  A lot of salads, a good amount of protein (which absolutely needs to increase) and very little alcohol.  I used to have beer in the fridge all the time, now I actually cant remember last time I bought one (but I do manage to coax any visitors into bringing over some Shandy's when they visit).
When I began, my bench was on the poor side for what I'm used to and I typically judge this by how many times I can bench 225lbs.  Primarily because I like to train alone and this is a weight I can mange without a spot.  So in the beginning, I was hitting this weight for around 18 reps.  Yesterday, I reached 31 reps and probably could've squeezed another 3-5 had someone been there to help me out in case I got in a jam, ie crush myself.  Back squats have taken a back seat due to A) losing my favorite weight belt and B) the damn back/hip issue, but I've made some nice substitutions with a ton of walking heavy weighted lunges.  I swear, I feel those 10x more than I ever did from squatting.  I know squatting is still better, but given my issue, this has been an excellent replacement and although I don't have a strength test for myself to monitor this against, visually, its happening.  Absolutely more solid and gaining some size.  Size and definition is coming together pretty much all over, especially in my puny shoulders, which I happen to yell/whisper at "grow you sorry little ___," in between sets, and I've gained about 13lbs which I'm not worried about.  I'll be starting a new phase of the program next month and anticipate dropping 25 quickly. 
I guess this was a lesson in "Stop trying to be something you're not."

I'm not into selfies... but I kinda liked what I saw yesterday, which doesnt happen very often.


Ran the first class at Everybodies last week, Womens Weight Training at 6:15 on Wednesdays, and it rocked.  Everyone came in ready to roll, a few Blue Chippers from up 44, a few new clients from Chardon and a couple people I've never met before... and we hit the ground running... and pulling... and pushing... and everything else.  Solid week 1 and I have a great feeling about this class.   I'm not a CrossFit guy because I think its a pretty dangerous to compete with some of the movements, and the form they use.  plus the overall program just isnt sound.  It's solid for once per week or even every 2 weeks just to do something different and mix it up.  However, I do think CrossFit has done an excellent job at helping to women to believe in the science of their bodies.  Thats always been the hang up "I dont want to get big or bulky," and now more articles are out there, more women are headed to weight room and so on.  This is where I enjoy the wave... they're here, they're willing, now wheres the program?  "What do I do when I get there?"  Thats what this class is all about.  Repeatable sessions that should be added to your program.  This first class we attacked interval training on the tread and elliptical, back and shoulders and ended with core.  This gym is so sweet, so much room and equipment, our options are endless.  We'll be squatting this week... I think and also learning some new moves.  Plus being in this awesome city, dont be surprised if we head up to the square for a kettle session real soon.
$3 for members, $6 for non-members


Yesterday, Scarlett comes home and says we're headed out to Paninis to meet another couple.  I didnt think anything because shes been talking about getting a Panini all week and some Shandys sounded real nice.  So we head in there and turn a corner and I see Lindsay and I think "What a coincidence!" then I see Erin, Carrie, Jeanna and I kind thought "Jeez thats really weird... didnt know they all hang out..." then "son of a!"
I fell for it... a surprise party.  Never saw it coming... and it really, really picked me up.  I had a really weird, pretty depressing week, to be honest.  I was just so down about the room closing, I wasnt talking much, the Wednesday class probably felt it a little, and I was just in a zombie mode.  Seeing everyone last night... that was excellent.... It really was.
We should do something like that a couple times a year.
Then a gift was handed over and a little voice in my head said "Dont open it, wuss boy."
But I started to pull it out of the bag and read the center and felt those damn tears start to gather and quickly put it back in the bag!
Thank you.
Sometimes I cant tell if i'm headed in the right direction, if I'm pushing people too hard, if I'm not relating, if I'm making mistakes or doing the right things... sometimes I just cant see it all because I'm in it. Last night was like a little message I needed to keep going.
So thank you.  Truly and fully.

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