Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shoes off lunch break

Imagine you own (or if you do own, no need to imagine) a high performance vehicle...
And even though we own it, we do not have unlimited funds, so we budget our gas and other expenses to care for it the way we should. 
We make sure the tires and suspension are in good shape.  We check oil levels and other fluids to be certain there are no issues while in use.
Then we fill it with the most efficient and clean gasoline we can find and we're on w our day.  
Again, were on a budget so we're not joy riding, we're making use of our gasoline and using our tires wisely.  We drive w care for ourselves and others, we can't be reckless w this vehicle.  Like I said, we own it now, but do not have the funds to replace it if something were to happen.  

Now remove the car and think of our bodies...
And think.
How do we care for them?
How do we fuel them?  
How do we maintain?
How are we certain we're using our only true high performance "vehicle," to it's utmost potential?
What if we viewed our food, our nutrients, our calories, as they truly are AS we consume?  And think... "This protein will fuel my body to..." or "these vitamins and essential nutrients will help me..."
Go where?
Do what?
What will they help you accomplish?

Do you know what proteins, carbohydrates and fats do for you?  (Hint:  they're not just staples in the newest fad diet.... They're real.)

Take a moment or several, to sit quietly alone... Maybe find some shade and grass... Take your shoes off and reconnect.   Breathe...
Think of our "vehicles," and where we're going...

Then take it to another level...
How do we maintain our "computers?"  How do we care for our mental state?  What are we doing to evolve, learn and progress, like a program?

And the intangible...
The soul.  
How is it being cared for, nourished?  It too needs attention, like a plant needs water, sunshine and great soil.

And take care of the "vehicle," and all others near you

This Is Blue Chip