Sunday, October 12, 2014

Just 1%

I forget which podcast I was listening to, but I heard a guy say "just trying to get 1% better today," and it's been ringing in my head since and has been an excellent driving thought.
I've been thinking about this blog all week... "What if we all worked to just improve one thing, 1%, every day?"  
We all know what 1% x 365 days equals, but really think about just that little baby step, that small percent, 1%, and how it can add up.
A couple blogs ago, I wrote about feelings of being overwhelmed when looking at the big picture of situations rather than breaking them down into more manageable moments and goals.  Had I had this 1% thought in my head, I may have been a little more calm and then less stress and anxiety. 

There have been a few of these 1% type thoughts that have helped me along the way and to continue working to improve.

1) Having a goal list - I don't understand how anyone could not have a goal list.  I strongly recommend getting a pen and a notebook w a binder and get to work on this immediately.  Start w just writing.  Anything and everything. 
Where do you want to vacation?
Where do you want to live?
How many kids would you like to have?
What kind of car do you want to drive?
What do you want to accomplish?
What kind of memories do you want?
Might not be about money or achievements.  Maybe you have a relationship in your life you'd like to "fix."  
Maybe there's something internal you'd like to improve.  
Do you want to handle stress better?  
Do you want to enjoy more time after work?  Write it down. 
Write them down, just write.  No order and nothing you wrote is a bad idea.
Shoot for 50. 
When you write a nice chunk of goals, go back through them and think, "is this a 1 year goal? A 5 year goal?  A 10 year goal?  Higher?" And write a little number with a time frameyou guess you might be able to obtain that goal within. 
Next, rewrite them in likeness of those numbers.  
Sounds like a lot of work?  
Good.  It should be a small project and one you'll always continue and improve, check off goals and modify.  This is a great tool, a great plan, for your future.
I went through this exercise about 4 years ago and before I knew it, I was checking off goals left and right. I didn't really notice it at first, I just headed out and continued to work hard and work towards a few goals and then I noticed how many of my goals were related to other goals.  Like dominoes, they started falling into place.  From moving to geauga county, to the yoga room, to real estate and many others, I was able to check off goals, continue my list and keep it moving. 
If you don't have goals to work towards, what are you working towards.  Sometimes as "adults," we allow ourselves to get distracted and let ourselves make up very convenient excuses as to why we've grown lazy.   Sometimes I'll say "I need a chill day," and then think do I? Or am I just being lazy?  Could go ether way, sometimes we do need a chill day.  But if we haven't accomplished... Not sure where that chill out time is deserved.  I also think sometimes were a little too quick to pat ourselves on the back and give ourselves a break, so even set a goal for the breaks.
"I'll take my chill day when I accomplish 5 of these 8 goals." 
Keep it moving and watch how fast things happen.

Another valuable tool that fit the 1% mindset was:
2) Time Management - given the busy goal list, life got hectic... Chaotic actually.  
One thing that greatly improved my productivity was to write out a schedule to keep everything in line and to help find more balance.   I'd schedule every job, every location I was scheduled to attend, every appt, and then I'd also schedule my school time, my own workout time, and everything else.  Id schedule and designate time for as much as I could.  By doing this, I greatly reduced those panicky moments of "where am I going?" and "am I prepared?"
So write a schedule to maximize your 24 hours. 

And random thoughts...
When you go into a store or going through the bank, use your 1% improvement mindset to pass that energy along to others.  Engaging with the cashier/teller, look to improve their energy and lift them up.  
Michael Jordan didn't win championships until he had a squad working to match his level.  Be that.  Create a positive environment where people are working to match your level and you're pushing together as a unit.  Just 1% everyday... That's it.  Positive momentum being built and gains strength like a wave, building and building.  
That could be your community, your company, your family. 
Goals are your road map and time management is crucial to keep them moving. 

So when you get a chance, check your surroundings.  Check out how you feel at work, at home, in the gym, at school, everywhere. How can you be more useful, more helpful, more giving?  
How can you improve 1% everyday and the  help others to do the same?

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